Bet365 Australia Top Alternatives 2024 : Unibet vs Neds vs Pointsbet

Australia is a hot market for sports betting right now, especially when it comes to doing so online. There are many established and even more up-and-coming betting providers entering the market, which makes it hard to choose just one. I have analyzed some of the best platforms right here, along with several of their unique features for 2024. 

Bet365 Australia Top Alternatives 2024 : Unibet vs Neds vs Pointsbet

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Sportsbook and Odds: Bet365 wins

To kick off this review, I wanted to examine the most popular form of betting in the Australian market: sports betting. But as many of us are aware, there are further considerations when looking into a sportsbook than just how many sports and markets a provider offers. 

We need to look at is how much value we can actually get with the bookmakers under review, which can be observed by the odds offered by these bookmakers.

And for this reason, I have created a complete breakdown of the sportsbook and available odds for each of these bookmakers below: 

Bet365 5/5

Bet365 Australia Review and Alternatives Bet365 in Australia has grown to become a benchmark for many others in the same space. They haven’t been in the market for so long since they have only been going since 2012. This clever branding and previous reputation of bet365 has enabled them to reach the peak of the market quickly. And in terms of their sportsbook, there are close to 40 different sports that you can bet on including Aussie Rules, Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Rugby and many more. Of course several of these sports are Australian favorites, which has contributed towards the popularity of the site. 

Given that bet365 had an incredible reputation to follow when they came from Europe, many customers will have had questions before signing up such as: how is bet365 in Australia, and perhaps more importantly – is bet365 legal in Australia? I have seen many bookmakers fold over the years when they have chosen to expand abroad, but bet365 has held it down really well so far. And it is more than just the range of sports that leads the decision here.

I looked at their market depth, and have to say that they are not shy on markets at all, since popular events often provide markets that run into the hundreds. This is true for major events like Champions League soccer, Grand Slam Tennis and World Cup Rugby. On average, these popular sporting events will contain over 150 different markets including moneyline, spread, and over/under betting.

Since I have already established that bet365 is towards the forefront of the market, it wasn’t particularly a surprise when I discovered that they have great odds too. Whether it was cricket, soccer, rugby, or any other sporting event, bet365 usually offered odds that were above the market average. But what does this mean for us as sports bettors? Well, it means that we will get a better return for our money if we are correct with our betting selections. 

Unibet 4/5

Unibet Australia Review and Competitors The Unibet sportsbook setup is quite different to bet365 in several ways. To begin with, they have separated the racebook to the rest of the sportsbook. I imagine this is mainly because Unibet has a branding strategy where they are trying to specialize in racing. So of course with this said, it is no surprise that they offer a wealth of greyhound and horse races. There are literally events taking place all day long for the racing section, and it isn’t limited to just the Australian races either. They cover events in the USA, UK, and Europe.

Moving away from the racebook, when I first entered the Unibet sportsbook it was apparent that they have just shy of 30 sports available. Of course, this isn’t as extensive as the sportsbook seen with bet365, but Unibet isn’t too shabby in terms of their events and markets. The soccer section is enormous with over 50,000 events covered, followed closely by Ice Hockey with over 5,000 events covered. In third place, I found that Basketball had close to 2,500 events available, and American Football had over 200 events available. These were the most popular sports by far.

Surprisingly, Unibet offer slightly better odds than Bet365 on the whole. As an example, if bet365 offers 8.0 on a soccer team, Unibet will usually offer 8.5 or 9.0. Of course, this gives the opportunity for a much greater return over time – but it may not offer much difference over the short term.

neds logo appNeds 4/5

 Much like Unibet, Neds is also a bookmaker that tends to specialize in racing events. This is obvious when I first landed on their homepage since the background consists of a horse race taking place. Neds offers 26 sports to bet on in total, including horse racing and greyhound racing. This is a respectable number, although it isn’t as high as bet365. They cover sports ranging from soccer all the way to yachting, which ensures quite a substantial range for their members.

On average, the odds provided by Neds Australia are not the best. They regularly fail to meet the market average for popular markets such as soccer and American football. But this being said, they are never hugely below the average. The saving grace for Unibet could be the quality of the platform, which will retain members and possible deter their attention from the average odds available.

In contrast to the poor odds available, when I delved into the market range I was impressed. High profile and popular events such as Champions League soccer continuously offered more than 150 markets, which is a solid range by anyone’s standards. And for their own individual racing section, the markets always covered Moneyline and each-way bets. 

Pointsbet Australia alternatives and review Pointsbet 3/5

Unfortunately for Pointsbet, they are at the back of the pack for their sportsbook range. I was hopeful when landing on their site that this would be a top-quality platform since the graphics and site development was super professional. However, when I came to the sportsbook I realized that there were just over 20 sports to bet on. Keeping in line with the other bookmakers, the most popular sports were soccer, basketball, rugby league, and Aussie rules. 

But even with the small range, I thought that the market offerings could transform my initial opinion. Well, unfortunately, I was disappointed again. Even extremely popular events like the Rugby World Cup had less than 50 markets, which is just staggering for an event of this popularity. I also looked at Premier League soccer, which is, of course, one of the most popular leagues in the world, and there were no listed events that had more than 100 markets. This places Pointsbet way off the back. 

I really wanted something to jump out and be appealing about the Pointsbet sportsbook, and the qualities of the odds were the last chance. But after a thorough investigation across a range of sports, I came to the realization that the odds were simply meeting the industry average or below. So all in all, members of this site will get less available markets and be offered an average odd, which doesn’t bode well for Pointsbet when compared with the other three bookmakers.

Comparison of the top 4 sportsbooks in Australia

Bet365 Australia Top Alternatives 2024 : Unibet vs Neds vs Pointsbet  – Additional Features 

Live Stream Unibet Wins 

Bet365 5/5

If you want to access live streaming with bet365 Australia, you can do so by heading over to Australia and signing into the site as usual. And given that bet365 is a major brand globally and not just in Australia, I wasn’t particularly surprised that the services for bet365 live streaming in Australia were enormous. 

 In fact, it is this convenience that makes live streaming one of the most enticing aspects of their site. All you need is funds in your account, and then you can live stream thousands of sporting events on an annual basis (over 50,000 in fact). They cover tennis events of all levels, soccer leagues of all levels, and of course Australian cricket and rugby games. To top it all off, the streaming quality is absolutely excellent – and it can be used on mobiles and tablets!

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

Unibet 5/5

Just like bet365, Unibet requires that you have placed a wager in the last 24-hours or have funds in your account to use the live streaming service. Providing you meet these requirements, Unibet actually has awesome live streaming availabilities. More to the point, their coverage of horse racing and greyhound racing events are some of the best I’ve seen. And they don’t just cover racing either; they cover soccer, tennis, American Football and Basketball too. They even have their own Unibet TV app, which facilitates flawless and uninterrupted live streaming from your mobile device.

Neds 1/5

 I had high hopes for Neds when it came to live streaming, but I was sadly disappointed that they do not offer any live streaming services. I at least thought that they would cover racing events since this is their main brand positioning, but this is not available either. And for this reason, Neds was out of the running for this category. 

Pointsbet 1/5 

 Just like Neds, I was surprised that Pointsbet does not offer live streaming either. Sure, the site is not as large and does not have a budget like bet365 or Unibet, but with live streaming being such an in-demand feature it was strange that they do not cover any events. Therefore Pointsbet were also not going to take the win for this category, since they do not provide live streaming services.

It was such a close contest here, but I have given the title to Unibet since the quality of their live streaming was just awesome. It worked seamlessly on my mobile device, tablet, and laptop. And although their range isn’t quite as extensive as bet365’s, the development and performance of the live stream service just has that edge.

My Bookmaker Comparison Conclusion

It should be clear from the grades given as well as the details above that Unibet and bet365 offered a significantly better experience than the other two. Bet365 is a giant of the online betting world, so the fact that their platform is the best overall didn’t exactly come as a shock. And Unibet has been an up-and-coming bookmaker for several years, with their live streaming and customer integration being a major factor in their rise to the top.

But I can’t just give all the credit to these two, for Neds and Pointsbet have their own unique position and their individual features. I love that Neds covered so many racing events, and this will inevitably be very appealing for those that have a strong interest in horse and greyhound racing. I also love that Pointsbet offers a fantastic range of spread betting on the site, which is the unique angle that they have.

All of these bookmakers have something to offer for both current and potential members, and it all boils down to what your own personal interests are and what you are looking for with your chosen bookmaker. Personally, bet365 gives me everything that I could ask for with an online bookmaker – and this is why they are receiving my recommendation after completing this review. 

Disclaimer: Always refer to the Bet365 platforms for the latest updates and information.

last update : June 2024