The Best Online Bookmakers in Australia for 2024

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Sports betting is quite popular in Australia, so it’s no surprise to see a bunch of both local and international bookies offer their service to the players. This works the best way for the customers. They can pick between plenty of reputable sportsbooks. On top of that, the competition forces the bookmakers to give the players various benefits, such as bonuses and promotions. If you’re an Australian player looking for the best sports betting website in 2024 out there, we recommend you to check our list below. As there are dozens of betting sites, we choose to focus on 4 of the best: Bet365, Palmerbet, Unibet and Pointsbet.


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The following specials and registration links are not aimed at North-South Wales players in tune with the new regulation. The players from the NSW region are not eligible for the same.

Bet365 Australia

bet365 APP

It’s hardly a surprise to see the name of Bet365 here. The company is one of the best out there and has obtained a license for the Australian market:


Bet365 Australia is unmatched when it comes to the sheer number of sports in the betting coupon. All popular local leagues are covered, as well as all kinds of events from all over the globe. The list includes more than 30 sports available some of them are Aussie Rules, horse racing, NFL, NBA, soccer, tennis, and many others.

The markets available for each game are equally impressive. You will often see more than 100 different options once you go to the list of betting markets covered by Bet365 Australia. All traditional markets are included, as well as some that you won’t find in many other places.

Additional features of the platform

One of the reasons Bet365 Australia is so successful is the long list of side features that improve the gambling experience immensely. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Live streaming: the bookmaker also gives you the chance to watch a lot of your favourite games live. The only condition is that you have funds in your account or have placed a wager in the past 24 hours. Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 201.

Bet365 mobile betting

If you like betting on the go, Bet365 Australia is certainly a great choice. The operator offers native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The website of the bookmaker is also responsive and works well on all popular brands of phones and tablets. No matter what you pick, there’s a clean design and simple user interface. It allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for.


palmerbet app iconPalmerbet is a local Australian bookmaker that went online in the middle of 2013. It has proven to be one of the best places for Aussie punters for a number of reasons.

Betting coupon and odds

As you would expect from an Australian bookmaker, the betting options is a mix of local events and the most popular sports from all across the globe. You will see Aussie Rules, horse racing, the English Premier League and other popular soccer competitions, KFL, NFL, NBA, MLB, tennis and much more. It’s safe to say you almost certainly find the event you want.

A closer look at the markets offered by Palmerbet shows a decent number of options. Not quite as big as some of the other bookies on the Australian market, but still, all popular choices are covered.

Additional features of the platforms: Place A Bet Online In Seconds‎

Palmerbet is always trying to add some new and exciting features that improve the gambling experience of the Australian players. A good example of that is BetBook. It’s a social platform that allows players to log with their Facebook accounts and interact with other punters. They can share their bets, discuss games, and other interesting stuff. It adds some social element to the whole experience.

Mobile version

Betting on the go is a must for any serious bookmaker nowadays. Palmerbet is not an exception and offers the following options to its players:

  • iPhone app: if you own an iPhone, you can go to the iOS App Store and download the native app of Palmerbet. It includes pretty much all features of the platform;
  • Android app: the bookmaker also has a native app for Android phones. Simply download and install it from the website of Palmerbet if you want to have access to the full betting coupon of the sportsbook;
  • iPad app: another native application designed to enable iPad owners to place bets on the go;
  • Mobile responsive website: if you don’t download an app or simply have another device like Windows Phone, for example, you can still use the services of Palmerbet. Simply open the responsive website of the bookmaker and you will be able to use pretty much any feature of the platform including betting, support, payments, promotions, and more.

Unibet Australia

unibet appUnibet is one of the largest European gambling operators on the market. It has its own version for Australian players and offers a top-notch service which is the reason we included it in this list.

Betting coupon and odds

Australian punters will be glad to see the list of sports and events offered by the Unibet version for the local market. All popular sports and events from Australia and the world are part of it. You can bet on soccer, basketball, Aussie Rules, NFL, NBA, and many more. The list of markets is also impressive and not many bookmakers can compete with Unibet Australia. You still have to use your phone, but the system is automated so the process is simplified in comparison to the competition.

When it comes to the betting margin set by Unibet, it’scertainly above the average you will find on the market. It’s especially good for popular events and markets, where it could drop to 6% occasionally.

Additional features of the platform

Unibet Australia has a long list of useful feature that will make your experience even better:

  • Unibet Streak: you could compete for some extra prizes completely free with this Unibet Australia game. Simply get the longest streak possible and if you happen to be the player with the month’s longest winning streak, you win the Top Prize. You could also invite friends to your own Streak League. If you gather 10 or more, there will be some additional rewards for the winners;
  • The Expert Edge: stats are crucial when it comes to sports betting and this is where The Expert Edge could give you a boost. This section of Unibet Australia contains plenty of useful data that could help you place more successful bets in the long run;
  • Live streaming: Unibet Australia is one of the few operators on the market that provide live streaming of various sports. You can watch soccer, tennis, basketball, and many other popular sports. The only condition is that you have money in your account; Unibet Australia offers various promotions. See site for more details.

Mobile version

Unibet Australia made sure to provide its players the chance to play on the move. The full betting coupon and all features of the betting platform are available. You could either install the native iOS/Android app or go to the mobile-responsive website of the bookie. In both cases, you will find simple navigation, clean design, and all of the sections offered on desktop.


pointsbet appPointsbet was launched in 2017 and is one of the newest players on the market. This shouldn’t make you worried, though, as the company has a proper license and partnership deals with the Australian Football League, Australian Rugby Union, National Rugby League, Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia, and Football Federation Australia.

The interesting thing about Pointsbet is that it’s not a traditional bookie. It offers the so-called “matched betting”. This means you will be betting only on margins for a certain market. For example, you want to place a wager on an NBA game. You are given the chance to place a bet on team A -10 points. If this team wins by 12 points, you get your stake 2x because the return is multiplied by the margin that’s on top of the line you picked. The same logic applies to losses, but you can set a stop-loss to avoid disasters.

Great Odds & Daily Specials

The options at Pointsbet are a bit limited compared to the traditional sportsbook, but you will still find plenty of events. The bookie offers horse and greyhound racing, Aussie rules, basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby, and other sports.

  • Horse racing promos: horse racing is one of the priorities of Pointsbet and the bookie offers a bunch of options. Protest payouts and refunds if your horse finishes second are just some of the examples;
  • Moneybacks: there are moneyback offers for the likes of NFL and other popular competitions. Simply check what’s available, as Pointsbet constantly picks new games.

Mobile version: Try Australia’s fast new betting app

There are two options if you want to play on the go. Android users can download the native Pointsbet app to their device. If you have a different phone or tablet, you could go for the web-app of the operator. Both work smoothly and offer all features of the Pointsbet platform.

This is our review of the top 5 bookmakers in Australia right now.

Ladbrokes – Premium Aussie Bookmaker

Ladbrokes is a bookmaker that is adored by sports bettors in Australia. As an interesting fact, they actually have the most members of any other bookie in the nation, which is quite a feat. We love that Ladbrokes has one of the best horse racing betting platforms in the country, but for the rest of their sports, the odds can be somewhat of a letdown.

Ladbrokes – Platform Review

Ladbrokes has a truly solid sportsbook offering, which is no doubt a reason they have such a strong member base. There is no shortage of sports on offer with Ladbrokes, and they cover Aussie favorites such as rugby, cricket, soccer, Aussie rules, and more. They even cover more obscure markets like esports and financial markets, so they will appeal to quite a wide range of online bettors.


Out of all the odds available, Ladbrokes definitely has the best odds for horse racing and greyhound racing. They also don’t have bad odds for soccer on the whole, but then when you look through other events the odds aren’t particularly enticing. It’s not that they are well below the market average, but it’s tough to find events that provide great value for some of the less popular sports.

User Experience

The Ladbrokes platform is well developed, and the site is relatively spacious which always bodes well for trying to work your way around a new platform. They have chosen not to separate the various sections by color, which is a tactic that other sites use. While this can make the odds difficult to follow at times, on the whole, the site is very user friendly.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

The mobile app and mobile site have been optimized to suit a range of mobile devices and tablets, which makes the general experience quite good. We particularly enjoyed the quick links to upcoming events and popular sports, as well as the ability to see the number of markets thanks to the number given in the little red circle next to the event. All in all, both the site and mobile app were enjoyable to use.

Mobile Application

Like most of the top bookmakers in Australia, Ladbrokes has a well-developed mobile app that you can download for Android and iOS. Out of the desktop site, mobile site, and mobile app, we’d use the mobile app any day of the week. It’s concise, spacious, and very responsive to commands.

Mobile Site

The Ladbrokes mobile site supports all of the main features like live streaming, sports markets, as well as a separate racing section, but it could do with a bit of a change around. It can be a little temperamental at times for reasons including loading speeds and layout issues, but it is still a reasonable platform.

Live Streaming Service

We’ve looked at many live streaming sites in Australia, and we have to say, Ladbrokes offers one of the best services out there. They stream a large number of events throughout the year including basketball and horse racing, and we were very impressed with the quality of these streams on the whole.

In-Depth Reviews

Bet365 is a site that is constantly raising the bar for the quality of the presentation and functionality of their platform. They’ve tons of sports available, and the range of streaming services is almost second to none. On top of that, it’s one of the best mobile apps that we’ve ever used.

Bet365 – Platform Review


You’d be hard-pressed to find a bookmaker with a sportsbook range superior to that of Bet365, so needless to say, what they have to offer is substantial. They cover many top leagues in the world such as Premier League soccer, NBA, NFL, WTA/ATP tennis, PGA golf, major horse racing competitions, plus so much more.

User Experience

Bet365 doesn’t exactly follow a spacious layout, as much of the features are a little crammed together. However, they’ve managed to combat this through the use of their green and yellow colors being used for markets, odds, and other sections of the site. This means that they could present so much data while still keeping the site user-friendly.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

The Bet365 is almost flawless in performance, with the exception of streaming events if your Internet connection isn’t quite good, but that is fairly standard really. The mobile site could be much better if the technical glitches were fixed, but it still supports all the main features, which is nice to see.

Mobile Application

Through the Bet365 app, which is available for Android and iOS, you can enjoy over 30 sports to bet on, live streaming. That’s pretty cool for a mobile app, and it performs really well compared to others in the market.

Mobile Site

The layout of Bet365’s mobile site is basically identical to the desktop platform, although it’s not as responsive. We found that technical glitches were far more regular on the mobile site, and sometimes the pages would load incorrectly, which then required that we refresh the page.

Betfair – A New Spin on Sports Betting

If you’re tired of always betting against an online bookie and feeling that things might not be that fair, Betfair offers a different solution. This site is actually a betting exchange where you bet with other players, and you can even bet against an outcome, which you can’t do at an online bookmaker. It’s certainly a different view of sports betting, and once you get the hang of things, it is really exciting to use.

Betfair – Platform Review

Betfair has an awesome variety of sports on the exchange, which includes Aussie favorites like cricket, soccer, tennis, rugby, Aussie rules, plus several others. Whether it’s because they are an exchange or because they are so good at what they do, Betfair offers markets for an incredible number of global sports as well as those less followed.


You’ll notice on this site that the odds change insanely quickly, as they have thousands of members who are constantly betting for or against set markets. With that being the case, we can’t really say whether the odds are appealing or not, as they are dictated by the activity of the members. What we can say, however, is that when Betfair releases the odds and begins accepting bets, they are generally quite appealing.

User Experience

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Betfair exchange seems quite complicated and difficult. When you look beyond this, thanks to features like colored odds and very specific links to sports, Betfair is actually really easy to use.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

The mobile platforms don’t really live up to the performance of the desktop site for Betfair, but it’s such a huge site that the servers probably struggle to keep up. Both the mobile site and mobile app offer most of the features like but they are definitely slower.

Betfair’s mobile app is very professional, and it’s probably one of the most appealing apps we’ve used, from an aesthetics perspective. There’s just one thing that lets this app down, which is the speed of processing bets at times – no doubt because the app deals with such a volume of bets each day.

Out of the desktop site, mobile site, and mobile app, this is the least desirable one of the three. We found that there’s a need to do an awful lot of scrolling through the markets here, which makes the site slower to navigate and takes time away from actually enjoying making bets.

Live Streaming Service

Betfair absolutely has live streaming, and you can see this through the ‘sport on TV’ link shown below the sportsbook. We found that the quality was above average with Betfair, and they offer streaming services for a huge number of events on their site.

Unibet – Competing With the Best

Unibet always has the feeling of a community sportsbook, which is really nice in a way. They engage with customers through blog posts and even tips and predictions, and the range of sports on offer isn’t too bad. They might not be in the same league as some other sites in the country, but their sportsbook is showing many promising signs.

Platform Review

Unibet is actually a bookie that has loads of racing markets, which we didn’t previously know. They have an entirely separate racing section on their site, where you can bet on greyhound and horse races. Of course, they also have a main sportsbook where you can bet on sports like tennis, American football, Aussie rules, basketball, and soccer.


If you take the whole sportsbook into account for their odds, then Unibet would fall somewhere around the average mark. However, for their most popular sports like American football, soccer, ice hockey, and even esports, the odds are much better.

User Experience

Unibet’s sportsbook has been segregated well, and we like that they use larger buttons and larger fonts than other sites. Of course, this makes it much easier to see the page that you are trying to reach, and generally makes the searching process much less frustrating.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

Unibet has done a good job of putting together a well-developed app, but the mobile site does fall short for a few areas. It’s just generally not as sophisticated as the app in terms of the layout or the quality, but at least they are both available so it gives members the choice.

The Unibet app is simple but effective. Much like the desktop site, they’ve clearly listed what sports are available, and you can also access streaming services via the app. The streams aren’t the best, but it still gives you that opportunity to watch events while you are out and about.

Unibet’s mobile site is okay, but it’s not quite as advanced as the app or desktop site. It’s a little bit trickier to work your way through the sports markets here. On a positive note, there are no delayed loading times from the mobile site.

Live Streaming Service

By choosing the section shown as ‘streaming’ on the website, depending on the time of day, you will see a wealth of video streams available. This is something that Unibet excels at really, and they have a particular fondness for streaming horse races, which goes together with some of their main sports markets.

BetEasy – Secret Powerhouse

BetEasy is a product of several top-tier platforms in Australia that have merged together, which has its advantages. They are a bookmaker with a strong focus on the Australian market, as shown through their many markets for Aussie rules, cricket, and soccer.

BetEasy – Platform Review

Given that BetEasy is an official partner of the National Rugby League and the AFL, it’s no surprise that they have tons of markets for these leagues. While they are an Australian focussed bookmaker, they haven’t ignored global events by any means. They still offer markets for tennis, American football, hockey, and basketball.


The odds provided at BetEasy are very reasonable for horse races and greyhound races, as well as for AFL games, but they don’t quite live up to expectations for other sports. It’s not that they are drastically below the market average, but unfortunately, you will get better value elsewhere for sports like soccer and tennis.

User Experience

BetEasy is definitely up there with some of the best in terms of visual appeal and development of the mobile app/desktop site. We loved their bright purple colors and the more dynamic/interactive setup, and they’ve managed to do this without the site having a ‘sales’ feel or being overly promotional.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

Mobile betting with BetEasy is both enjoyable and easy, given that the app is free and if you don’t want the app, the mobile site also functions well.

The mobile app is available for download free of charge, and there is a good range of sporting markets for NRL, AFL, horse races, soccer, and many tennis games from around the globe. The live markets are a bit limited from the app, but all in all, the offerings are reasonable.

Unlike other platforms that seem to have put less effort into the mobile site, BetEasy has quite a sophisticated one. From what we’ve seen, the layout is simple, and there are condensed lists across the site, which removes any barrage of information on any one page.

Live Streaming Service

This is something that let’s BetEasy down a bit at the time of writing, for they only provide streaming services for horse races and AFL right now. Yes, this is great if you love to wager on racing events and AFL, but not ideal if you were hoping to watch other events.

The Best Feature of Each Operator

Ladbrokes – awesome selection of horse racing and greyhound betting markets.

Bet365 – widest range of streaming services of any site we’ve seen.

Betfair – best range of sports markets in general, and gives you the ability to bet for and against events.

Unibet – community engagement levels through predictions and blog posts.

BetEasy – best range of markets for NRL and AFL games of any other platform.

Conclusion – Ladbrokes

This was a tough choice, especially given that Ladbrokes tends to fall short on available odds. However, we feel that the extensive range of popular Australian sports is what swings it for Ladbrokes. This combined with the streaming services on offer, as well as a top mobile app, Ladbrokes is a site that any sports betting enthusiast should check out.

Pros Cons
Ladbrokes Horse betting specialist

Live streaming available

Popular Aussie sports covered

Average betting odds

Stringent account verification process

Bet365 Awesome site appearance

Very responsive mobile app

Streaming available from the app

Streaming can sometimes freeze

Streaming can’t be set to full-screen from desktop

Agents can be slow to respond on live chat

Betfair Huge number of sports

Streaming is available

Difficult to figure out at first

Bets won’t always be accepted due to market liquidity

Need to be very quick to get listed odds

Unibet Very engaging platform

Much more social than other sites

Simple and easy to follow site layout


Site isn’t visually appealing

Not a significant number of payment methods

BetEasy Great range of NRL and AFL markets

Good site aesthetics

Customer support team is excellent


Limited streaming services

Odds could be better

Here are other Australian bookies we did not include but worth checking out:,,,,,

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