Bet365 vs Betfair vs Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet

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Sportsbook & odds: Betfair wins

To get things started with our review of these four gaming giants in Australia, we wanted to investigate the range of sports and the quality of the odds. As you can see, we felt that Betfair offered the best solution for these categories, and we’ve explained each in detail below.

Bet365 – 4/5

This was a very tough choice indeed, especially given that bet365 does cover so many sports in their sportsbook. They cover all of the Australian Classics like cricket and rugby, but we still felt that that care and slightly more extensive offering.

Betfair – 5/5

For those that don’t know, Betfair operates as an exchange rather than the standard online bookmaker. Given that they are an exchange, they cover an absolutely enormous range of sports and markets, which is why members are flocking from all over the nation to sign up to this platform.

Ladbrokes – 4/5

Ladbrokes actually has a very similar coverage of sports to bet365, and they have grown the site largely thanks to their top quality horse betting offerings. They do cover a wide range of sports just like the others on this list, but Betfair still has the advantage.

Sportsbet – 4/5

Sportsbet has slightly fewer sporting events than the other three on this list, but we are still giving this grade because the site will clearly appeal to Australian based bettors. They cover sports like Aussie rules, rugby, cricket, and tennis, which shows that they understand their clients out.

Best Betting Sites: Additional features

User Experience – Bet365 wins

Once again, this was an extremely close contest, but we have decided to give Bet365 the victory for reasons that you will see below.

Bet365 – 5/5

Given that Bet365 clearly segregates sections on their site through the blend of green and yellow colors, the site is very easy to navigate around. This is also true of the mobile app, which is highly responsive and supports live streaming. You can flick between various sports and markets within seconds, which makes the overall experience quite enjoyable.

Betfair – 4/5

Betfair has a really solid platform, and they follow quite a similar layout to Bet365, in the respect that they use color blends to help people find specific sections of the site. There is just one reason that we had to knock a point off, and that is because there is so much going on with the site that it can become confusing and cluttered at times. This also makes the mobile app slow down at times, which isn’t ideal.

Ladbrokes – 4/5

Overall, the Ladbrokes site is actually the most spacious and well-formatted of them all, but we couldn’t give them the victory for the sole reason that they don’t use color to the same effect of the other sites.

Sportsbet – 3/5

Sportsbet has designed its platform in a relatively simple manner, but in our experience, the resolution and performance of the site are not up to scratch with the others. We would hope that this improves in the future, but for now, this is the case.

Live Stream – Ladbrokes wins

We thought long and hard about this decision, and in the end, Ladbrokes is taking home the trophy. All of these sites offer live streaming services, which is great, but not all of them have the same features and quality.

Bet365 – 4/5

Bet365 covers live streaming for sports like tennis, soccer, football, basketball, and plenty of other sports. The quality is generally quite good with their streams, and you can enjoy streaming from the mobile app too. The annoying part is the inability to watch on full screen from the desktop site, and the streams do freeze on occasion.

Betfair – 4/5

Betfair streams tons of sporting events quite literally daily from their site, and much like other sites on this list, you just need funds in your account to watch. We didn’t feel that the quality of the streams was sustained from the mobile app however, which is why we’ve awarded them a 4.

Ladbrokes – 5/5

Overall, the interface and clarity of the live streams with Ladbrokes are just awesome. The ‘smaller window’ of the streams is still quite large too, and it’s extremely rare that the streams freeze or spend too long buffering, which is why they win this category.

Sportsbet – 4/5

Sportsbet actually covers a good deal of events through its streaming service, and they will appeal to Aussie based players as they cover rugby, tennis, soccer, and cricket. Unfortunately for Sportsbet, the streaming quality is just not as good as other sites in this list.

Mobile Application – Bet365 wins

Bet365 often refers to the app as the ‘most advanced betting app on the market’, and after assessing all of the different apps for these sites, it’s a bit difficult to dispute this claim. There is plenty going on from the app, but the design and functionality are what really make them stand out.

Bet365 – 5/5

Once you’ve used the Bet365 app for the first time, you will be wondering how you’ve never used such an awesome app yet. That’s how we felt anyway, and the app supports streaming services.

Betfair – 4/5

The mobile app for Betfair is quite visually appealing, but given that the app is processing so much data and taking on so many bets, we feel that this impacted the responsiveness and speed of the app in a negative way.

Ladbrokes – 4/5

Ladbrokes has a professional app for Android and iOS, and all sports are available from the app, but from what we’ve seen, the odds for the majority of sports on the app are quite poor, and they aren’t presented in the greatest way.

Sportsbet – 4/5

The Sportsbet app is nice and colorful, with the same blue and yellow scheme used on the desktop site, but the app needs to be a bit quicker and a bit more spacious to make it rank with some of the best.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Bet365 Awesome mobile app

Streaming available on the app

Can appear overcrowded at times

Can’t use full-screen streaming on desktop

Betfair Unique exchange format

Very appealing development of the site

Odds are constantly on the move

Exchange format can be confusing at first

Ladbrokes Horse racing specialist

Covers majority of popular Aussie sports

Odds are quite poor

Live Streaming could be better

Sportsbet Good range of sports on offer

Live streaming is available

Development of the site needs to be improved

The app is prone to technical issues

Best Betting Sites: Betfair – a refreshing twist on sports betting

We think that Betfair is taking the reins and introducing a whole new area of sports betting in Australia, which is why we’d recommend going for this site over the others. Generally speaking, you will get a better range of markets as well as better odds on this site, probably because it operates as a sports betting exchange as we previously mentioned.

Once you’ve used the site a few times, it isn’t nearly as confusing as it may originally seem – we promise you, so why not give them a shot?