Neds vs. Ladbrokes – Which one is better

When it comes to choosing a good bookmaker or sportsbook in Australia, it is a decision that often comes with tough challenges. In this review, we discuss Neds vs Ladbrokes in Australia by factoring in different features on each platform.

Neds vs Ladbrokes – Which should you choose?

Sportsbook & Odds: Ladbrokes Wins

Neds vs Ladbrokes : Our Comparison

The next thing we wanted to explore is odds for games on each website. More importantly, reviewing both sites on the premise of payout and betting limits was also necessary. Thus, when comparing Neds’ odds and Ladbrokes odds, we noted some exciting variations. On the sports section, an interesting finding was that both platforms feature near-identical odds, thanks to the fact they are owned by the same company.

On inquiring further, we noted that Neds specializes in horseracing. Other sports on which you can bet on when playing on Neds are soccer, NBA, Table tennis, NHL and AFL. Neds has some of the best odds in Australia’s gambling industry and extensive. For example, there are at least 150 betting markets for every soccer game.  The minimum amount you can bet on Neds is $0.01 and the maximum stands at $10,000. Maximum winnings or payout on Neds stand is $200,000.

To give you a refined perspective of each bookmaker’s odds, we also explored odds on Ladbrokes Australia. First off, we noted that Ladbrokes also specializes in horseracing and other traditional sports such as soccer, rugby, tennis, AFL and cricket.  Game odds on the platform are competitive and player-friendly just like Neds. However, we noted that Ladbrokes presents bettors with more betting markets. For example, there are at least 250 betting markets for most soccer games at the time of writing this review.

While the maximum payout at Ladbrokes depends on sports, it varies from one bookmaker to another. On Ladbrokes, horseracing bettors can withdraw a maximum of $100,000 per day. You can bet a minimum of $0.01 per on their website and $20 through phone betting, which is the same as limits on Neds.

Overall, Ladbrokes wins on the premise of having a robust betting platform featuring lots of games, markets, and very competitive odds.

Best Betting Sites: Exploring Neds vs. Ladbrokes Additional features

Apart from the game odds, it was also prudent that we explored the site features of each platform. Thus, comparing Neds and Ladbrokes on the premise of user experience, live stream, mobile app, and other features is necessary.

User Experience – Ladbrokes Wins

While Neds and Ladbrokes Aussi website are near similar in design, we noted that Ladbrokes has extra useful features. Both sites have simple user interfaces hence easy to navigate. An interesting feature on Neds is their transaction card accessible on the left menu panel.  The FAQs and email support are vivid making it possible to ask vital questions about the bookmaker. However, when compared to Ladbrokes, we find the latter’s sports section more straightforward.

Moreover, Ladbrokes uses colours to distinguish items on their site making it easy for punters to navigate the platform. The arrangement of the menu on Ladbrokes is notwithstanding top-notch, making it easy to access vital features such as support section, racing section, app download icons and social media. Navigating Ladbrokes also presented us with a more immersive experience than Neds.

Neds vs Ladbrokes : Which to Choose

Live Stream – Ladbrokes Wins

While both Neds and Ladbrokes do not offer live streams for most games, you can watch live horseracing on Ladbrokes mobile app.  It is always the case with most, if not all, betting sites in Australia. Thus, no winner when it comes to streaming games on either of the betting sites.

Mobile Application – Neds wins

We also tested apps of both sites. But first, let’s state that there are two versions of mobile applications for both bookmakers. Android users can get the app from the official websites of the bookmakers. However, iOS users will be directed to the iTunes store to download the apps for Neds and Ladbrokes. On launching the mobile app for Neds, we noted that it features racing games alongside major sports. At the bottom are features such as upcoming games, sports, and the main menu. The Ladbrokes’ mobile app is almost similar to that of Neds. However, Neds wins because their app loads faster and presents a more realistic and immersive betting experience. The user interface of the Ladbrokes app looks rather basic hence not very appealing even though both bookmakers seem to emphasize horseracing.

Therefore, we give Neds’ app a rating of 4.6/5 and Ladbrokes a rating of 3.9/5.

Pros & Cons of Neds and Ladbrokes

Now, to summarize our experience playing on both platforms, we decided to come up with a table highlighting the pros and cons of Neds and Ladbrokes. Take a look:

Neds vs Ladbrokes - Australia





  • Neds offers competitive odds in the Australian betting market.
  • You can place the same game as a multi-bet on Neds, a feature you will not find in most betting sites.
  • Neds do not stream games as much as most sites.
  • Their website loads pretty slowly as compared to Ladbrokes.
  • There have been complaints that Neds often ban or limit winning bettors.


  • Ladbrokes multi-builder tool makes it easy to pick and place your bets.
  • There is a live video stream for horseracing on Ladbrokes app
  • Ladbrokes card makes it easy to deposit and withdraw funds.


  • Lack of live streaming for most matches on Ladbrokes is a big letdown.
  • Ladbrokes do not have a lot of futures betting markets, especially if you compare it to other bookmakers.
  • Fixed odds are relatively low.

Neds vs. Ladbrokes: Which Operator to choose & why

Choosing between Neds and Ladbrokes has always presented Australian gamblers with a tough choice, especially because both betting entities belong to the same company. However, if you narrow down to the specific features of each platform and compare then against each other, Ladbrokes wins any time and day. The fact that Ladbrokes is one of the most trusted betting brands in the world further leverages its reputation among Australian gamblers. Despite Neds having one of the most immersive gaming platforms, Ladbrokes remains a top choice for many gamblers.

Last Update : April 2024