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How to activate the Palmerbet Promo Codes

Palmerbet offers Kiwis quality products, especially for sports betting and horse racing. Among all the bookmakers that cover the quota in Australia, Palmerbet has always been preferred by many punters to register and take advantage of promotions, offers and any advantage offered by this bookie. Currently this bookmaker is directing all his strength in offering improvements in the products, to avoid that the punters go to other suppliers, especially if they are bookies in Australia, place where the competition among the bookmakers has been one of the toughest of the world.

The punters who choose Palmerbet to register must know that this bookie always seeks to offer the best quality products, so that all users feel comfortable, and in case of having any problems with the products, the punters can count (after registering) ) with the full support of the Palmerbet team to answer any questions. The coverage of the markets makes this bookmaker one of the best options to register, we have already done the test, it is simply perfect.

As the first rule or rule, in Palmerbet the only users who can register are those who are legal residents of Australia or New Zealand, with some exceptions in Australia due to local laws that prohibit sports betting in certain places in Australia. Users only need to fill out a form with little personal data, it is a practice among the bookies of Australia, to verify the account official documentation about the person is required.

If you want to make a quick registration without using conventional means, Palmerbet offers the option of registration with social network profile, it is a much easier option, simply connect the profiles (for example facebook) and the information is subtracted from those profiles in the social network automatically. Other forms of registration include the official Palmerbet app.

Bonuses for each product

Horse races have the main role in Palmerbet, they are the favoured sport of the operator, and therefore most promotions, offers and bonuses are aimed at horse races. Other sports such as football, hockey, American football and basketball (just to mention a few) also have different promotions, which can be lucrative if users know how to use them, it is not difficult to discover which are the best promos.

  1. $ 250 first deposit: New users receive one of the best welcomes that a bookie can give, we are talking about up to 100% for the first deposit. The limit for this first deposit is $ 250, one of the highest amounts for sports betting currently on the market. The most advisable thing is to take advantage of this offer to the maximum, the new users must make a deposit of $ 250 to obtain another $ 250 AUD, a total of $ 500 in the bankroll! Remember to enter the promo code to qualify.
  2. NFL Field Goal: Palmerbet is an ally of other bookies in the United States, are connected to offer the best odds for the regular season of American football, besides that with this promotion users are ensuring extra benefits. The promotion as such offers money back (cash back) if the team loses the match by 3 points, regardless of whether it is a special event, the punters will receive cash back.
  3. EPL Special: For lovers of English footy, in Australia there are many EPL fans, Palmertbet is offering cash back or money back for the teams that lose the match, the selection must start winning the match, if the team loses before to finish the match, the punter receives money back!
  4. Friday Dogs Special: No hot dogs, but greyhounds, another favorite sports in Palmerbet. This promotion is for the punters who want to secure the money bet on a greyhound, for the races of Friday, the money back will be effective if the dog finishes the race in second place, exclusively for the CASINO track.

Palmerbet loves horse racing and greyhounds, it is obvious that most of these promotions have the best benefits in these sports, it is, without doubt, one of the best collections in terms of offers, promotions and bonuses for horse racing and greyhounds in Australia and New Zealand

Bonus Terms

1. Only new users can profit from this promotion, punters are not allowed outside the territory of Australia and New Zealand. The users will enjoy the benefit of this bonus with a maximum of $ 250 dollars, 100% is based on the initial deposit and it is not possible to include secondary deposits.

2. This bet is only for “winner” bets, without exception. Accumulators or doubles will not be allowed, all combinations of bets for this promotion are excluded. Palmertbet offers up to $ 100 of cash back for this offer, the team cannot lose by more than 3 points, in case of losing by 4 or more points, the promotion will be cancelled.

3. The winning users of this promotion receive free bets as a form of payment, the selected team must be winning the match at some time of 90 minutes, after winning the game for a period of time, they can lose the match and the punter will receive cash back Certain football leagues do not participate, only EPL. The users receive the payment in free bets at the end of the day of the EPL of the day.

4. Casino is the only available track for this promotion, the roots that participate in this promotion are all those that take place on Fridays. For the punter to receive a full cash back, with a limit of $ 50 dollars, the greyhound must arrive in second place. This promotion has certain prohibitions, such as: no bets are allowed over the phone, the bet must be straight win, it is not possible to combine with accumulators.

No restriction applies to the promo code.


I’m already registered on the site, is that too late for the promotional code?

The code is only for new users, as dictated by the terms and conditions in Palmerbet, but as a user of the bookie you can opt for other promotions and exclusive offers, including the loyalty program.

What are the dominant markets in PalmerBet?

Palmerbet offers few sports, below the standard measure of the sports betting industry. The main sports are tennis, horse racing, greyhounds, football, among others. The betting options in each event have lucrative odds, although the options are limited in certain events. The punters should study very well each of those few options to get the most out of big bets in a short time.

Does PalmerBet offer Live Betting?

Live Betting is another attraction of Palmertbet, the Live Betting section is protected by the best technology in terms of events and odds. The events are good, but sometimes they do not have the most coverage of the Live Betting market, they are somewhat limited but they meet the standard in terms of offering events in Live Betting.

Is PalmerBet’s racebook lucrative?

It is one of the best Racebooks for horse racing and greyhounds, Palmerbet takes the lead in this service. This bookmaker has all kinds of promotions and offers available for the racebook, around 60% of users and bookie bettors are those who use the racebook. Most of the races are in Australia, New Zealand and other race tracks around the world. In addition to horse racing and greyhounds, punters can enjoy Harness Racing.

Quality of Platform: Quite good for kiwis

Range of Sports

It’s a decent amount of sports, enough to make bets and make some money, the only drawback is that sports do not have many betting options, that’s a pretty unpleasant limitation. For us it is important an amount of at least 50+ betting options for events, but Palmerbet has limits a little out of the ordinary.


Palmerbet has made a huge effort to provide users with improved odds, but they still have a long way to go. The odds continue to increase their profitability as the years go by, the Palmerbet team is now in the competition against other bookmakers in Australia and probably the odds improve even more than they have already done.

Customer Service

The boys of Palmerbet know very well the history of problems that the average users have when using any product for sports betting, casino or racebook. It is a team dedicated to the early solution of all kinds of questions, which can be answered through email, it is an effective way to find solutions to the problems that are preoccupied when using Palmerbet products.

Banking Options: fair amount of options and methods.


Four methods available to deposit in Palmerbet, are not many methods but they are those that better adapt to the punters in Australia. Among the main methods are the Credit Cards, which have a minimum deposit of $ 10 and come with a condition somewhat unacceptable to us, the bookie requires a rollover 1X for the first deposit, we do not appreciate that condition. In the second option to deposit this POLI, the minimum is $ 10, the third option is also virtual as POLI, we are speaking of Bpay up to a minimum of $ 10, and for users who do not wish to use any of the above the bookie offers the option of bank transfers for $ 25.


Only two options to receive payments from Palmerbet, something limited, taking into account that it is only 50% of methods compared to deposits. Users can receive payments through Credit Cards, with a minimum payment amount of $ 10 and the wait to receive the money is 3 business days. The last option is the bank transfers, just as the credit cards have a waiting time of 3 business days.

Customer Support: no live chat at all

It is disappointing to see a bookmaker without Live Chat, that is something essential, should not be missing in any bookie, but unfortunately Palmerbet does not have this service available and users should contact the customer care team via email or phone. The email is probably the fastest method in Palmerbet for the biggest questions and the most complicated questions, since we can write with great detail everything related to our question or problem, the official email of the bookie is The second option is the telephone number 1300-12-HELP, it is a line of direct contact with the call center of the bookie.

Mobile: for all devices


Palmerbet in your pocket, so easy to use the apps of this bookmaker. For users with Android or iOS, the bookmaker’s team designed one of the best apps in the Australian market. Using the app is always a benefit, at any time a bet can arise, watching television live betting turns out to be very lucrative, it is without a doubt the best option for the most ambitious punters. The app is compatible with most electronic devices.

Mobile site

Palmerbet has a mobile site adaptable to any device, most of the options work perfectly. The experience in the mobile site is similar to the app, and you can hardly tell the difference in terms of the desktop version of the bookie. Users can access all products such as racebook and bookmaker, options and betting modes work normally.

Review: Close to be the best.

The faults within Palmerbet are almost not noticeable but do not hide them. Anywhere on the Palmerbet website where a flaw is detected, the bookie team must repair it, and if it is a product that does not meet the expectations of the users, they must improve it to adapt to the users’ demands. The most remarkable thing about Palmerbet is the exclusivity and dedication it offers for Horse Racing and Greyhounds, all without neglecting other important sports.

For us it seemed a weak point the issue of customer service, the failure with live chat is disappointing, we still do not know why the bookie does not offer live chat, we are surprised that they have not adopted the service which would be very beneficial for the players. Some players tend to get frustrated and go to other bookmakers or casinos for lack of communication. Another thing that should be improved are the response times with the email, it is frustrating to wait almost 24 hours for an answer.

If the Palmerbet team focuses on solving all the faults that the bookmaker has, and leave aside the services that do not work and add new options for the users, they will surely be among the 10 best bookmakers in Australia and New Zealand in the next years.

Top 3 Alternatives to the operator


Most bettors know and use BetBoro for a long time, it is a bookmaker with wide betting options and multiple markets with great betting options. Currently, Betboro offers up to $ 200 welcome bonus for new users.


This is one of the best bookmakers to invest money, up to $ 200 dollars welcome bonus, new players enjoy other benefits such as cash back, special events, live betting and others. Betclic apps are superior in many aspects and are compatible with any device.


This bookie is internationally recognized for being a prestigious company, but also for offering no deposit bonuses, slots with the best jackpots and several lucrative promotions. Expekt has products that Palmerbet does not offer, they are high-quality products that have all kinds of advantages for punters.

Validity Period of the Palmerbet promo code: 2019