Unibet Australia Review May 2024

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Unibet Australia Review: Sports and markets available

Given that Unibet is operating in the Australian market, we had hoped that they would cover plenty of sports that are popular amongst Australian sports bettors. We are pleased to report that we found many sports that would suit this description, with rugby, cricket, Aussie rules, and soccer all available in masses within the sportsbook.

Of course, just because the members of the site are based in Australia, this doesn’t mean that there would be no interest in sports from overseas. Unibet has several leagues from around the world in the sportsbook, with games from the NBA, NFL, UFC, NHL, and many other leagues all available for wagers. It really is quite an extensive sportsbook, and we were equally impressed with their betting markets.

If we take Aussie rules as an example, Unibet provides more than 200 different betting markets, even for regular-season games. This is just an enormous figure, and it certainly means that you are spoiled for choice when browsing the markets. This isn’t just true for pre-game markets either, for Unibet offers loads of in-play markets too.

Odds & Limits

Regarding the limits on the Unibet platform, there are a few that you need to be aware of. In terms of the maximum payouts that this bookmaker is willing to offer, they are more than happy to accept bets where the potential payout is well into the six-figure region. This is usually the case for popular sports like horse racing and soccer, however, this number goes significantly lower for less followed sports.

Fortunately, Unibet has designed the sportsbook whereby you can see the odds and potential payout before you even place the wager, and the betting window will turn red if this goes above the specified limits.


What sports can I wager on with Unibet?

There is a lot for you to wager on, with the most popular sports being soccer, Aussie rules, tennis, basketball, and horse racing – the choice is yours.

Is there anything that makes this site unique?

The most unique feature of the site is the community aspect to it, where members comment and engage with blog articles as well as public tips/predictions.

What are the main wagers I can place?

The fundamental bets that Unibet allows you to make are money line, over/under, spread, parlays, and in-play bets.

Does Unibet allow me to stream events?

Yes, Unibet streams hundreds if not thousands of events on their site, and as long as you have money in your account, there are no restrictions for how many events you can watch.

Is the site mobile-friendly?

100% – Unibet has a mobile app for both iOS and Android, and you have all of the best features at your fingertips including in-play markets, live streaming, and access to statistics.

How many sports markets does Unibet typically offer?

By the looks of things, Unibet isn’t afraid to offer hundreds of different markets for sports like Aussie rules and soccer.

Do they cover many popular Australian sports?

Yes, they cover cricket, rugby, tennis, Aussie rules, and other sports that are closely followed by Australian sports bettors.

Unibet Australia Review: Additional Features

unibet australia

User Experience

Our overall experience with Unibet was filled with great features, and it was all rolled up into a highly simple platform to use. They have a rather standard layout for the sportsbook, with all sports labeled on the left, and other quick links to in-play markets. With other key links like ‘live right now’, upcoming, and streaming, it is very hard to get lost on this site.

This means that the platform is easy to use, even for beginners or those who are brand new to online sports betting. The final part of the experience was the excellent mobile app, which follows an almost identical layout as the desktop platform.

Live Streaming

Unibet is one of those sites where live streaming is probably one of their most appealing features, and they have clearly invested vast amounts of money and time to set up this feature. They cover hundreds if not thousands of sporting events ranging from cricket to Aussie rules, as well as overseas events like NBA basketball games and soccer. Streaming has also been made available through the mobile app too, so you can watch sport when you are on the go.

You can’t actually change the camera angles of the live stream, so whatever angle the event is shown from, you are stuck with. On the flip side, the resolution of the streams is very good and it’s very rare that the event would lag or freeze. Like most online streaming services, the stream is several seconds behind the event itself, so we’d advise that you don’t monitor the live markets while watching the video stream.

Mobile App

This was one of the quickest and most responsive mobile apps that we have used so far in 2020. You can make deposits through the app with just one click, which is highly convenient, and you can, of course, request withdrawals from the app too. Unibet has chosen to include all of the available sports that they cover from the desktop site, meaning that you have over 30 to choose from on the app.

In addition to this, you can stream events via the app, so you’ll never miss a beat while you are out and about. The app is accessible for Android and iOS devices as it stands, so if you have one of these devices, you are good to go.

Best Features

  • Blog

This was quite a unique feature really, but we found it pretty cool. Unibet basically has sports bettors contributing to the blog and talking about upcoming sports events, which brings much more of a community feel to the site.

  • Statistics

There is no need to go browsing through third party sites to get statistics and analysis on individuals or teams anymore. Unibet has incorporated its own statistics page into both the app and the desktop site, and here you can check out everything from recent performances to more specific statistics.

  • Unibet radio

When you are live streaming sport from either your mobile device or the desktop platform, you need to focus and pay attention to what is going on. If you have other things to be getting on with but still want to tune in to the game, Unibet has its own radio coverage for some events on the site.

  • Live streaming

Through the mobile app, you have the luxury of streaming a ton of events in high-definition. The process to watch the games is super simple too – just click the TV symbol and the stream will begin.

  • Upcoming list

Unibet has a running list of upcoming events that are shown in the sportsbook, and from the mobile app, you can set push notifications to alert you when the event is beginning. In theory, this means that you will never forget about a game, which let’s be honest, frustrates us all from time to time!

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Awesome site aesthetics Very crowded sportsbook
Live streaming available No In-play
Good range of sports markets Live streams have a tendency to freeze through the mobile app
Very interactive platform Weak Customer Support

Unibet Australia Review – Top Level

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In terms of understanding their clientele, and offering members a variety of sports with value odds, Unibet is one of the best in the market. The offerings that they have really do put them in competition with some of the industry leaders, and with other features like live streaming and huge community engagement levels, they are poised to rise to the top.

We would happily recommend this provider to any sports bettor in Australia that is looking for a high-level online sportsbook.

last update : May 2024

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