Pointsbet Spread Betting Explained

When betting on a game prop, team or player, the type of bet always plays significance towards your earnings or the size of the payout. In this review, we explore everything you should know about spread betting at Pointsbet, so read on to learn more.

What is Spread Betting and How does it work?

First off, let us state that spread betting is a relatively new way of wagering in Australia. While it is slowly gaining momentum among punters, Pointsbet entered the Australian betting scene in the year 2017. It is something that also makes the bookmarker relatively new in the country. Now, for someone looking to try spread betting for the first time, let’s quickly walk you through the basics.

Spread betting is speculative. You predict a loss or a win depending on many factors that may influence the outcome of a game. Thus, there are no odds on which to place a bet. You could compare it to the money markets price indices. Another way to put it is that for every betting market, betting on spreads presents punters with mainly two options. And like most ways of betting, the outcome of a game remains uncertain until the final whistle. It also means that chances of winning a bet in spread betting increases with how close you are to making the right prediction. On the contrary, the less likely a punter is to win a bet, the more losses one makes.

Moreover, spread betting denotes betting to win by a point (s). For example, if your bet wins by two points, you earn double the amount of your wager. A bet that loses by a point means you lose the same amount of stake. As opposed to fixed-odds betting which comes with easy prediction, spread bettors must predict outcomes of events and movements of prices. In spread betting, you do not predict that a certain team will win a game or a player who will score. Punters rely on their ability to foresee final game outcomes of selected betting markets at specific points in time. Shown below is an illustration of how spread betting works with Pointsbet:

Pointsbet Spread Betting

Spread Betting On Pointsbet: The Betting Markets

Every Australian punter looking to try spread betting should equally note that Pointsbet is currently among the few bookmakers on which they can do so. The fact that Pointsbet presents punters in Australian with an opportunity to take advantage of new player promo means you can leverage your stake. It is especially the case for new customers looking to sign up with Pointsbet.

Now, to further help you understand how spread betting works, let’s consider the wagering markets available on Pointsbet. On Pointsbet Australia website, there are several sports on which a bettor can place a spread bet. From hockey, soccer, baseball, racing to horseracing, there are lots of options from which to choose a favourite sport. Betting options are tailored around a minute by the minute event in a game, player stats, and multiplayer spread bet.

For example, in the NBA, you can place a spread bet on the time that a team or players will make the first three throws.

Other options in NBA are the time players will pass 3 points, 10 points and any other available option. If you would like to place a bet on NFL, options vary from the time of the first goal, the time a team will pass 10 points to many others. Other spread betting options a team’s first try in a rugby game, time of the first goal penalty in hockey,  and time of the first shot. For soccer lovers, spread betting on Pointsbet presents you with the option of placing a bet on time a goal will be scored, time of first match goal, time a team will score their first goal and many others.

Why Play On Pointsbet

Pointsbet is a top spreading betting platform in Australia. However, it does not explain why punters choose it. When it comes to choosing a betting platform, many factors always play significance. Presumably, you now understand how spread betting works, and given that Pointsbet is among the few operators in the country that offers spread betting, it is worth giving a try. Apart from the games we listed above, there are many other games available on Pointsbet. You can also place a spread bet on Basketball, darts, snooker, cycling, golf, and boxing.

Pointsbet Spread Betting Explained

The fact that Pointsbet features several sports is another reason why Australians choose it for spread betting. Even more importantly, there are plenty of betting markets on which to place a wager.

Types of Accounts At Pointsbet

The next concern most punters raise when it comes to spread-betting on Pointsbet is choosing the right account. The truth is that account types vary depending on your spread betting wagering preferences. To break it down, it is noteworthy that Pointsbet will always withhold a specified time from a spread bet. It is one of the ways through which they mitigate risks that come with spread betting. Usually, a punter will see the amount of time withheld from a bet on the bet slip. However, the time or amount of money withheld depends on the type of account.

For example, holders of delayed facility account, abbreviated as DSF, the amount of money that Pointsbet holds is usually lower. Interestingly, most customers at Pointsbet prefer DFS accounts because of the small amount that a bookmaker holds upfront. It also comes with the advantage of a relatively smaller deposit requirement. Moreover, DFS accounts give players the advantage of placing more spread bets with a minimum balance.

Final Thoughts about Pointsbet Spread Betting

Pointsbet is a preferred option by Australian punters looking for a bookmarker that offers exciting spread betting options. Ultimately even with spread betting, punters need to first assess the amount of loss they are willing to incur and weigh this against the potential wins. With spread betting, usually, punters who incur substantial losses early on, ultimately get bigger payouts but like any other betting feature, there is no sure-shot path to victory.

Last Update : May 2024