ICC T20 World Cup: Betting Tips & Predictions

Presenting our Predictions & Betting Tips for ICC T20 World Cup.

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ICC T20 World Cup Betting 2020: Top Betting Sites to Choose

Here are some names of popular betting websites:


When big names collide in the energetic and fast-paced world of T20 cricket, betting on such religious grounds is in order, and that is where Bet365 comes into play. Offering a clean and fluid interface, Bet365 lets you keep a check on live updates and scores to place your best bets. Twenty20 presents plenty of betting oppurtunities with markets like “Winner of the match’, Century, Half Century, Top Batsman, Most Sixes and many others.


With bold graphics and clear headers, the Neds betting website is an absolute haven for cricket fans. It’s time to inleash you inner genius and use the full force of cunning and creative insights to find value bets. With a robust interface that boasts of endless sports entertainment options, Neds is the right betting platform for watching the T20 World Cup. The Neds betting platform also offers a live screen to watch cricket matches on-the-go.


With betting guides and tips, Betfair presents lots of options to make bets, even for beginners. No free bets are allowed in Australia, but the exchange site has plenty of benefits nevertheless.


Another aesthetically-designed and multifunctional cricket betting platform to try out during the ICC T20 World Cup cricket is Palmerbet. It offers a great betting experience. You can also check out the blog for betting tips and the best markets to place your bets. The quickbet feature that is available on the Palmerbet mobile application is practically designed for speedy betting on-the-go. You can also use the live streaming option to stay updated with the latest scores that is likely to influence your betting otions.

ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Tips: Favorites to Win

Australia and India seem likely to be the top 2 favourites to win the ICC T20 World Cup; the seventh edition of the competition to take place in Melbourne on October 18, 2020. With the game being held in Australia, the host nation has the addded advantage of playing on well-known home grounds, although India works a powerhouse in the game of cricket like no other.

With five triumphs in 11 competitions over a period until 2019, Australia are the most successful team in the history of Cricket World Cup competitions. Viewed by the world as ‘hard but fair’ competitors, you won’t go wrong with placing all you bets in this basket. Another country that has its neck in the deep end of this contender list is England. Australia are also warriors, particularly with Warner and Smith having made a retun back to the game. Dawid Malan, Eoin Morgan and Alex Hales are all rising guns that can lead the way forward. They can land victory after all, and make it a momentous 5 wins in the last World Cups, which is quite a good number.

Who will win the ICC T20 World Cup? Calculating Odds Levels in Cricket Gambling

Winner Predictions Odds
Australia 5/2
India 7/2
England 4

*These are average odds at the time of writing. Odds are subject to change, and non-contractual.

We see Australia leading the way towards victory as they have already bagged five triumphs. History is clearly on their side. England are the dubious side holding the runners up place for quite a while but never being very successful. However that could change with captain Morgan looking to wave away his cricket career after the end of T20 World Cup.

If you’re an eager cricket enthusiast with a relatively high betting expertise, then odds levels will play a major role in influencing your decision to bet. You need to track the different percentiles offered on different betting websites which could make a big difference in the size of final odds. By tabulating the different offers, streaming options and start up deposit amounts on different betting websites, you can clearly understand where the real deals are, and then accordingly plan you move!

ICC T20 2020 Tips: Underdogs

The underdogs in the T20 Cricket World Cup include South Africa, New Zealand, and West Indies. South Africa who first landed onto the international front in 1992 after the Apartheid, have surely missed out on winning by bowing out a staggering four times in the semi-finals. New Zealand were only able to make it to the 2015 finals, but since then have not made much progress. Star players to help settle the drought for sucess at the trophy include batsman Colin Munro and bowler Mitchell Santnerto, working together to enable fluid, faultless fielding along with a stellar team performance for any chance at lifting the T20 World Cup. West Indies is another team that has not had much sucess in the way of winning international competitions. Australia, India and the West Indies have taken ICC T20 World Cup trophy twice, although West Indies have not been very fortunate since 1975 and 1979. Other teams like Pakistan and Sri Lanka also boost good winning rates and should not be written off yet. However, being the only team to win two ICC T20 World Cups, West Indies could add a surprising twist to the mix with a third cup to their trophy cabinet. With a powerful squad and an explosive melange of batting and bowling line-ups.

ICC T20 2020 Odds Comparison

Beteasy is one of the best options available mainly because it offers live streaming. You can stay head-to-head with the game and then make your deductions on what the outcome is shaping out to be. The primary reason why you are in the world of online betting is to feel part of the adventure and excitement, and with online betting sites, you are a little bit closer, albeit in a digital space. Beteasy features different headers that exactly show Sports, and highest odds on bets placed. Bet with Beteasy and place an outright bet of 3.25 for Australia to win.

Most common bets of ICC T20 World Cup predictions

  • Betting at the Group Stages

Group stage bets are the most common of cricket bets placed at world cup events. Here you can place outright win bets on the teams to qualify from the qulifier stages including Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Generally, the home country team has more knowledge on the pitch conditions, history of the grounds, boundaries, the weather and seem most likely to make it past the initial first stages and top the group.

  • Pre-match betting

Betting on the outcome of the match, the number of sixes and fours that the team will score. Another exciting market that most betting companies offer is which player will be named man of the match. With star batsman like Virat Kohli, who has a magnificent batting average of 86.33, in 16 matches, as well as Rohit Sharma on the Indian team, you can bet on the most runs scored in the match here.

  • Multi-betting

If you are a punter that takes a great pleasure in making selections of teams through strategy and clever tactics (in your mind), then betting on cricket games is a good litmus test to know where you stand on the business curve! Most Aussie bookmarker websites offer cricket wagers in multi-bet options that can also be combined with other sports selections. Neds and Bet365 are good options.

ICC T20 World Cup Special Bets

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Handicap Betting

To add a bit of flavour to an uninteresting game of cricket, particulary if the two teams are mismatched where one country has an upper advantage over the other team, this type of bet can see you win, particularly for a game between Sri Lanka and Papau New Guinea (newcomers to the ICC T20 competition). After the first inings and the number of runs scored, you can create a handicap of say a certain figure +30.5 runs, which means even by removing 30.5 from the final score of the team likely to win, the second team will lose. This could be interesting for group stage games between a power-playing country and one with poor results at international competitions.

Method of Dismissal

You can also try and place a wage on a fallen wicket during a cricket game. By analysing certain habits of the bowler, you can make your prediction with ease. For example, if a bowler keeps beating the outer edge of the bat, then a edge to the wicketkeeper is a real possibility and therefore the batsman will be miss out and lose. Other modes of dismissal include leg before wicket (LBW), getting run out and stumped.

Top 3 types of bets to choose

It can be quite a duanting tasks to choose which bets to place, so we have narrowed down the 3 best ones:

  •  Accumulator bet

Why not go all-out and make one hefty bet, and that’s where the accumulator bet comes into action. You can make predictions about different aspects of the cricket game that include four or more selections-double, treble, five-fold or even six-fold. The winnings are much higher here but you could also lose out in case your overall prediction is wrong on any count. If a single selection is wrong from the whole bet made, you will lose.

  • Outright bet

An outright winner bet can be placed on any team that is participating in the ICC World Cup, even the qualifier stages. England and India pop on most bookmaker websites as the favorites to win. On the other hand, it is quite a difficult bet to place, as a game of cricket can be overuled by many un-planned events. On a positive note, there are several teams to choose from increasing the odds, to work in your favour.

  • Batsman Contest

An interesting and very simple form of betting, a batsman contest is a kind of dueling contest or a faceoff between two batsmen, from the same team or from different teams. You need to make a prediction on which batsman will be more sucessful than the other one. The different categories of play include total number of runs scored and the most sixes scored.

ICC T20 World Cup Predictions FAQs

  • What is ICC T20 2020 outright betting?

An outright bet means betting on the team to win the tournament. Australia has the overall best chance, at an odd of of 5/2. India and England are also prime candidates for the win. The betting choice is all yours!

  • Who will win ICC T20?

Host nation Australia, India and Australia are the favorites to see out the tournament till the end.

  • How to bet on ICC T20 2020 World Cup?

First, you need to carefully analyse a number of betting websites like Ladbrokes, Pointsbet, Bet365 and find out which site showcases the best odds. You can also look for the betting website that offers a welcome bonus and start-up offers. Another feature to look for is the live streaming as it is important to check out live scores constantly for bets to come alive.

  • Where to bet on ICC T20 2020 World Cup?

You can conveniently use a wide variety of betting websites to make predictions, stream live games and place your bets, ofcourse. Some of the best names in the names include Betway, Ladbrokes, Neds, Bet365, Pointsbet and Unibet.

  • Are there any free bets for ICC T20 2020 World Cup?

ICC T20 World Cup free bets are not permitted in Australia, due to online gambling laws.

  • Where is the ICC T20 World Cup cricket final?

The ICC T20 final will be held at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds in Melbourne on 15 November, 2020.

  • Where will the ICC T20 World Cup Cricket matches be held?

The ICC T20 cricket games are spread over Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Perth.

  • What are the dates for the ICC T20 World Cup cricket games?

The tournament commences on Sunday, 18th October and will finish on November 15, 2020 in Melbourne.

  • Who won the last ICC T20 World Cup?

The West Indies were crowned the ICC T20 World Cup champions in 2016, result of a 4-wicket victory over England at Eden Gardens in India on 3 April 2016.

  • Which team has won the most ICC T20 World Cups?

West Indies have pulled off stoic performances to grab the World Cup twice.

  • Which countries will play in the first game at the ICC T20 World Cup?

Sri Lanka v Ireland is the first game, to be played at the Simonds Stadium.

ICC T20 is an exciting and unpredictable competition in the world of cricket, that can leave you with thousands of emotions. The betting oppurtunities are plenty, and you can surely make a lot happen through careful observations and minor details like the toss of a coin, the first batsman and the first batsman to get out. All the previous 6 tournaments featured different countries as winners so it won’t be a complete surprise if Sri Lanka or Pakistan catch the trophy. You can really have a ball of a time picking which bets to choose from a host of different betting websites.

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