Online or Offline Casino: where to play?

Online casinos have always been an option for game lovers, but some players do not trust the technology that exists today within those online casinos. Some players come to the point of thinking that virtual games are arranged in favour of the casino and that they can never take the advantage against the computer that manages online casino games. The vast majority of casino players prefer to go to a real casino, live the full experience and enjoy all the pleasures that can be in a casino, for example in Las Vegas.

But for players who can not make an expensive trip, or simply can not go to a casino, they have the option of enjoying online casino games in a different way. Most online casinos offer a service where computers only have a secondary role. The service is called “live casino”. This service is highly sought after today among the players, as it simulates a real situation of being in an authentic casino with human and non-virtual dealers.

Online Casinos Pros:

Do not wait until the casino is open

Probably the number one thing that can be mentioned. With online casinos do not expect to open their “doors” to enter to play and bet. Online casinos are always open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, basically forever. It is only necessary to have an online account and money loaded into the account to use the games.

In addition, the online casino websites can travel anywhere with the player. Yes, that is due to the online casino applications that most providers have. Although the applications are different, almost all meet the same goal of taking the online casino and its services everywhere.

Online casino games are the same and even better

In conventional casinos, it is true that the best slot games were invented, but that does not mean that they can not be played on the computer or smartphone. The most famous games that have ever existed are available in online casinos, with incredible graphics and new features.

Players get more money in online casinos

It’s not a lie, it’s 100% the truth. Players will always get a higher percentage of profits in online casinos, much more than sitting in front of a slot in a casino. In addition, online casinos always offer different offers and each count on games that have a percentage of refund much superior to other online casinos.

Bonuses and promotions are profitable

There are websites specialising in showing the best bonuses and promotions of online casinos so players can keep well informed and know which ones to choose. Online casinos offer great promotions every week, some online casinos give away money and large bonus percentages for the first few refills. They are offers that can not be missed, it is an advantage offered by online casinos. Players who have time with some online casino always receive in their email some special promotion.

You do not need to be a high roller, with a few pennies you can play.

Most online casinos do not have strict minimum limits to make bets or play slots. With some pennies, it is more than enough to play the slots and any other game. You can also play poker or table games like roulette with less than £ 1. That is a big difference between conventional casinos and online casinos, while in a conventional casino they require a player a minimum of £ 10 or more per game.

No demanding rules

Another huge difference that exists in three common casinos and online casinos is that there is no rule of thumb when it comes to online casino services. You can use the games from the comfort of your bed, in your car, or at work. No matter the place or how you are dressed, there will not be a manager telling you how to behave in the casino.

Try games without spending money

Online casinos allow new players and website visitors to try out games at no cost. When you try out the games, no need to deposit money, you can be sure if that online casino really suits you based on the test of the games in the online casino.

Conventional Casinos pros

Online casino will never replace the experience

Conventional casinos have something unique that online casinos can not offer, it is about life experience, live entertainment, meeting other players in people, etc. It is something that can never be found in an online casino for more than the online community. Replacing the travel experience, the adventure of knowing a real casino, is a very difficult thing that you can never get with online casinos.

Learn live with other players in the casino

Another of the experiences that are learned live in a real casino are the other people and players that can be known while sitting at a poker table or a slot machine. There are players who have become great friends by having met in a game of poker in a real casino.

Increased security for money

In comparison to online casinos, real casinos have almost 100% protection of money. This is due to the strong security measures, regulations and governmental entities that are in charge to monitor the money of the players in the real casinos.

As long as the player chooses a reputable online casino, he should not worry about his money, but there will always be some online casino that commits fraud or theft.

If you win, you get paid right away. No matter how much.

In real casinos, profits are paid instantly. All players can go directly to the cashier and claim their money quickly and without any problem, this is done by changing the chips for real money. In online casinos, although the profits are automatically noticed on the player’s statement, to withdraw money to an e-wallet, sometimes turns out to be a tedious process.


The advantage is with online casinos, there is no doubt about it. The online casinos offer a greater offer in games and possibilities to make money, they do not have a comparison in almost nothing with the real casinos. If you are a player who wants to be focused 100% on the profits and take advantage of promotions, bonuses and offers, you should stay with the online casinos. When you have made enough money online, you can go visit a real casino and experience that other experience.