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PointsBet Mobile Review and Registration code July 2024

The PointsBet mobile app can be downloaded for free. You will also be able to use the PointsBet promo code “POINTS…” upon signing up. The PointsBet online sports betting app is easy to use and it is available on both Android as well as iOS devices.

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Pointsbet Sign Up Code for Australia

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Disclaimer: The daily specials, referral codes, and registration links are not aimed at players from the NSW region, in tune with the new NSW regulations. The NSW players are not eligible for the same. 

( Please note Pointsbet referral and points bet sign up code are not the same and does not grant any additional offers)

How to login with PointsBet Referral Code for Australia 2024

Pointsbet operates within the Australian market, meaning the relevant Australian gambling authorities regulate them. The site has a special focus on spread betting as opposed to mainstream sports betting. This being said, the site has a large range of sports betting including horse racing. This appeals to a good number of sports bettors in Australia. The spread betting focus applies to the actual markets available rather than the range of sports.

The site is growing in popularity, and all new members need to follow a specific registration process to gamble on the site. The necessary process is given below.

    • Follow the red box at the top of the page to sign up
    • Create login details: assign an email address and associated password for login details
    • Provide personal information: date of birth, gender, and full name
    • Provide address details: must be a registered Australian address along with State and postcode
    • Check the relevant terms and conditions boxes before clicking Join Pointsbet to complete the signup process
      • Enter the Pointsbet Registration Code upon registration. ( Please note Pointsbet referral and bonus code are not the same and does not grant any additional offers

Pointsbet Sign Up Code for Australia


Important Information about Pointsbet Australia

Given the nature of online betting providers, players are often reserved before making the decision to sign up. There are many things players want to know before choosing their provider. Many of the common questions for Pointsbet are outlined and answered below.

Q. Is it easy to withdraw my winnings from the site?

There is a verification process that is required before players can withdraw any funds. This is often completed shortly after the signup process, however, if it is not players will need to do it before withdrawing money. This is a simple process and requires just a couple of easy steps.

Q. Are there minimum wager requirements on the site?

$1 is the minimum wager amount that players can bet on sports and horse racing with.

Q. Can I take advantage of live betting on the site?

Unfortunately, Pointsbet does not currently provide a live betting service for its members. This means that once an event has started players will not be able to bet on this event. All bets must be placed beforehand.

Q. Is account verification required?

Australian gambling regulations strictly enforce that all registered accounts are verified. This is simply a safety procedure to ensure that there is no illegal activity taking place. Sending through an identification document showing full name and age can complete verification.

Q. Is there a Pointsbet Referral Code I could use?

Yes, you can enter our Pointsbet Registration  Code 2020 upon registration. (Please note Poinstbet referral and bonus code are not the same and does not grant any additional offers

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Pointsbet Online Review 2024 – Top Features and Referrals

The platform is easy to use, there are no complications in understanding how bets work and everything related to the platform, the website is perfectly designed to avoid distractions. Users and players will not have problems in finding any type of function or service within the website. On the main page, players will find the sporting events of the day, especially the most important and with the greatest potential for betting. In the left corner is the option to open in detail all the events. A solid betting coupon for local sports and then some more. We find it really practical and perfect for newbies at online betting.

PointsBet Sportsbook Review: Bet on a wide range of sports and betting markets (more than 100 markets)

  • Market Depth

Many online providers simply offer money line, spread and possible over/under betting. This could not be further from the truth with Pointsbet. They have over 100 markets available for certain events and have a healthy range of markets for less prestigious events. Of course, spread betting is available for all of their events.

  • Competitive odds

Pointsbet offers some higher-end odds compared with what is seen on other Internet betting sites. Players have the chance to chase larger profits through this site for this reason. While the odds might be only marginally higher, this will add up over time. Remember to get the Pointsbet Referral Code upon registration to get the best odds.

  • Separate horse racing section

The site has horse racing events taking place almost every 10 minutes. With these many offerings, the site has chosen to segregate the racing from the sportsbook. By doing so players can have a simpler view for the various horse races rather than trying to sift through so much information on the sportsbook.

  • Popular bets advertised 

Pointsbet has a cool feature regarding the sites marketing efforts.  The most popular bets of the day are advertised across the banner at the top of the page. This allows members to see what other players are betting on, and often seek out events where they can potentially get a higher value.

Banking Options at Pointsbet

The operator does not have many options available to users, this makes the process of making deposits in the bookie very difficult. For now, the bookie only offers 2 methods to make deposits and receive payments: Visa, Mastercard, and Bank Transfers. With this limitation, players can only receive payments through Bank Transfers. All deposits and withdrawals are free, plus all the money is insured and encrypted.

Deposit: Pointsbet is not very informative when displaying their deposit methods on the site. The site lists just 3 methods, and while these are popular it would be fair to say that the site offers a limited range. The 3 methods are listed below.

  • Poli internet banking – no fees or processing times given, and no minimum amount given
  • MasterCard – no fees or processing times given, and no minimum amount given
  • Visa– no fees or processing times given, and no minimum amount given

As seen from the above information, players are left somewhat in the dark as to the specifics of their deposits. However, it is clear how to make a deposit. Players need to simply go to their account and select deposit funds.

Withdrawals: The methods available to make a withdrawal are even less than the deposit methods. The process is simple on the plus side, and players can simply request a withdrawal from their account along with the specified method. Providing verification has been completed, there should be no hold up when making withdrawals. The 2 available methods are listed below.

  • Bank transfer – no fee specified, as well as no minimum or processing time,  has given
  • Poli internet banking– no processing time given, along with no fees or minimum given

Pointsbet Australia Odds

The bets are in margins, not the typical bets as in other bookies. To understand in detail we give an example: if a bet indicates that a team in Aussie Rules must win by 20 points (-20), that will be the best, in case the team wins the game, the prize will be 5x times the stake It is the same method used for losing bets, but punters have the advantage of placing a stop loss to avoid greater evils. The better the team selected by the punter, the bigger the winnings will be. It is one of the best alternatives for existing conventional bets. PointsBet has an alliance with the best sports organizations in Australia, this commercial alliance has made the company gain recognition among users in the country, the associated sports organizations are Australian Football League, Australian Rugby Union, National Rugby League, Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia, and Football Federation.

PointsBet Sign Up Promotions

Customer Support Service at Pointsbet Australia 

The bookie offers the punters a whole library (FAQ) with all the topics related to the service, questions, and answers for all the doubts that the players have, especially for those who do not understand the spread betting. In the same section of help within the library, users can consult everything related to terms and conditions, payments, deposits and more.

The PointsBet team can be contacted in several ways, the live chat option is our favorite and is the one that we highly recommend to users. Another contact method is the email, it is not as fast as the live chat, but it is just as effective. Our contact tests with the customer service team were positive, we were able to realize that they are a highly trained team capable of solving all the problems of the users.

  • Email service: The email link is accessible from the sites home page. While the link is easily accessible, the information concerning a response time is not. This is likely the slowest method out of the 3.
  • Live Chat: This is undoubtedly the quickest response method that members can access to get assistance. The Pointsbet live chat service is available 24/7, yet customer support agents will only be able to help between the designated hours.
  • Phone line: Interestingly enough, the phone line listed on the site links to a Skype account. The fees associated with this are unclear and players would, of course, need their own Skype account to use this service.

Points Bet Mobile Review 2024

This bookie knows how important mobile betting is, that’s why they created a functional mobile platform to accept all types of bets through the devices, here is the description of the bookie app:

A Fast & Simple Mobile Android Application:  For PointsBet Android users the app is available, a direct download can be obtained through the official website of Poinstsbet where users can download the official file of the app to install it on the device. The app does not have any difference with the website since each and every one of the main functions of the website is available in the app; Registration Code, promotions, payments, customer care, etc. The app is ready to resist the daily and abusive use of punters, it is quick and easy to use the app. The bets are guaranteed since each bet that is made through the app is reinforced by the same security that the bookmaker uses for the official website. All events are shown in an orderly fashion with all available betting options, as everyone already knows mainly spread betting.

  • Download takes up minimal space: As seen with other Internet betting providers, mobile apps can take up a lot of memory space to download, especially when they contain so many features. The Pointsbet app only takes up 10mb of space, leaving players will plenty of memory left on their devices.
  • iOS and Android availability: Pointsbet has an app to serve all needs. Players have the option to download an iOS version or an Android version. This means players won’t be left frustrated by having an incompatible device.
  • Bets processed quickly: Many other mobile apps take a long time to actually process bets. More frustratingly, should a player’s Internet connection be interrupted during the bet placing process it could fail. This won’t happen with Pointsbet due to the rapid processing system.
  • Mobile Promotions: You can enter our exclusive Pointsbet Sign-up Code upon registration. ( Please note Pointsbet referral and bonus code are not the same and does not grant any additional offers)

Pointsbet Sports Sign Up Offer

Super Web-App for the Rest: If you can not download the official app for Android, the bookie has a website designed specifically for devices, it is a responsive mobile site that works with all the operating systems of the market such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Users should only open the official bookie page on the device and they will automatically be on the mobile site. All the functions are available, as in the app and the website, the mobile site does not have any failure to accept bets or make deposits at any time. You should know though that there are no special promotions for the mobile app by entering the PointsBet Referral Code, there are the same we mentioned above.

  • Full spread bet range: Pointsbet markets the site as a betting provider that specializes in spread betting. The site also has invested enough to ensure that players can access all of the spread bettings ranges from the mobile site.
  • Ease of login: Sports betting relies on how quickly players can access specific events and place their bets. By allowing players to remain logged in, they can place bets in a matter of seconds rather than going through the login process each time. Of course, they can manually log out should they choose to.

PointsBet Overall Review: A New Booker That You Should Definitely Try

Our Ratings [kkstarratings]

Points Bet Review 2019

PointsBet is new to the Australian market, but they have been growing in the course of the year 2017. The official bookie license was issued by the Northern Territory Racing Commission, this license guarantees that all bets are legal and are supported by the commission. The bookmaker has a focus on spread betting, this approach has been well received by the punters in the country as a different and more entertaining alternative.

Pointsbet Australia offers a great range of sports and horse races for their members to bet on. In addition to the overall range of sports and races, their market depth is quite impressive with some events having over 100 available markets. They are growing in popularity within the Australian market and given the range of sports and races available it is clear to see why. To add to their sports and racing attractions, the odds are reasonable compared with other online providers.  Remember to enter our Pointsbet Registration Code upon registration.

This bookie is undoubtedly a new alternative for all punters in Australia; it is a different concept, new and easy to understand. The possibilities with this new method of betting cover all types of games which translate into many more options to make money in Australia with national and international sports. This type of unique service with a lot of potentials is worth the try. One of the main advantages of this bookie is the enormous amount of coupons available for all sports in Australia, no other sportsbook in the country has offered so many coupons for national and international sports. Another important thing is the more 100 markets available in some major sporting events, this is because the bookie is looking for ways to facilitate bets for the punters.

Top 3 PointsBet Alternatives for 2024

Pointsbet has alternatives in the national market, these alternatives offer the same quality as the bookie, they are bookmakers with the same level or higher than. These are our recommendations for Australian players:

Bet365 – One of The Most Recognized 

bet365 APPBet365 apart from being the most recognized bookmaker worldwide, also in Australia, is one of the most complete alternatives for players. The markets at Bet365 are far superior and offer a wide range of possibilities for players. The Australian version of this bookmaker covers all national sports with a special emphasis on Rugby, Aussie Rules and Soccer. The legal license of Bet365 was granted in 2012 in the country and since then it has been immersed in the national market. Promotions, prizes, and app are other important advantages of this bookie.

Ladbrokes – A Very Powerful Bookmaker

LADBROKES ICONLadbrokes is a powerful sports betting company known in the industry. For a couple of years, it has been offering exclusive services for Australia, especially for the most important local events. The promotions, services, and others at Ladbrokes are world-class, almost perfect. Our dedicated code will help you to get the most of the welcome bonus. Finally, Ladbrokes has a strong representation of the mobile. Their application is just great. So, if you are a fan of mobile betting then you should definitely try this booker.

Betfair – The World’s Largest Betting Exchange

betfair appThis alternative is for users with greater demand in other types of services, Betfair is the right one for that. This is not just any bookie, it is the largest exchange in the world and also a conventional bookmaker. One of the best things about this bookie and exchange is that players can compete and bet against other players to predict the results of a sporting event. Although, we should point out the fact that it is a very complicated platform that can get a bit overwhelming for new players.


Top 3 Questions About Pointsbet

Q. Does Pointsbet have a good range of sports to bet on?

Pointsbet offers all of the major Australian leagues as well as major worldwide sports. Players are unlikely to find a sport that they cannot bet on via the platform.

Q. Can I contact customer support easily if I have any issues?

The customer support team is available 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. The 3 methods available are email, live chat, and contact number.

Q. Does the site promote responsible gambling?

The site promotes responsible gambling in a big way. There are various external links for players to seek help for their gambling through the site. Alternatively, players can set limits for their spending and playing time.

Pointsbet Registration Code Australia Validity: December 2024

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