Best Online Cricket Betting Sites: Australia selection

This is our carefully curated section of the best online betting cricket websites right now!

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Making the List: Our Top 5 Online Cricket Betting Site Picks

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Cricket has surely heralded a great fan following, especially in the world of online betting. Just so you keep pace with the creative and cunning bet-building antics of cricket games, we are making your task much easier by giving you a showcase of the best cricket bookies out there in the world. The introduction of Twenty20 cricket games has played its role its directing new fans, owing to its speed, excitement and strategic, fast-paced gameplay. Here is our fine list of the different online cricket bookies available.

  • Bet365
  • Betvictor
  • William Hill
  • Coral
  • Unibet

Bet365: Our favorite cricket bookmaker

Bet365 is a well-known online sports betting website. For cricket, it is a great choice ensuring safety and security of all transactions. With an interactive website and a mobile application available on Android and iOS devices, you are always updated on the latest happenings in the sporting world. Cricket is a multi-faceted game with tonnes of layers and endless competitions, and Bet365 ensures you don’t miss out. The graphics and live scorecards are certainly factors that work in the favour of this sport betting website. The interface is simple and sleek, allowing you to find different categories with absolute ease and not much scrolling required. The betting section give a quick view of live scores as well as updates. Bet365 AUS Specials

  • Unibet: the second best cricket betting site

Unibet has all the good ingredients of a great sports betting website, and that’s why it has made the cut on our list. It features a wide variety of events, that presents so many different betting opportunities. From betting on English cricket games to other international tournaments taking place in different countries, Unibet won’t fail to impress. Additionally, it offers odds on elite franchise leagues, the likes of big names like T20 and ICC Cricket World Cup, as well as dometic matches in South Africa and Australia. With such a rich hosting platform, you will never miss out on your favorite teams. The lower profile matches don’t enjoy that much coverage, but Unibet offers 15 or 20 available markets that include picks for top batsman and bowlers as well as total runs made in an inining and so much more. You can also catch all the action and lively commentaries of the matches, that can guide you on making selections and tracking bets. If you’re placing bets in a remote location, then Unibet has you covered through a dedicated application and live streaming. You can only use the live streaming option if you have deposited funds in your account and made a bet in the last 24 hours. A day before the test series, you can place bets in relation to which team wins the toss, the 1st wicket, the top batsman, total run outs, most sixes and the half century in the match.

  • Neds

Another popular and well-known bookmaker in the world of bowlers and batsmen is Neds. With its keen eye to detail and widspread coverage of all kinds of sporting events, Neds does a fine job of keeping your betting schedule in absolute order. You are never to far from your favorite cricket matches due to the rich variety of domestic and international cricket games showcased on daily basis. How cool is that? Follow your sporting events religioulsy, make bets, analyse past games and so much more with the Neds betting website. The odds offered by this cricket betting website are competitive to say the least. A through analysis of the sporting events is also helpful in making the right odds. The different fund depositing methods available include debit and credit cards, Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill and many others. You can also use the Neds mobile application that is more user-friendly and less cluttered than the desktop version. Live-streaming options are also possible on some sports so you can enjoy a great game if you’re away from home.

  • Palmerbet

Palmerbet is a sports betting website for cricket that stands out owing to the wonderful range of events, international tournaments and sporting matches, which provide more odds for placing bets. Bringing you updated from international cricket grounds all over the globe, including England, you are absolutely spoilt for choice. Some of the smaller matches will only feature odds on the final match result, there are several types of betting options available for wagers. You can go bet on a century scored in the match, the number of runs made by a batsman and which team has the best operating partnership, the best bowler, the team of highest runs scored, and so much more.

  • Pointsbet

Another keeper in the online betting cricket marketplace is Coral. Besides offering a wide range of cricket competitions and sporting events at one glance, it features many other additional offers like spread betting. It is in fact the only such site licensed to Australian bettors – not bad as a unique product feature.

Once you have decided on a sporting event of your choice, you can get full game statistics and live odds on the same screen. Additionally, the website is highly intuitive and is designed with several options such as pinning your favorite or most viewed sporting events at the top of the screen. The depth of gaming information provided will surely help you in making an informed betting decision. This is particularly helpful if you follow several leagues and sporting events. Funds can be deposited by Visa, Neteller, Bank Transfer and PayPal.

Making Bets at the Best Cricket Events

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Some of the most popular cricket events are features here:

International Ashes:

An exciting, mind-boggling test match series, tracing a long rivalry path between the two competing countries- Australia and England. A long stand duel existing for the longest time in history, the game does not disappoint on any level. The competition presents a lot of betting odds on online cricket betting websites.You can place a supremacy bet and guess the winning amount of runs between the two teams. In test runs, it is the difference between the runs scored by the two in the first innings. Test matches are one of the most oldest formats. Here, the better needs to keep a check on weather conditions which could impact the pitch and the home and away side. On the plus side, this type of game give you solid grounding to test your cricket prowess and creative strategies. The test matches are played in 15 sessions and the main test playing nations include India, Australia, South Africa, and England. Test runs also offer a second possibility of a draw besides the win and loss draw bets. For test games, cricket can fall prey to the misfortunes of rain and other bad weather conditions, and that is one of the crucial factors to consider before you place your bets. Checking the weather forecast for long-standing test matches is a great idea, as such matches go on for 4 days. Your long hours of mind-grinding game play and betting mathematical formulas can go to waste if you haven’t checked the forecasts. A couple of hours of rain can completely wash out a day’s play, particularly in countries like Sri Lanka and India.

ICC World Cup

Played over a period of 50 days, the ICC World Cup features a mixture of test and non-test playing countries, taking place every 4 years. This international competition offers a wide basket of betting odds all through the competiion. You can place a total bet, which is a stand-alone wager made by a punter by guessing a certain value, that could be more or less than the total number of runs scored by the teams, wickets taken, runs and catches, sixes and fours scored by both sides. Spread betting is definitely a feasible option available. You can also place bets on match ducks, the number of batsman who failed to score any runs. This would yield the lowest results and is based on a figure created by the bookmaker.


Blood, sweat, tears, fast-paced action and stellar grit is the makeup of this enthralling and action-packed Twenty 20 series. It is held every 4 years and is certainly the one most cricket fans look forward to owing to the short playing time. You can place a variety of bets that include batsman and bowler performace. The match winner bet requires you to make a prediction on the winner of the cricket game. Here, there are likely risks of draws or ties, resulting in a third possibilty. A wide range of markets allow for bets on the players with the most wickets, the top scoring batman and the man of the match. There are plenty of exciting possibilties where bets are concerned. Another interesting arena is the bowler-batsman partnership, one bowler can do sustantially well and get a certain batsman out on all ocassions or a particular batmas can generate good results against a bowler.

One Day Cricket Games(ODI)

First played in 1970 between Australia and England, one-day cricket games have their own charm and pull over fans. With over 50 overs, this competition also presents several betting options like the best batsman, bowler, the number of runs and so on. Backbet seems a likely option, all you need to do is place a bet on the likely winning team. Furthermore, you can even place a lay bet which essentially means placing a bet on the losing team.

What are the factors to keep in mind while choosing a cricket betting website?

  • Intuitive Interface with Informative Guides

A well-designed interface with minimal graphics and easy-to-read infographics will help your betting cause. As cricket involves placing several bets on player performances, it is wise to look up guides with plans of individual player performances, including average batting scores, bowling averages and overall match scores under different competitions. It is extremely important to gauge individual player performances for higher odds. A look at their latest scores and batting as well as bowling averages is highly recommended when choosing your cricket bets.

  • Type of Tournament on the Betting Site

Keep a lookout on the tournaments covered and streamed on the betting website in question. Cricket is played in a variety of formats ranging from 5 day test matches, four day games, T20 and even one day matches. The same team may peform well for a one day match but may fail to do so for a five day series. You need to sniff out all the little details that could influence your decision in making odd/even bets. Keep a sound research going even for the history of the cricket grounds and the country. Different pitches can impact bowling and running rates in different ways.

  • Types of Bets offered & Markets

All cricket games and online cricket betting websites offer a wide range of different bets and offers. It would a great idea to read up on the different bets and the markets. You can make an outright winning bet for the winning team, a total bet which is a kind of stand-alone wager made on whether or not the total number of runs scored by both teams, wickets taken by both teams, catches taken by both teams, fours or sixes hit by both sides, in a particular game or during the course of a series will be over or under a particular value. If, an Ashes cricket game is played between England and Australia, the bookmaker predicts 8-9 dismissals, then the spread is 8-9. Spread betting is quite rewarding, even more than investing in the stock marker. You can explore different markets like the numbers of runs scored in an innings, the number of sixes and the batting average of a celebrated batsman.

  • Keeping a Check on Budget

No matter how exciting the world of sports and sports betting websites are, you need to keep a check on your wallet as well, making sure you don’t exceed your pre-defined limit. Another factor to keep in mind is the difference in currency rates while making bets on online cricket bookmaker websites overseas. Websites like bookmakers offer a minimal AS$ 10 start-up deposit and most bookmaker website allow international transactions.

  • Mobile Betting on Cricket

If you’re likely to be heading out to watch live games, then placing bets using a dedicated mobile application seems like a good idea. Mobile bettings helps you stay connected through push notifcations, game notification, live updates and account information. Most bookmaker online cricket betting sites feature an intuitive mobile interface with the same features as the desktop version. You can also keep checking a dedicated promotion page that can be accessed once you have made a deposit.

FAQ coming in the way of creating your online Cricket sports betting account?

  • Is the  cricket sports betting website safe to use?

Yes, it is well regulated and completely safe for use.

  • What are the different payment modes available?

Absolutely convenient and safe, you can make use of Credit cards, Debit cards, Paypal and prepaid cards that present a safer platform for transactions.

  • How can I bet on cricket matches using online betting websites?

Once you have selected your choice of bookmaker website, click on the Cricket section which will clearly display the list of tournaments with options to place bets. You can place bets as soon as your account has been created.

  • How can I place a Batman bet?

The bookmaker online cricket website offering bets also showcases a list of the different markets. Pick the market named Batsmen and start placing your bets on who you think will score the most runs. Create your account, add funds. The ball is in your court!

  • What are the different futures markets available?

When you partake in online cricket betting, the bookmaker sites also offer odds on a variety of future events; this could be the winner of the next cricket tournament or guessing the next winner of the ICC World Cup.

  • Do I need a minimum deposit before I start online betting?

Yes, each bookmaker website for online cricket betting requires a minimum investment, after which you can start betting.

  • Will I be able live-stream cricket games?

As long as you have created an account with the bookmaker website and added funds, you can start streaming cricket games as per the schedule on the website, and if you have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

last update : May 2024