Unibet Australia Horse Racing Guide 2020

Unibet Australia offers some of the best horse racing coverage around, which is why we have brought this complete horse racing review to you for 2020. We’ve covered it all from how to bet on horse racing to some hot tips – simply read below for full details.

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How to bet on Horse Racing on Unibet

Those that are familiar with Unibet will likely be aware of the huge range of sports that they provide for Australian sports bettors. But there is one major section that sometimes gets overlooked – the Unibet horse racing section.

This is actually separated from the main sportsbook, and with good reason. Unibet covers some of the world’s largest horse racing events, as well as plenty of smaller events both within Australia and outside of Australia. This is why they have gained recognition as a major horse betting provider, and not just a standard sportsbook.

So to access the horse racing section on Unibet just click on the product titled ‘racing’, which is seen at the top of the home page. After clicking on this product, you will then see three different sections. There is a symbol for greyhounds, horse racing and trotting. You want to click on the horse-racing icon, which should open up the full Unibet horse racing Australia platform.

And if you’ve never bet on horse racing before don’t worry, for we have a brief overview for you here. You can choose to bet on a horse to win a race, much like you would choose a team to win a soccer match. You can make a bet on a horse to ‘place’, which means that it needs to come in either first or second for your bet to win. And finally, you can make a wager on a horse to ‘show’. This means that your bet will win if the horse finishes inside the top 3 places.

These are the main three types of bets that you will make with horse racing, and these markets can be seen by opening up a horse race within the Unibet racebook. 

Unibet Horse Racing Tips

Top Horse Racing Odds 

If you do choose to bet on horse racing, the fundamental search remains the same as a sports bettor. You want to search for a race that is providing great odds, which basically equates to a higher payout if you can choose correctly. And with this in mind, horse racing odds at Unibet often provide great value for members.

Firstly, there is a really great feature of betting on horse racing with Unibet. Let’s say that you bet on a horse at 4/1, maybe an hour or two before the race. The beauty of horse racing with Unibet is that if the odds fluctuate in the run-up to the event, you are guaranteed at least the 4/1 (of course). But if the odds increase to maybe 6/1 or 8/1, you will be paid out in relation to the odds that the horse had when the race started. 

Secondly, we have found that the best horse racing odds are usually offered for major horse races from around the world. Races such as Royal Ascot, The Kentucky Derby, and multiple others tend to attract the best odds. So these are the races that we would highly recommend looking out for.

Horse Racing Tips 

Whether you are new to the world of horse race betting or not, we have a few tips to consider when betting. After all, what use would this Unibet horse racing guide be if we didn’t give you a few insights!

Our first tip is specifically for live betting, which can also be done from the Unibet app. Since you can stream a horse race while also watching the odds fluctuate, this is a great option to have in the back pocket. Live betting odds fluctuate all the time during an event, and this gives us an opportunity. If you notice that a horse is looking strong while live streaming on Unibet, or that it is gaining on a front runner during the event, it could be a good time to bet. This is especially true since the odds will offer some good value if the horse is behind!

Another tip to look out with Unibet is to regularly visit the Unibet horse racing results page. Here you will find racing results that date back weeks and even months, which provides an ideal indicator of a horse’s form and likelihood of performing well. For example, if a horse has been racing badly most of the year, but in the run-up to a larger race they have started to perform, it could be a good time to bet on this horse. This is because you will probably find some attractive odds on this horse.

Our final tip is to rarely bet on the favourite of a race. Horse racing is highly unpredictable, and you will need to stake a lot of money to get a good return on the favourite. This is risky, and not recommended. We advise searching for a bit of an underdog, and if you can lock in good odds for this horse to ‘show’ – this is the perfect bet. While an underdog horse may not win a race, it could race well and get inside the top three!

Unibet Australia Horse Racing Guide

Upcoming Horse Racing Events in Australia 

As touched upon above, Unibet covers a whole heap of events from around the globe. But they also focus quite intensely on Australian based horse races, which is where a lot of the sports betting interest lies. So with this in mind, take a look at some of the top horse races in Australia to watch out for below:

  • C F Orr Stakes (Caulfield – February 2020)
  • Black Caviar Lightning (Flemington – February 2020)
  • Blue Diamond Stakes (Caulfield – February 2020)
  • Australian Guineas (Flemington – February 2020)
  • Newmarket Handicap (Flemington – March 2020)
  • Australian Cup (Flemington – March 2020)

These are just a handful of some famous Australian horse races that are taking place soon into the New Year. Keep an eye out for these in the Unibet horse racing section, and happy horse racing betting to all!

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