Unibet App Review 2024 – Guide

The Unibet Australia mobile app is both engaging and entertaining. It’s already been downloaded by thousands of Australians, and we wanted to take a closer look. Check out the full scope of the Unibet Australia app through our comprehensive review.

Unibet App Review: Download Links 

Unibet Mobile App Download Links
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How to Download the App – Android and iOS

The Unibet mobile platform has been constructed by a brand that has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. There are many key features that set the Unibet mobile app apart from the rest, but first we will discuss how to actually get the app in the first place. This app is actually available for both iOS and Android, so we will take a quick look at both.

To get the Unibet app iOS version, you must open up the app store from your mobile device. After doing this, search for Unibet and be sure to download the sportsbook app. Unibet has a couple of apps to download, so double check that you are downloading the one for sports.

Unibet App Review for Mobile Users

This is clearly quite simple if you have an iOS device, but you must download the app in a slightly different way for Android. Since Google Play no longer permits apps that are of a gambling nature in the app store, you must visit the Unibet.com mobile site instead. We have identified the answers to the question – how to download Unibet app below in our step-by-step guide.

  • Open up the Unibet mobile site from your Android device
  • Push the Android icon that can be seen on the home page
  • Trust the Unibet file to permit download
  • Login / create your account to start betting

Android users need not worry that this is a different process, for the Unibet Android app operates in the same way as the iOS app. And now that you know how to get the app onto your mobile device, it’s time to look behind the reasons for all the hype surrounding the Unibet app.

Unibet Mobile Betting Guide 

Sports bet on Mobile 

Now we are getting into the real reason that Unibet is popular with Australians – for their intense sports betting offerings. The first alarming (in a good way!) factor of the sportsbook with Unibet is just how competitive the odds can be for some of the sports. More specifically, some of the odds provided for basketball and soccer are some of the best seen in Australia. This, of course, creates perceived value right off the bat.

The Unibet sports betting app provides so much more than just attractive odds too. Check out this list of the most popular sports/leagues below:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket

The reason that these are the most popular sporting events is because of the total coverage, as well as the depth of markets seen with these events. 

The markets seen with this Unibet betting app are extensive for several events. For example, the Australian A-League displays over 250 different markets for their soccer games. This is huge by any bookmaker’s standards, and the variety of bets is remarkable. This isn’t just true for soccer either, for we have witnessed over 100 markets for NFL and over 150 markets for NBA games.

This is sure to keep Unibet customers entertained all year round, and this is one of the major reasons why Unibet has become such a prestigious bookmaker in Australia. But there’s more to the Unibet platform than just the sportsbook depth.

Unibet Mobile Review for UK users

Live Broadcast on Mobile 

After completing the Unibet sports betting app download, you have already opened up a wealth of opportunities to enhance your Unibet experience. And as you may have guessed, live streaming is not only available with Unibet – it offers enormous coverage!

They cover NBA games, soccer games from around the globe, NFL games, NHL games and Australian favourites like cricket and rugby. We could go on and list the full range, but then we would be looking at a list that covers more than 30,000 events annually.

There are no discrepancies between the Unibet app Android live streaming or the iOS app, which adds to the professionalism. And when we examine the quality of this stream, things get even better.

Yes it isn’t quite like watching a game in HD on a huge TV, but the graphics and performance are great. You can also easily toggle between the live stream and the live betting section too, which allows for quick betting and enhanced opportunities.

And wait – there is even more to come! The Unibet Australia app provides other features for sports bettors to get their teeth into.

Unibet App – Other Assets  

Cash Out 

While cash-out can be done on the desktop site as well, the nature of ‘cashing out’ a bet requires a player to be on the move the majority of the time. So after completing the Unibet app download, you have set yourself up to cash out wherever you may be.

And Unibet offers some of the best cash-out options seen with any other Australian bookmakers, not to mention that this has been fully integrated into the mobile app. You can cash out parlay bets, single bets, in-play bets and even tournament outright bets that may have been placed well in advance. To do this is really simple too – just visit the ‘my bets’ link to see if you can lock in some quick profits.

Unibet Review UK

Unibet App Conclusion: Recommended 

The range of sports combined with incredible live streaming coverage is what makes the Unibet app so immense. The fact that the Unibet app for Android is exactly the same as iOS and desktop sites too is a major positive too. Android users are sometimes overlooked, but Unibet has invested into the development of each of these platforms.

Some may be frustrated by the process to complete the Unibet app for Android download, but this is unfortunately out of Unibet’s hands. The Google Play store has taken a strong stance on banning ‘betting apps’, and the Android download still takes just a few minutes.

So in conclusion, Australia bettors will no doubt love this mobile app whether they have an Android or iOS device. And they can rest easy knowing that all of the Australian classics such as cricket, rugby, Aussie rules, soccer and tennis are all readily accessible. The Unibet app is really setting the standard for the rest of the industry, and they will no doubt develop their apps more in the future.

If you want to learn more about Unibet and the features it offers for Australian punters then check this article. 

last update : June 2024