La Liga 2018/2019 Winner Predictions

An exciting season

The Spanish La Liga remains one of the most interesting in the world, not only because it has the best players in the world, but each team can change all the present and future of La Liga with the result of a victory or defeat. It is a very difficult league for small teams, they have to face world-class players.

The magic quartet: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla

In this spanish league, there are 4 main teams, they are do the get most of the points during the season. These 4 teams are: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla. The last team can sometimes be replaced by Villarreal, Athletic Bilbao or any other that has a good season start. To make bets in La Liga you have to take into account the physical condition of the players, the statistics of the teams, the streaks and the attitude of the coaches.

At this stage of La Liga 2016-17, Real Madrid have 43 points, Sevilla keeps 42 and FC Barcelona are third with 41 points. The leading team, Real Madrid have lost only one game this season, but the 4 draws they have suffered this season have made the rival teams come close to the top.

No team should lose any match, much less to give points and lose positions in the table of La Liga. It will be a very fought league from now on, the remaining 19 weeks will be crucial for the points and get the title.

Madrid’s year ?

The 2 matches lost by FC Barcelona made a lot of changes within La Liga, Real Madrid did not expect to have as much advantage over the Catalan team before reaching the middle of the season. The problem of FC Barcelona has always been and will continue to be the defense, the goals scored by rivals to lose the matches have entered, for the most part, by mistakes of the defense and poorly defended corners. Future matches for FC Barcelona are “relatively easy”, for the next 4 weeks they will have to face: Real Betis, Athletic Bilbao, Alavés and Leganés. The only match that could prove difficult will be with Athletic Bilbao.

On the Sevilla side, which is second in the season, they are subject to some very difficult dates. They will have to face Espanyol, Villarreal, Las Palmas and Eibar. One of those 4 matches could end in defeat or draw, which would be beneficial for FC Barcelona, they would rank second in the classification and be closer to La Liga leader Real Madrid. Another club that does not have many chances to win La Liga title is Atletico Madrid, they can no longer opt for the top 3, they are almost 10 points behind the leader and only a miracle could save them.

Our prediction for 2019: Barcelona, again

The odds* in most bookmakers have Madrid as a favorite, but the margin is very short with FC Barcelona. A good future bet would be to take a few odds in the middle of the season, they are at a good price and a small stake could become a lot of money. The competition is very active, anything can change, but FC Barcelona will take advantage of the bad moment of Real Madrid to make points from it.

Prediction: FC BARCELONA 2.60 at Skybet

*Odds being correct at time of publishing