DraftKings Promo Code 2018

The players in the United States have always been the darlings of DraftKings since this website was created and founded in the country with the aim of offering promotions and offers for all players alike in the country. Here we have the best promo code offered by DraftKings currently in the U.S:

draftkings promo code
Exclusive draftkings promo code above

Get Free $ 3 dollars entry with first deposit promo code

Draftkings welcomes all users with a small gift bonus. Only by registering the players get a bonus for a value of $ 3 dollars by using the promotional code available only for users and players in the United States, the user can use the $ 3 dollars in any of the contest with a maximum of $ 3 entry fee. It is a bonus free of conditions or special requirements such as rollovers or mandatory contests, this is a great advantage if we compare it with conventional bets in bookies that include a lot of rules to the bonuses.

Using the promo code is not required to get this £3 free welcome promotion.

Players Rewards Program

DraftKing US as leader of fantasy sports in the country has always looked for ways to reward and offer new benefits to the most loyal players, especially to players who have been using the service for years. The Rewards Program includes certain advantages, for example, for every $ 1 spent on the contests and promotions within the site, the user will receive a point to accumulate in the reward program. The more points you get as a frequent player, the better the benefits will be, because the higher the number of points the level goes up in the rewards program. Each of the levels unlocks more lucrative contests and promotions. Among the tournaments available in the rewards program, users can obtain $ 25,000 in a monthly free contest and up to $ 100,000 in the second level of the program.

Daily Missions

Daily quests offer players the option to earn more frequent player points (FPP), the missions help make the process of winning FPP faster and more interactive. The missions are simple, some ask the players to enter a contest, finish among the best of the contest and obtain FPP doing it. The more missions you complete, the greater the chances of climbing positions in the reward program.

Refer to friend offer

This offer is a pioneer among fantasy sports sites in the United States, DraftKing was the first to implement this offer. Players can invite other players to join DraftKings, it’s very easy you just have to send the personal link that is available in your DraftKings account and that link sends it directly to your friend’s email, post it on facebook or twitter. By using this promotion, you get a bonus valued at $ 20 to use in any contest and the chance to enter the Fantasy Football Millionaire Contest. Note that there is no promo code for the referral program, just use the special link.

Guaranteed tournaments and other promos

The promotions in DraftKings usually change constantly to the rhythm of the sports seasons in the different available leagues. Every week users can join different contests, some of these offers are unique and are offered for a short period of time by DraftKings, those are the best deals.

How to open a DraftKings account?

DraftKings is based in the United States, so players resident in the country can freely access the official Draftkings website and register an account. When entering the site from the browser, players will see several quick access buttons to start playing, the “Play Now” button takes users directly to the registration form, the data required in the form are few: email, password, name, address and ready, now you can login and play in the contests.

Top 5 Reasons to try DraftKings US

Modern design and smooth user interface

The website of DraftKings US is one of the easiest among fantasy sports sites, it is a simple and easy to use platform, any type of player will know how to find contests, promotions, offers, forums, etc. The menus are placed in a way that users feel safe when navigating through them. In the lobby the contests are shown, users can filter and find the answers according to their needs with a couple of clicks. The filters allow to find contests according to entry fee, sport, prize, player level, league, etc.

The design of DraftKings has been worked for years to appear professional and easy to use. The main colors of the site are black, with its respective green color in various parts of the website. The design is friendly to the eye, other colors such as white are present but without exaggeration.

All kinds of contests in multiple sports available

DraftKings as a company and provider of this service in the United States, offers the main leagues and sports of the country. Local users will feel very comfortable when using DraftKings since being a site with the number one sports in the country, they also offer other sports that meet the needs of users. Here we have a list of each of the Leagues and sports available:

– Soccer: DraftKings cover and offer the best leagues in Europe, without excluding MLS (major league soccer), but what users look for more is the EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1, among other available leagues. Most leagues are linked to highly lucrative events and contests, with prizes exceeding $ 5000 dollars on average;

– NFL: This league is probably the favorite one for the users, the fantasy sports were born around the americal football, that’s why DraftKings pays so much attention to this important league in the country. The contests for the NFL are big, prizes that surpass $ 10,000 dollars on average;

– MLB: Baseball, another favorite sport for Americans, has a special place in DraftKings. During the regular season, users can enjoy special promotions and contests of all kinds;

– GOLF: DraftKings offers the most tournaments and major golf events worldwide, especially the major tournaments such as PGA, Master Series, Fedex Cup, Ryder Cup, among others;

– NBA: Obviously the NBA is available in DraftKings US, it would be impossible to think that it is not available, the best offers and promotions during the regular season;

– NHL: This sport is very required by the users, in the lobby the hockey contests are available daily with entry fees from $ 1 to $ 100 or more;

– NASCAR: Another sport native to the United States, fast and powerful cars, the contests are fast as the races;

– MMA: Exclusive events and special contests for UFC and Bellator, all fights available with dates and information in DraftKings US;

– CFL: Canada has its special place in DraftKings US, the Canadian Football League is widely used by users to create contests with great prizes;

– LOL: Popular game on the internet and with many players in the United States, LOL is part of the e-sports and is very profitable for the contests during the important tournaments;

The best thing about DraftKings is that the contests adapt to the bankrolls of all the users, the buy-ins (entry fees) usually offer from $ 1 or more than $ 1000 everything depends on how hot this season or contest tournament is, the users they set the limits and the rest just have to choose the one that best suits them.

Banking Options

In the United States users have the possibility to make deposits using paypal in DraftKings, it is one of the easiest payment methods that currently exist for users in the country. In case of not having Paypal, users can make deposits with Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. The deposits and payments do not have any type of extra fee, they are totally free.

To deposit and receive payments to and from DraftKings, accounts and credit cards must be in the user’s name. Until now, DraftKings is still working to implement other payment options comparable to US bookmakers.

Customer Support Service

DraftKings is always ready to help users with all the topics related to the website, services, contests, promotions and others. The FAQ section is filled with several informative help articles that detail each of the aspects of the general service, types of answers, methods of payment, among others. Almost any doubt can be solved by searching the FAQ.

If you need extra help, users can request help from the DraftKings team. The only problem when communicating with the DraftKings team is the slowness of the answers, since the live chat option is not available on the website. This part for us was disappointing, since the email method is one of the few used by users, as they must wait up to 24 hours for an answer to the questions.

DraftKings US On Mobile

For Iphone and Android the apps are available in the official stores of each operator, appstore and playstore. The apps are compatible with tablets and almost any other device that has Wi-Fi connection.

Top iOS App Experience

To install DraftKings on iPhone or iPad, all you have to do is go to the appstore, find the official app of DraftKings, download it and install it on your device. At the end of the installation on the device you can open the app, login and choose between the contests, promotions and tournaments available. All functions are available as in the desktop version of the website. Daily missions are one of the main attractions of the app, you can also make deposits and payments in the app.

Same top experience with Android app

The only difference between the app of DraftKings in the two operating systems, is that in Android the app is usually slightly less updated than with iOS, but the experience remains the same, users will enjoy the same services and advantages, join contests, deposit money or just make a draft of a team.


Our final review on DraftKings US

DraftKings was launched in the United States with the purpose of giving coverage to the sports betting sector, since sports betting is illegal in most of the states in the country, DraftKing created a different concept with fantasy sports. With this new concept, the fans who in turn were the same gamblers and fantasy sports players, took advantage to make bets more safely and within their own country. The contests are bets, after all, real money is put into play.

This concept became famous in the country, the knowledge about fantasy sports quickly spread throughout the country, all interested people were now learning about fantasy sports and everything related to the subject. The number of new users at the beginning was gigantic and still continues to grow.

DraftKings is the best alternative if you are looking for something different from conventional sports betting, it is one of the best fantasy sports sites. They are the best in the service of fantasy sports, especially fantasy football, is the reference website in U.S for this type of bets. The company behind DraftKings has made an effort to build the best gaming platform and contests that currently exists, especially when it comes to sharing the prizes among the players. The monthly prizes are calculated in millions of dollars.

The promotions in DraftKings are lucrative, although the welcome bonus is small for the first deposit, the rest of the promotions have an average of $ 5000 dollars as a minimum in prizes to be distributed. The loyalty program is unique among the fantasy sports sites of the country.

Last but not least, DraftKings does everything possible to safeguard the data and money of the users, in a secure and encrypted way to have maximum support of all the data.

Top 3 DraftKings Alternatives

In case you do not like DraftKings we present three options which cover the same sports and types of contests:

Yahoo Sports Fantasy!

The perfect combination of service and user community, is one of the largest fantasy sports sites in the United States, also Yahoo! It is already widely known in the sports sector for providing news and quality news articles about the latest sporting events nationwide. In Yahoo Sports Fantasy users can enjoy a wide range of promotions, sports, and contests. Yahoo offers more coverage in certain sports, superior to DraftKings.


This small but powerful fantasy sports site, is one of the most sought after among fans of American football and basketball, this is because Draftboard is an exclusive provider of 2 sports, are the only two sports available on the site for fantasy sports. The best contestats for football and basketball are in the draftboard, streak promotions of up to $ 10,000.


This is the biggest competitor of DraftKings, it offers the same quality and types of contests, multiple promotions with the welcome promo code comparable to DraftKings and even some are superior. Users at FanDuel enjoy a lot of sports, exclusive prizes for the best contests. The buy-ins are similar to DraftKings and accept the same methods of deposits and payments.

Validity of the DraftKings Promo Code: 2018