Europa League 2018 Winner predictions

Who will win the 2018 Europa League ?

The UEFA Europa League is a tournament seen by millions of fans around the world. Punters make lots of money with the football matches that take place every week in this league. The end of the Europa League is already approaching and the fans want to know who could be the possible winner of the title, since all teams have many chances of success.

At this stage of the UEL, the groups are well defined, and you can see a clear picture of who are the favorite teams. The majority of the bets are in favor of the teams that are first of their groups, but other inferior teams also have very interesting odds*. But do not despair, the safest bets are backed by teams that have 10 points or more, including: Villareal, Arsenal, Lyon, Atletico Madrid, etc. The teams named above are the ones who will decide almost all the qualifiers for the round of 16.

The forecasts for the UEFA Europa League title will have a lot to do with the performance of the most important teams. They are the teams that have the most potential to take the title, especially those who have not lost or lost a single match. The number of goals in favor is another factor that defines the winner of the title.

Among the top scorers of UEL are: Shakhtar Donetsk 21 goals, FC Zenit 17 goals, RSC Anderlecht 16 goals, Manchester United 12 goals. Other teams have 10 or fewer goals, but they are also strong candidates to advance to the next group stages in the EUL. Basically it is that the teams can score in all the parties, no matter how important the parties, they must demonstrate their strength so that the support of the bets is reflected in the bookmakers.


Here is a list of the teams with the best projection to get the title of the UEFA Europa League:

Group A: Manchester United is a team that is very hungry for victory, they need to win the title and prove that they have improved alot since Van Gaal era. They are doing a good job at the EPL and so far they have 12 points and they are second in the group. Another interesting team of this group is Fenerbahçe, with 13 points and first on the group standing, they have already won against Feyenoord and Manchester United.

Group H: In this group there is a dangerous team called FC Shakhtar Donetsk, they have not lost a single match, they have 6 consecutive wins and the defense line only allowed 5 goals during the current UEL season. They have 18 points and are wide contenders to take the title.

Group E: AS Roma is the only powerful team in this group, they have taken advantage of being in a group with weak teams and they have 12 points with 6 consecutive wins. The Italian team unfortunately could not qualify for the Champions League, but they have vast chances of staying with the UEL if they continue to increase their level of play.

Teams which came from Champions league groups, such as Olympique Lyonnais and Tottenham, are also good contenders to take into account.

Prediction: Manchester United 5.00* on Bet365 to get the UEFA Champions League title.

*Odds being correct at time of publishing