World Cup 2018 Full Predictions

The upcoming FIFA World Cup to take place in Russia is one of the largest sports games in the globe and makes the best opportunity for fans from all corners of the globe to gather and watch their favourite players and national teams. Not only that, it makes a great source of income for bookies especially who want to generate some big cash out of big bets in such popular events.

This is why we present you here with a full guide crafted by seasoned experts and research buddies to breakdown odds, teams, groups, statistics and other relevant stuff concerning the 2018 Fifa World Cup. We present you perhaps the most ideal guide to guide your stakes throughout the W.C because of its extensive info and supplemental yet good aspects and stats you should know, originating from the main players in the bookie biz worldwide.

Our top predictions

In the previous World Cup 2018, we saw an impressive victory for Germany who was literally unbeatable and no other team, despite their efforts, could measure up and cancel the potential of Germans. Despite being tight against the U.S and being drawn with Ghana during the semi-finals, she managed to beat Brazil and Argentina by 1-0.

In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, obviously, Germany is anticipated to prevail the scene as she did previously–but she has to face some pretty tough competition as many teams have stepped up their game and prepared to stack against her.

Future odds are quite a catch to examine and therefore we have crafted an outline of the greatest odd forecasts featuring best bookie odds and odd options to choose from.

Group Players

These team groups catch the focus of all betting fans and players from the start since they form the category of best odds and betting chances to stack bigger wins.

Group A Odds:

Saudi Arabia (last): 34.00, Egypt: 7.00, Russia: 2.25 and Uruguay (first): 2.10.

Uruguay in this group has the best odds and in Bet365 these are far more lucrative. We are talking about a robust team with experienced players from past European matches and former World Cup Matches. The protagonist of the team will be Luis Suarez (playing in FC Barcelona) and Edison Cavani (Paris Saint Germain). Russia also comes as the No 2. team to win, even though they don’t have many odds to surpass Uruguay and win the group.

Group B odds:

Iran: 34.00, Morocco 17.00, Portugal: 3.00, Spain: 1.50

Despite the winner’s being obvious, we may experience a wild horse win on this group and that is Morocco. This is because the team has shown us that they have the skills to qualify for the World Cup after two decades of being eliminated and this time, their participation makes us have bigger expectations of the team as they haven’t lost a match so far, managed to win the African group of winners and who knows, maybe a Group B victory is up next. We are aware of the everlasting potential of Portugal and Spain and Morocco may surprise us here.

Group C odds:

Australia: 15.00, Peru: 11.00, Denmark: 5.5, France: 1.33

Australia is clearly the “loser” or the least likely to win in the present team group, but this doesn’t outcast their potential to challenge France. France is the most popular to secure victory at odds placed 1.33 and strong players like Kante (Chelsea), Mbappe (PSG), Tolisso (Bayern Munich), Umtiti (Barcelona), Varane (Real Madrid), and Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) to name a few. It is among the best squad teams in the globe with a roster of global famous players. Peru & Denmark follow behind France, with Peru maybe ranking in the second place. France most likely to win the group.

will france win the World Cup?

Group D Odds:

Iceland (last): 13.00, Nigeria: 11.00, Croatia: 3.25, Argentina: 1.61.

This combo is quite unique and Argentina is probably the favourite to win this and earns a place in the semi-finals of this year’s World Cup. Lionel Messi, of course, is the star of the team and with odds placed at 1.61 and this considered a lucrative range in Bet365. Let’s not neglect the potential of Iceland and maybe Nigeria, two countries with risky and robust teams. Iceland, in particular, marks the first entry in the World Cup and it is determined to score and reach as high as possible during the World Cup.  The Nigerian team also looks promising like Croatia. Argentina is still favorite to win, despite some issues with their defence.

Group E odds:

Costa Rica (last): 17.00, Serbia: 8.00, Switzerland: 6.50, Brazil 1.33 (first)

Brazil is the favourite to lead this group undoubtedly but we can’t wait to see Switzerland in action as well since they already showed a great performance over the qualification stage.  They have proved that it’s not only a wealthy nation but a country with skilled players as well. Brazil simply has to come up with an articulate plan to step up their game, though they are most likely to win anyway.

Group F Odds:

South Korea: 17.00, Sweden: 7.00, Mexico: 6.00, Germany: 1.36

This group is a no-brainer as Germany is almost sure to win–not to mention they maybe win World Cup again. Perhaps some teams that are going to make things for this team a tad tougher are Sweden, Switzerland, and Mexico which have already shown their growth. Germany’s defence & attack schemes will be backed-up fast similar to the Swedish team but nonetheless, Germany will most likely rank the top of their group.

Group “G” Odds:

Panama (last): 41.00, Tunisia: 15.00, England: 2.20, Belgium (first): 1.83.

England & Belgium are almost tied in chances to win their group and qualify to the subsequent stage, and thus we can’t make a solid prediction on who of these two will manage to win. However, we can’t ignore that Belgium’s team overall is in a more fit shape. Belgium’s weakness is that the have happed in defence, even though they are already familiar with the English style of play. The thing is, they aren’t going to easily let Panama or Tunisia surpass them. We predict that Belgium is going to win, leaving England a bit behind.

Belgium outright odds

Group H Odds:

Japan: 7.50, Senegal: 6.00, Poland: 2.87, Columbia: 2.25

This a pretty equalised group in terms of power as virtually no team on this particular group stacks against each other and we should carefully examine the strengths and weaknesses of each to draw conclusions. Nonetheless, Columbia carries the big name and reputation of South American stars like Brazil and Argentina, despite passing a somewhat challenging qualification stage. Japan and Poland may try extra hard to compete but Colombians are still tough to beat. Columbia most likely to win here.

Leading goalscorers

  • 1st Lionel Messi: 10.00
  • 2nd Neymar Junior: 11.00
  • 3rd  Cristiano Ronaldo: 13.00
  • 4th Griezmann: 13.00
  • 5th Timo Werner: 17.00
  • 6th Ηarry Kane: 17.00

Accurately predicting who is going to be the No.1 goalscorer in this year’s world cup is a challenge and we can’t know for sure but we know already who the top 5 will be.

Lionel Messi: Lionel Messi comes as no surprise to win here–after all he is the most competing player in the world but his weakness is that he performs better in Barcelona than in his national Argentinian team.

Neymar Junior: Brazil is eagerly anticipating Neymar Junior’s triumph as the top goalscorer in the Russian World Cup at odds 11.00 (as in Bet365) with its ruthless passion and determination to contribute his huge value to the team. Neymar is on our picks at odds 11.00

Cristiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo isn’t  the sole biggest asset of Portugal but he is still in the top 5 list of potential goalscorers. He most likely unleashes his passion against smaller teams where he may easily score big.

Now if you are going to place a stake on the top scorer category, we suggest you don’t go beyond 2.5% (from your bankroll) as these kinds of bets are risky for new betters. You need to predict accurately and precisely to win and we suggest you try your luck on more attractive bets throughout the World Cup.

Quarter-Final Qualifications

This stake type is probably the most ideal for new punters that seek something less risky and complex. The quarter-final qualification bets are classified as the leading 10 most attractive odds of this year’s World Cup. The most popular teams like Spain, Germany and Argentina are most likely to qualify but that doesn’t mean we should ignore some wild horse teams that could change the final outcomes. The following teams are awarded the most tempting odds to make to the quarter-final stage:

  • Brazil: 1/2
  • Germany 1/2
  • France 1/2
  • Argentina  4/6
  • Belgium 4/6
  • England 5/6
  • Portugal 11/8
  • Morocco 10

Top team per continent

Bet365 provides numerous picks for the Russia World Cup and this makes a great catch, as the players can pick the team which is going to perform the best throughout this World Cup. This is safe and easy bet to try out. We anticipate Argentina is going to take the lead for South America and for Europe it’s going to be Germany (as the top teams per continent).

Who is going to win the cup?

There is not much doubt that Germany is most likely to win, even just a few months prior the World Cup begins. The German team is the most likely to win according to Bet365 and the odds given are 5.50. With robust players like Leroy Sane, Kroos, Werner, this will be an easy option.

Germany is the top of the game, but some teams like France, for example, may put Germany’s plans on hold a bit, especially when it comes to the defence of the team. France, if they manage to perform well, won’t struggle to pass through the quarter and semifinals along with Germany who will do everything necessary to secure their win/

Odds Breakdown on leading markets

The bookmakers all aim to provide us with the most lucrative odds, and we better take a closer look to see what the best picks bookies offer, especially in 2 of the highest popular markets. The first noteworthy market is “Outright Winner” (winner or the direct winner of W.C in other words). This marker is among the most lucrative ones as its odds are highly rewarding. In the 2014 World Cup, the bookmakers offered for Brazil 7.00+ odds but other factors contributed to this such as flakey weather conditions and because it’s the nation with the most vivid soccer fans of the globe.

In this year’s World Cup, something similar could take place and weather is not to be underestimated when it comes to affecting the efficiency of the team players–but it won’t be hot and humid like in Brazil, it maybe cold and windy.

After doing an extensive comparison of the two markets, here we present you the results.

Outright odds for the World Cup winner

The three top teams to win according to Bet365 odds, are Germany at odds 5.50, next comes Brazil at odds 6.00 and France at odds 6.50. The above odds rank equally in the majority of bookies but things can adjust as the final time of the World Cup comes closer and especially in case, the teams encounter major player injuries and mishaps. Other operators like William Hill provide higher payouts at least popular to win teams like Morocco at odds 501.00 while the respective amount in Bet365 is 401.00 for the same team.

Another major player in the betting biz, William Hill offers odds of the same level, but there are better odds in other teams like for example Uruguay and Portugal at odds 29.00 each. Ladbrokes also ranks the same odds for the “direct winner category”. If we compare it all, Bet365 has probably the most lucrative odds.

Best Goalscorer of the competition

The top goalscorers to win are Lionel Messi of course at odds 10.00, Neymar Junior at odds 11.00, and third comes Ronaldo at odds 13.00. Again, Bet365 comes across as the prevailing bookie that provides the most lucrative odds on the Leading Goalscorer category compared to Ladbrokes and William Hill.

The rest bookies (Betfred, Coral, Ladbrokes) in Britain have kept their odds unchanged currently and some adjustments are anticipated to take place towards the middle of February or till the stage the last games of national leagues start in nations with robust teams like England, Germany, France, and Spain.

Bookie bonuses

All major bookies offer new and seasoned players various bonuses and promos–make sure you use them to grab extras and make the most of your cash and profits throughout the World Cup 2018.

William Hill ACCA Guarantee: ACCAs make an integral part of the World Cup, and W.H is a bookie that always provides ACCA insurance bets in their entire sports catalogue. This is handy promo throughout the World Cup especially on the months the games are taking place. There are picks at odds 1.2 which are ideal for ACCAs with favourite selections.

Free bet at Ladbrokes. Newbies at Ladbrokes who want to test their luck to the World Cup can get £50 worth of bets which applies to the entire sportsbook of the bookie. This good for grabbing some cash till the start of the W.C. This one doesn’t need much to claim other than a few basics.

£30 Welcome pack at Betfair. Betfair is an established bookmaker with lots of free bet bonuses and common specials. We expect lots of specials and bonuses specifically for the World Cup at Betfair. For now, we suggest that you test the waters if you are new and grab some cash from the beginning with this current special.

Coral welcome pack bonus. Coral doesn’t fall behind when it comes to offering generous bonuses. They have been providing the most lucrative bonuses for ages and this time, Coral is expected to follow through and even offer more specials to their clients and users. To claim the Coral newbie special, you need to place a min, a deposit of £10.

Bonus rules

  1. Ladbrokes offers this bonus only to newbies and it comes with numerous terms. The first is to bet at min. level 1.30 upon your initial bet which should be placed for the whole amount of your initial deposit.
  2. Any ACCA bets should be placed at min. 3 picks (treble bet) with odds min. 1.30 and the min, stake for an ACCA bet is £1. Other bet combos and specials cannot be used along with this special.
  3. The welcome newbie bonus only applies to the sportsbook section and casino stakes are not included. The player is given a window of 10 days to use the special or it is nullified.
  4. Upon the initial deposit, the player should put a min. of £10 or something of equal value in their national currency to claim the complete bonus. The highest amount you can get here is £100 which is equal to a 100% cash fit bonus.
  5. The bonus is exclusive to new British players and players outside the UK are excluded from claiming it. The least deposit you can place is £10 and you can place a bet in any of the sports categories with a max. payout of £50 (per user).


Do you suggest these bookmakers specifically for the World Cup 2018 in Russia?

The bookmakers mentioned here make ideal picks as they all have generous welcome specials that you could use on or before World Cup sets in. We are talking about established names in the biz so no need to worry about their trustworthiness.

Do the bookmakers have a mobile app for live betting?

Yes, all the aforementioned bookmakers like Bet365, Ladbrokes, Betfair and William Hill have a dedicated app for their mobile players specially crafted to offer the main features provided by the primary site.

Do I have to watch out for the different value of odds between the bookies?

This entirely up to you. You are free to pick the bookie with the most lucrative odds and check to see any differences in the values. However, the differences are really small and just a few cents. Perhaps one major aspect is that players can feel secure with these regardless of their choice.

How much funds should I stake on the upcoming World Cup?**

Based on our estimations, an ideal bankroll range should be between £3K and £5K as you are going to stake for the whole month that the W.C will last. This will also widen your chances of claiming bigger specials and maximizing your profits.


Where to bet from mobile?

Ladbrokes: Ladbroke’s own mobile app is among the most extensive and upgraded apps you’ll find out there. There you are free to play all the sports sections and enjoy live broadcasting in all major sports events. The live stats offered on this app are among their biggest assets and there are exclusive specials just for the users of the app.

Bet365: A very popular app among betters – a reason why is its ease of usage and another reason is its upgraded features. This app doesn’t have the highest quality of graphics out there but still, its wide range of options make it’s truly great for betting.  Compatible with iOS and Android Devices.

Betfair: Betfair’s own app is broken into two main components. The first is sportsbook section and the next is bet exchange. Both are aimed to bear benefits and offer a fast betting exchange in all major sports. The key aspects of the Betfair app are live broadcasting, in-play, bet exchange, casino stakes and others. The app is available for IOS and Android.

William Hill: The bookie has an easy app to take advantage of which is great for newbies that aren’t tech savvy. The W.H app provides live broadcasting for all the games of the World Cup. WH also provides numerous other betting chances, more than any other bookie in the market, especially when it comes to soccer.

Livebet: our top selections

Here we present you with some of the most rewarding bettings picks during the games:

Draw No Bet”: a very exciting betting pick for the ending 40 minutes of that game. The odds remained unchanged in this market–as teams remain in a tie or don’t manage to score any goals,  the level of odds will still remain rewarding and this leaves room for a bit of experimentation.

Totals: This betting category is ideal to use during the initial twenty-five minutes of a match and when a team hits 1-2 goals  (any team of the two or both). The odds will be 3.5 or 2.5 in this case and the forecasts determined at least 2 goals to be achieved if the above requirements are covered.

2X Chance: This betting category is fool-proof for teams which are predicted to take the lead in a specific match. This a form of a “Draw No Bet” though there is no cash back in case of a draw. This a pick that may confuse some players but the options to bet are not hard: “Team 1 or Draw”, “Any Team To Win” and “Team B or Draw”.

Handicap betting: The (Asian) handicaps are not among the best in this selection are they possess a higher level of risk. This category is better suited to seasoned players that possess some prior experience playing in this category and its tables. Therefore, we don’t suggest it if you are a newbie.

*Odds being correct at time of publishing.

**All tips are researched and given in good faith, but profits are not guaranteed. Please gamble responsibly

Our predictions are based on stats analysis and odds from the top bookmakers. However, you should always do your own analysis before placing a bet. This guide will be updated with group stages results or in case big moves in outright odds before the competition.