Neds Live Streaming Review 2024

Ned is a betting site in Australia allowing punters to place bets on their favourite sports. 

Since October when Neds was launched in Australia, it has grown by leaps and bounds. In recent months, people have been asking a question such as how to use the live streaming on Neds. Another question that has been topping top queries has to do with games the bookmarker feature on its sportsbook and how to access live betting. 

Neds Live Streaming Review 2024: What you Need to Know 

Given that the bookmarker is now one of the most popular among Australian bettors, many would easily assume it is because of competitive odds, excellent customer service and an appealing user interface. In this Nedsaustralia live streaming review, we answer some of these questions. More specifically, we look at their live stream feature. And if it does exist, does it make betting on their sportsbook platform any better?

Neds Live Streaming Review for Australia

Neds Streaming Features

We started by reviewing streaming features on the platform. While there is no live video streaming on Neds, punters can still follow and make the most of live game stats. Whether you choose to do it on via mobile or do so by login into their platform, it does appear that Neds live streaming best features are limited to the following:

  • Live chat.
  • In-Play/live betting on live streaming on Neds mobileapp.
  • Live game stats. 

Live Streaming Review 

There is no live streaming on Neds Australia. However, players and punters can still access features such as In-Play betting. If you are on mobile, download either Neds android app or iOS version to get started with live betting. A well-developed website using HTML5 language means players can also access live games via their tablets or smartphones. 

While live betting is prohibited in Australia, players can still use call support at Neds to place a wager on live sports. There is also a provision for live video tutorials on selected live games. 

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

How to access the streaming service 

To access and start using Neds In-Play service, sign in to your account for the best experience. You can still view live game stats without logging in but we noted that you cannot take advantage of anything good on the platform unless you are logged in. New punters can register via Neds mobile App or their official website. 

Procedure for accessing In-Play for mobile streaming Neds

  • Players who would wish to use Neds App can get started by downloading the App on either Google App store or Apple App store. It boils down to compatibility with a mobile operating system. 
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the App, login in/register.
  • Navigate to live games section to view In-Play live stats such as odds and commentary. 

Accessing live streaming on Neds via their website

Players can also access live streaming on Neds, more specifically live sports by login into the bookmarker’s official sportsbook site. On the left side, there is a menu panel with navigation buttons such as home, racing, sports, Live (live in-play), ‘how-to,’Neds card, blog,  and log in. Click the Live button. It a wider panel with a white background opens on the right side showing live events/In-Play.

Neds Australia Live Streaming on Mobile

Bonuses and Offers

Australian gambling laws forbid inducement to betting through bonuses and offers. 

User Interface, how it functions?

Neds mobile and website interface features navigation buttons. We noticed that it is not crowded. After you log in, navigate the site using by going to a panel on the left, displaying vital menus.

Which sports are covered?

On the live events/In-Play section, we were finally able to answer the question, what sports can you watch live on Neds? Neds live features sports such as darts, cricket, handball, racing, ice hockey, soccer, snooker, table tennis, volleyball and tennis. Clicking on any live game gives one access to live stats, odds and available betting markets.

However, according to live streaming rules in Australia, punters must telephone support centre to get advice on the way forward. It because gambling laws prohibits both live streams and live betting on any gambling site operating in Australia. 

Any special features unique to the Bookmaker 

Apart from finding out the truth about live betting on Neds Australia, we also wanted to know if the bookmarker has any special features. Thus, we, navigated the site, searching everywhere for something unique. Here is what we found:

Neds Card

Seasoned punters must have heard/read about or even used bet365 debit card. But who would have guessed Neds have a card? Well, that may have not come as a big shocker but it certainly is a surprise because the bookmarker launched its services in the country in 2017. That’s pretty fast, right? Well, Neds card is a special feature unique to this bookmarker. To get your card, one must log in, and then place a request.  Once you get the card, activate it to start pocketing winnings with it. To use the card, punters must like it to their betting account as a funding source. It also serves a channel for withdrawing funds. 

Other uses of Neds Card are:

  • Punters can use the card to purchase products in selected retail outlets. 
  • Pay fuel with Neds card. 
  • Purchase items online. 
  • Neds card is acceptable anywhere there is a MasterCard sign.

Neds Live-Betting Feature Review and Guide

Toolbox for punters

Another feature unique to Ned is a toolbox for punters. In it are special functions such as Neds back up that enables you to place a bet and a backup runner. If the latter wins, the former goes through. There is also Neds jump-off in the toolbox than enables punters to cancel a bet after it goes live. Lastly, Neds Fluc up increases odds on racing stakes. 

Multi builder tool

Neds’s multi builder tool is another special feature we discovered on the site.  If you are in a hurry to place bets before kick-off, the tool helps you select and place bets quickly with a few taps/clicks.


Neds is a fast-growing betting company, giving competitors a run for their money. While the platform does not stream live games, In-Play function enables punters to bet on their favourite sports even after kick-off. Neds Card, something you only find in Bet365 Aussi is particularly impressive. It signals a generational change in how betting platforms should work heading into the future. Basing our review on the above features, save for the absence of live streaming, we rate Neds 4.3/5. 

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last update : June 2024