Serie A 2018 Winner Predictions

3 teams dominating the Italian Serie A

Serie A is being disputed by 3 teams that are giving everything they got to win with the title. The latest Serie A dates have been very exciting, some unexpected results have changed the future of some teams in the Serie A qualifying table. It is expected that for the next few weeks the matches continue to be very difficult and the favorite teams keep fighting to keep on the top.


Juve !

The favorite team currently is Juventus with 48 points, 16 wins, 0 draws and 4 losses. These are very good statistics for half of season, but the team of Massimiliano Allegri, knows that they have Roma is very close with 47 points on the second place. Juventus can not afford to lose during the next 4 Serie A week, they should not give up points to stay in the top of the leaderboard. Last season the Juventus team won the title.

Napoli, the outsider

In week 21, Napoli beat Milan 1-2. That result sent the Milan team to the seventh position, they no longer have a chance to reach the top of Serie A, they should only try to stay in the top 5 positions to get tickets in the european competitions. Roma had a comfortable win against the weak team of Cagliari 1-0. By week 20, Juventus had lost to Fiorentina and that had given hope to Roma, who had previously won Genoa 1-0 in Week 19. Serie A will be defined in the next 5-8 weeks, between the top 3 teams in the standings: Juventus, Roma, Napoli. Between these three teams the difference is only 1-4 points, that translates to ties and defeats.

The schedule for Juventus in the next 5 weeks is: Sassuolo, Inter Milan, Cagliari, Palermo and Empoli. The most difficult team for Juventus will be Inter Milan, as it is the best placed in the Serie A table of the five mentioned above. The strategy of the past season champion is quite simple, winning as many games as they can on all those dates, not giving up points and avoid cards and injuries to their players.

AS Roma great again?

Roma is only 1 point behind the leader. They are hoping that Juventus will lose or draw to stay with the first place, but that does not ensure that they win the title. They still have to face in the next 5 weeks to: Sampdoria, Fiorentina, Lazio, Torino and Inter Milan. These are not easy dates for Roma, they will have to prepare very well and not make mistakes against those teams. Of the 5 teams mentioned above, the best positioned and most dangerous will be the Fiorentina.

The third team of the table in Serie A, is Napoli with 44 points, 13 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses. They are a strong team, they have been able to out play the most dangerous and strong teams of Serie A. It’s very important point to mention a highlight of Napoli: They have the most goals, 47 goals total. For the next 5 dates Napoli will face: Palermo, Bologna, Genoa, Chievo, Atalanta and Fiorentina. They know that it will be very difficult to play against Fiorentina.

Prediction: Juventus to win the Serie A 1.20* on Skybet.


*Odds being correct at time of publishing