Neds vs Bet365 Australia vs Unibet: Who Wins?

If you are a fan of online sports betting and you live in Australia, you are probably aware of a large number of sports betting websites available in this country. 

That’s why I often find it hard to decide where to place my bets and with that in mind, I wanted to do a comparison between three very popular bookies in Australia – Bet365, Neds and Unibet.

Neds vs Bet365 Australia vs Unibet: Registration Links

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Sports & Markets: Bet365Wins

The most important thing for any pundit to know is the number of sports and markets available on the website. Unsurprisingly, all three operators from my list fared equally well when it came to the number of sports.

However, Bet365 Australia offers a bit more in terms of available markets, which is why I give Bet365 a narrow win in this category.

bet365 APPBet365

Bet365 is a major player in the sports betting industry across the globe, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that you can bet on almost anything here. They offer all the most popular sports in the world but also some less popular sports like darts or cycling. In total, they offer more than 35 sports to bet on and you can also place a bet on eSports at Bet365.

Bet365 sportsbook Australia covers over 150 markets and I truly believe that you won’t be able to find a bet that you can’t place on this website.

Mark: 5

neds logo appNeds

Neds Australia is a relatively new sports betting operator since the website was launched just a couple of years ago. Still, despite the relatively young age, I believe that Neds is more than competitive compared to the more established bookies, especially in the sports and markets department.

You can find a wide variety of sports at Neds, including popular Ozzie sports like Australian Rules football, rugby, cricket, basketball, tennis, etc. There is also a special section dedicated to horse racing. However, you won’t be able to find as many markets as you would on Bet365, although Neds have plenty to offer for casual bettors.

Mark: 4


Unibet Australia is similar to the other two bookies I reviewed in this department – there are more than 25 different sports at your disposal, including a rich selection of eSports events you can bet on. Of course, you will find most events for soccer and basketball but other sports also have a solid representation here.

When it comes to markets you can bet on, Unibet also lags behind Bet365 but they do offer a bit more than Neds in this area. For example, Unibet offers around 50 markets on popular soccer leagues and matches, which is good but far from the best.

Mark: 4

Odds: Unibet Wins 

In the odds department, all the bookies are pretty close. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the exact data for bookmaker margins for all bookies. Still, I compared the odds myself and Unibet comes on top by a narrow margin over Bet365.


I have found out in one Bet365 Australia review that this bookmaker has a bookmaker margin of 5%, which is among the lowest margins in Australia – although the survey I read is not complete.

Even if I didn’t have that information, a brief look at their odds shows that they are extremely competitive, which is not a surprise given the fact that Bets365 is one of the leading sports betting operators in the World.

Mark: 5


Neds fared well with the other two bookies but in the end, they simply can’t offer the same odds as their much bigger competitors. 

While the difference is not that big (in my estimates the odds at Neds are 5-7% lower than at Unibet), this is the area where Neds sportsbook Australia was doomed to fail. However, you may be able to get odds boost on certain events with Neds referral code.

Mark: 4


The champion in this category is Unibet with great odds that are slightly above the odds offered at Bet365, especially when it comes to soccer matches.

I honestly believe that any Unibet Australia review needs to emphasize the odds since it seems that this should be the selling point for this operator.

Mark: 5

Neds vs Bet365 Australia vs Unibet Who Wins

Neds vs Bet365 vs Unibet: Additional Features 

In addition to these basic things for any sports betting website, I also like to focus on additional features that make the betting experience better, easier and more satisfying.

Live Stream 

If you like to watch a game that you bet on as I do, then you know how important live streaming can be for a sports betting website. So, let’s take a look at how our competitors fare in this category.


Bet365 is well-known around the world for exceptional live streaming services it provides and Australia is no exception. This operator provides live streams for various sports and all the streams are high-quality, with very little delay.

If you want to watch streams on Bet365, you must have a funded account or you need to have a bet settled in the past 24 hours.

Mark: 5


Unfortunately, there is no Neds live streaming available on the website as of now. While this is somewhat understandable when you consider the fact that Neds is only a couple of years old, the lack of live streaming is a big flaw that will be pointed out in any Neds Australia review.

Mark: 1


Unibet has a live steams service aptly named Unibet TV. This service can easily be accessed by clicking on the Unibet TV button you can find in the main menu. Unibet TV offers a wide variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis and many more.

To gain access to Unibet TV you must have a funded Unibet account or you have to have placed a bet in the past 24 hours.

Mark: 5

Mobile Experience 

With mobile devices slowly overtaking the sports betting market, sports betting apps have become a must-have for any respectable bookie.

Even if you are old-fashioned like me and prefer to bet on your computer, you will certainly use your phone to bet occasionally and a well-developed app can make this experience great.


As expected, Bet365 has sports betting app for both iOS and Android. The app is well-designed and as soon as you download and open it, you will get the same overall feeling as you do when you open their website.

Bet365 app is easy to navigate and includes the famous design and colours as the website. I particularly like the fact that all the features from the website are incorporated into the app, especially the live streaming service.

Mark: 5


Unlike some other areas I have reviewed, Neds can hold its ground against the big boys when it comes to mobile apps. You can find and download the app for both Android and iOS on the Neds website and enjoy all the functions that you can get on the website as well.

The app has an intuitive design and I have been able to place a bet in less than a minute after I opened the app. All the sports and markets are there for you, as well as other features like making deposits, withdrawing funds, etc.

Mark: 5


Just like the other two bookies, Unibet also has a well-designed app that you can use to bet on the go at any time. The app is dependable and easy to navigate, allowing you to place a bet in a few simple steps.

And like the Bet365 app, you can also watch live streams of various sports on the app. However, there’s no Unibet bonus code Australia available on the app but other than that, the Unibet app comes with all important features you may find on the website.

Mark: 5

My Bookmaker Comparison Conclusion

All of these bookmakers are pretty popular in Australia and have different things to offer. I would recommend each one of them for different reasons.  Personally, Unibet gives me everything that I could ask for with an online bookmaker. That’s why I definitely recommend it to everyone. Although, that doesn’t mean that Bet365 or Neds don’t have a lot to offer. 

last update : June 2024