Bundesliga 2018 Winner Prediction

An unpredictable season

The Bundesliga season 54th has been very profitable for punters who have taken advantage of the underdogs as there are several teams of lesser prestige mixed in the first five positions of the Bundesliga. It is that the German teams, have been playing at an amazing level this year, it has been a great show so far. Predictions for the matches this season have been difficult, the bigger teams have suffered important defeats and some draws they did not deserve.

Every year the football world-wide improves, and in Germany the level has grown so much. The less expected teams have been winning  important matches to obtain points and to climb positions in the Bundesliga. Most likely this season is a big team win, but anything can change in the upcoming weeks. The best thing is to take advantage of the odds* of the strongest teams in the middle of the season, the odds will be high because of the stalking of the small teams. In some bookmakers the difference between odds can be 1 or 2 points.


Bayern again

Bayern München wants to win another title. It is one of the most favorite teams to take the title, last season they had 88 points, 28 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses. They were powerful numbers, they just lost 2 times and gave big wins to any bettor who had bets in any of their matches. Bayern München has favorite odds on almost all bookmakers, but these are not final odds, every week they are updating depending on the results.

The RB Leibiz surprise

RB Leipzig is the surprise team of the season, they are second in the standings table of the Bundesliga. This team has 39 points, 12 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. They have made a great season. Last season they were not present, since they previously only participated in the Bundesliga II. It is a humble team, but very eager to win a title for the fans. The odds for this team are very lucrative, they have an average of 9.00 and 11.00 in several bookies.

It is no mystery to anyone that the less expected teams always offer great shows. This season has also gone very well to 1899 Hoffenheim compared to last season where they finished in 15th place with only 9 wins and 15 losses. Currently, this team has 7 wins, 10 draws and have not lost a single game. Having not lost in the current season has made them climb positions and collect 30 goals in favor and only 17 goals against.

Borussia Dortmund, the eternal outsider

The last candidate on the list is Borussia Dortmund, they have 8 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses. This season for Borussia has been mediocre, but they still have enough time to recover and get ahead. Last season Borussia Dortmund finished just 10 points behind Bayern München, but in the regular season they only have 30 points and the gap -12 is too big to be in the middle of the season.

The special numbers are with Bayern Münich, they have a new coach, things have changed for the better within the team and they will surely be able to stay with the title again this season. Bettors should wait a couple of more weeks in the Bundesliga season to see if odds get better.


Prediction: Bayern München winner Bundesliga 1.06 at Bet365.

*Odds being correct at time of publishing