PointsBet NJ Promo Code Jul 2024: Get Up to $500 in FREE Bets

Partner to Meadowlands Racetrack, PointsBet has taken over the New Jersey gambling market by a storm due to its special ‘Pointsbetting’ feature. Below we look at the latest offers with the exclusive PointsBet NJ Promo Code below.

Bonus & Offers details
  • Welcome Offer: Risk-Free up to $500
  • Refer a Friend Deposit Bonus:  $50 Bonus Bet
  • DOUBLE Parlay Winnings: Up to $200 extra in Bonus Bets
  • Game Day Guarantee: Win Up to $10,000
  • Minimum bet-to-win amount of $10,000 on moneyline & spreadline bets only.
  • Bets must be placed on game day, after 10:00am.
  • Please note that PointsBet reserves the right to restrict the amount of promotional offers given within a period of time to each customer. Standard PointsBet terms & conditions apply. Visit https://pointsbet.com/terms-and-conditions for more information.

Additional t&c's apply.

21+ Responsible Gambling in the US.

Expires on: 31-12-2024
Last check: 2 days ago
Pointsbet NJ Promo Code

Enter your Pointsbet New Jersey Promo Code here.

PointsBet NJ Promo Code: Welcome Offers & Promotions

Pointsbet New Jersey Welcome Offers & Promotions Offers (2024) Pointsbet NJ Promo Code
Welcome Offer Risk-Free up to $500 ENTER THE POINTSBET NJ PROMO CODE
Refer a Friend Deposit Bonus $50 Bonus Bet ENTER THE POINTSBET NJ PROMO CODE
DOUBLE Parlay Winnings Up to $200 extra in Bonus Bets. ENTER THE POINTSBET NJ PROMO CODE
Game Day Guarantee Win Up to $10,000 ENTER THE POINTSBET NJ PROMO CODE

How to Register with Pointsbet New Jersey: Our Guide

For you to be a Pointsbet member, you have to meet set requirements which include;

  • Be at least 21-years-old
  • Be physically located within the New Jersey jurisdictions

If you meet the above-mentioned requirements, follow the steps below to create an account.

  1. On the top-right hand side, click on the option ‘Sign Up’
  2. Fill in the PointsBet NJ Promo Code which will offer you two (2) risk-free bets of up to $1,000
  3. Provide your Name and Email then click the option ‘Continue’
  4. Provide your personal details which will include; Title, Date of Birth, Cell Number, SSN Number (Last 4 digits) and your Address
  5. Provide your account details which will include; Username and Password
  6. Check on the four boxes provided to ascertain; You have read and accepted the T&Cs, you meet the age requirements, you are not a Casino key employer, you have provided accurate information
  7. Finish up the account creation process by clicking ‘Join Pointsbet’

pointsbet deposit bonus code

Pointsbet Promotions: Risk-Free up to $500 (2x)

Once you are an account holder with Pointsbet, you will be eligible to be awarded some of the bonuses resulting from the promotions provided. Below are some of the promotions offered;

  • Risk-Free up to $500 (2x): This will act up as a welcome bonus. A player will be awarded a risk-free bonus of up to $1,000. The risk-free will be dependent on the deposit you make. The qualifying deposit will determine the free bet you will be awarded. A point to note is that this promotion will be divided into two. The first risk-free bet of up to $500 will be awarded on the first fixed-odds bet where a player will get a refund if the bet loses. The second risk-free bet of up to $500 will be awarded on the first Pointsbetting bet. There will be a refund of your risk-free bet if it loses.
  • Up to $50 Money Back (Parlay Refunds): In this promotion, a player must place a minimum of 4-legs parlay and if 1 leg loses, a player will be awarded a refund of up to $50
  • Up to $25 Bonus Bet (NBA Draft Promo): This promotion will be eligible on the NBA Draft market and the player will receive a bonus of up to $25 that will be matched up to his bet and the bonus accrued will be played on any NBA Futures Market.
  • Refer a Friend: This is a promotion where the active account holders can refer their friends and get a bonus. With a unique link that will be on the ‘My Account’ section, the referrer will send the link to the friend and once the friend joins using the code and deposits a minimum of $50, the referrer will be awarded a $50 bonus for every successful referral.
  • Up to $50 Bonus Bet (Next Game Tennis Bet): This will be a promotion eligible in the Tennis category. When a player places an ‘In-Play’ bet which is normally a live bet, the bet will be matched up and the player will be given a bonus bet of up to $50 that will be used on any Tennis market on the next game. Remember to enter our exclusive PointsBet NJ Promo Code,

Pointsbet Deposit Promo Code: What is Pointsbetting?

Pointsbet is a whole different bookmaker in how they determine winners and losers. Its feature, Pointsbetting, that has been dubbed as a high-risk, high-reward type of bet is what distinguishes it from the rest. On the platform, they explain the feature as, ‘…your potential winnings or loses from a bet are not fixed, but variable right until the end of the game.’ As opposed to the other websites that have a win or loss applied to any bet, with Pointsbet, it is ‘how right’ you were or ‘how wrong’. This is a completely different scenario with traditional sports betting.

With traditional sports betting, it is more of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. For example, if a player bets $20 at Manchester United (2.05), the winnings will be the same in the case the team wins by 1 goal or 3 goals. The player will go home with $41. On the losses side, the result will be the same if it is beaten by 2 goals or 1 goal. However, it gets different from Pointsbetting feature. For example, in a basketball game, if the feature has placed an over at 250 on the Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors game, a player who staked $5 will be winning an additional $5 per point when the game starts hitting 251+ points. On the flip-side, the player will be losing $5 for every point that was under the mark set. Let us put this into perspective. If your stake was $5, and the game mentioned above ended up at 260, normally, on the traditional sports betting formats, you have won. However, with Pointsbetting feature, you will have covered the line by 10 points. So you will be awarded $5 x 10 = $50. On the flip side, if the game ended at 243 points, you missed the line with 7 points which means you will incur losses of $5 x 7 = $35. With this being a highly risky betting type, players are advised to use the ‘stop-loss’ tool so that they can minimize the losses. This tool helps adjust the maximum risk. Do not forget to enter the PointsBet NJ Promo Code.

 Deposit Bonus & Other Promotions Terms You Need to Know

For every promotion on offer, there are terms and conditions that are in place and players must follow them and here are some of the terms given on the various promotions;

Risk-Free up to $500 (2x)

  • The promotion is meant for the new-account holders
  • The risk-free bet will be eligible on Pointsbetting and Fixed-Price bets only
  • The risk-free bet will not be withdrawn
  • The risk-free bet will not be used together with another bonus bet
  • The risk-free bet will only be used on single bets
  • A player will have a maximum of 2 refunds
  • On the Pointsbetting market, the promotion will be purely on losses and not on stake
  • On the Fixed-Odds market, the promotion will be for the stake
  • The maximum refund payout is set at $500
  • The risk-free bet will not count towards the bonus resulting from the first deposit
  • Enter the PointsBet NJ Promo Code

pointsbet new jersey promo

Refer a Friend

  • A referrer will receive a maximum of $50 bonus for every successful referral
  • The referrer must have the following requirements to successfully refer a friend;
  • Be a Pointsbet member for over 14 days
  • Must have a betting history with the platform
  • Have a New Jersey address
  • Does not have a negative balance on his account
  • Have a deposit and turnover of a minimum $1000
  • The bonus will be accredited once the referred friend has made a qualifying deposit
  • The minimum deposit required is $50
  • The deposit needs to be placed once
  • The referrer can only receive a maximum of $2500 refer-a-friend bonus a year
  • The referrer can only receive a maximum of $500 refer-a-friend bonus a day

FAQ: Key Information to Keep in Mind

For this section, important, recurrent and relevant issues are tackled to ensure that the experience while interacting with the platform is worthwhile. Every platform must explain how to go about the services and it is through this section that it happens. Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions;

Q. Is Pointsbet legal?

Yes. Pointsbet is legal to all members that are 21-years-old and over, physically located in New Jersey. the platform has been licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Q. Is there a promo code?

Yes. As you register an account, you will have the option to fill in our exclusive PointsBet NJ Promo Code.

Q. Can I cash out?

Yes. Pointsbet offers a cash-out option to the players. This is a feature that allows the players to lock in profits and minimize losses in the case they are winning and the game is not over yet. However, you cannot cash out the bonus provided on the platform.

Q. How do I deposit/withdraw funds?

A player will have the following actions on the ‘My Account’ option where you will select your preferred mode of payment and proceed on with the action.

pointsbet nj promo code

Pointsbet New Jersey Sportsbook: A Closer Look

Ergonomy: Customer-Oriented

Pointsbet will receive many accolades for some of the features and the services it offers. To start with, the platform is easy to use. The trademark black and red color coupled up with clear pictures on the promotions section makes the interaction worthwhile. However, there is a lot that needs to be done on the font size. The sizes are small and some of the players can strain to read. That notwithstanding, the navigation is easy and fast and it doesn’t take a player minutes to get the option of interest.

What’s more, the platform has ensured that players get to understand every bit of the site. With the site being different from other bookmakers, sections like ‘What is Pointsbetting’ have come up to explain this distinguishable feature and how it works. There is also another section dubbed ‘Revis Betting Academy’ where former New York Jet Darelle Revis gets to explain to the players on the ways they can bet. He focuses on topics like; Moneyline Betting, Spread Betting, Prop Betting, Parlay Betting Futures Betting and more. He candidly explains what the different bet means and the different standout features in the different bets.

On matters security, the platform has ensured that the information is secured and that players do not authorize other parties to access their accounts. This means that they should have strong passwords and a player can visit the ‘Strong authentication’ tool in ‘My Account’ and strengthen the logins even better. To the customer service, the site will be lauded for the different modes and the availability of the team. Still, on it, the introduction of the various limit tools is another aspect that ranks the platform higher. There is also a blog page in which players can keep up with the latest sports news that can influence their bets. Finally, the rolling out of a mobile platform has ensured that many players are incorporated and can access the services at their own comfort.

Pointsbet Sportsbook: One of the Best

Pointsbet has been rolled out as a sportsbook bookmaker and in here, players are welcomed to a variety of games. The popular US games are available and this is one of the strong points that the platform possesses. There are 15 sports categories offered and they include; Soccer, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Motor Racing, Golf, Cricket, Rugby, Aussie Rules, Boxing and MMA.

In the games, players are welcomed to some of the top leagues and with the leagues like NBA in Basketball, NFL in Football, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League all in the Soccer section. These are some of the aspects that ensure the players have been attracted and retained. Additionally, there are specific promotions for different sports. The Tennis, Basketball, Football lovers will all have specially tailored promotions and with them, generous bonuses can be expected.

Finally, the games have several features that can help the players garner returns. Features like Pointsbetting has really distinguished the platform from the rest offering the site an upper hand. The best type is risky but with the promise of huge returns, players have found their way on the various games that work well with the bet. Games like Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and Football have led the way. Other features include; in-play betting, many markets, cash out option and more.

Odds: Competitive With Several Features on Board

Odds are always a reflection of the potential winnings thereafter. With Pointsbet, their odds are not the best as compared to other huge sportsbook bookmakers but some of the features they have put in place ensure that the players make huge returns. Enter the PointsBet NJ Promo Code to get the best odds.

To start us off is the odds boost promotion which has ensured that the players get enhanced odds on some markets and this boosts the final returns which are a welcome move by the players. The improved markets that have seen different options brought on the table have also been welcomed. For example, in the soccer section, there are games that have been given over 100 markets to choose from. The platform also boasts bringing up different markets from the rest on sports like Basketball because of the Pointsbetting feature. NBA alone has been given over 200 markets. That is a number that is not seen in many of the bookmakers. The NFL games have seen their markets rising to a possible 100.

To get a clear picture of this, some of the added NFL and NBA markets that can only be found in Pointsbet include; Quarterback completion percentage, longest made FG distance in feet, Player points X assists X rebounds, Player shooting percentages, Time of first touchdown and more. Other features that are on board to improve the odds include the in-play betting which has allowed the players to place bets on a live game to maximize profits and the cash-out option which has allowed players to lock in profits by reducing the losses. With Pointsbet, the players have the option of choosing the odds format. The options are; Fractional, Decimal, and American.

pointsbet new jersey

Customer Service: Available 24/7

This is a section that Pointsbet will take the accolades for. With them, there are several aspects that have been put in place that have ensured the players get the best customer experience. The different tutorials on how to bet, the blog section that has ensured the players are up to date with the latest in the sporting world to the comprehensive explanation on what is Pointsbetting. The various modes that have been laid out in ensuring the players can reach the support team are also laudable. The option of setting limits like deposit, time, spend and tools like ‘stop-loss’ are other factors that have shown the platform has really minded the customer needs,

The platform has laid out several modes to reach the customer support team services and they include;

  • FAQs page – Can be accessed via the ‘Help’ option
  • Live Chat
  • Email

The services are available 24/7

Banking Options: Not A Lot but No Extra Fees

The platform does not charge any fees on the deposits and withdrawals. However, modes that involve banking may have the costs incurred from their side. The following are some of the modes provided;


  • ACH/e-Checks
  • EML Cards
  • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa/MasterCard)
  • Online Banking


  • ACH/e-Check
  • Online Banking
  • PointsBet Card

Pointsbet App & Site Optimization

pointsbet appMobile Application: The platform has launched a mobile application for its users and it is available to Android and iOS users. The application is easy to use, fast and secure for every player. With the application, players can view the various games in the categories offered and place bets on them.

The various markets can also be accessed and so are the features like accessing the in-play betting where players can maximize profits and take advantage of the enhanced odds to garner huge returns. Players can also cash out their returns to lock profits or minimize loss risks. The fun does not stop there. The players can also participate in the promotions from the applications and in a case where they record winnings, they can process payments from the application. Remember to enter the PointsBet NJ Promo Code/ Deposits and withdrawals can be done here without hassles.

Mobile Site: Alternatively, you can access the platform through your mobile browsers. With updated browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, and others, you can view the games and place the pre-match bets and even the in-play bets. Still, on the site, a player can create a new account with the platform and even proceed ahead to participate in the promotions that are on offer.  With the site also, players can process the payments by depositing and withdrawing cash with no hitches. The application can also be downloaded through the site with its link being provided. The mobile site version is easy to use, fast and secure. The organization is the same as the desktop version and the players are expected to have an easy time while interacting.

Final Thoughts: It Will Certainly Change the Market, Definitely Recommended

There is little to complain about the platform. To start with, the site has brought a completely new interface and a new type of betting which unsurprisingly has attracted a huge following. Being a different experience, they have ensured that the players get to understand and they have gone ahead to explain in detail how to bet using their feature. Additionally, the platform is very friendly to use for every user. In terms of products and services, the platform boasts a variety of games to the players and with them is a long list of the promotions they offer to the players. Surprisingly, Horse Racing and Greyhounds games are missing. It is an aspect they need to look into. On to the mobile platform, a lot of attention has been paid on it with the platform boasting of features as found in the desktop version. The customer support team is also a sector that needs to be applauded for effectivity and availability. However, phone support should be brought on board. This is a common mode in many of the top bookmakers. On the payment section, there needs to be an addition of some modes like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller which are some of the popular e-wallet modes being used. Recommended site.

Top 3 Alternatives to Pointsbet

draftkings logoDraftKings Sportsbook

The platform has its operations in New Jersey and is a rival to Pointsbet. On this platform, new players will be welcomed to a risk-free bet of $500. Players will be welcomed to various popular sports like Soccer, Tennis, rugby, Basketball, Football and more. The payment methods provided on the platform are among the best but players will not love the website unfriendliness.

playmgm logo appPlayMGM Sports & Casino

This is another site that has its operations in New Jersey and with this, a new player will be welcomed with a sign-up risk-free bonus of up to $500. They offer 13 different sports and among the popular ones include; Soccer, Tennis, Football, Golf, Basketball, and Darts. The players will be thrilled by the Casino section they have but the number of games is not impressive.

fanduel logo appFanduel Sportsbook

Another rival to Pointsbet that has its operations in New Jersey. Like Betstars and DraftKings Sportsbook, the welcome bonus here is a risk-free bet of up to $500. Players are welcomed to 16 sports with the popular ones like Soccer, Tennis, Football, Basketball headlining the site. The players will be thrilled with the availability of phone support but the limited number of promotions is an avenue they need to look into.

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