Ladbrokes Australia Review 2024 : Promotional Offers and Best Features

The Australian betting market is becoming more and more attractive to bookmakers from overseas, as well as domestic providers. And in this review, we will be taking a look at one of the most long-standing and most reputable bookmakers of them all – Ladbrokes Australia, who have been taking the market by storm in 2020.

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Sports and Markets Available at Ladbrokes AUS: More than 25 sports Available 

Before jumping into this review, it would all be useless if you didn’t first know how to register with Ladbrokes Australia! The good news is that this is really easy to do: simply follow the registration button and complete the few questions that are on the sign-up page. As long as you are an Australian resident and over the age of 18, your registration will instantly be approved. Now – let’s get into this review.

The Ladbrokes Australia site has followed a pattern that has been emerging in the Australian market recently; they have separated the racing events from the main sportsbook. And with three different kinds of racing events including horse, greyhound, and even harness racing, nobody can blame them really. It definitely helps to simplify the offerings with Ladbrokes Australia, not to mention how much easier it is to navigate around the site. 

The races that they offer are not limited to Australia or New Zealand either; they are international, which of course means enormous coverage. This is probably another reason that they chose to separate the sections.

So after being impressed with the racebook coverage, we switched our attention to the Ladbrokes main sportsbook. This is where we would truly find out the answer to the question: how good is Ladbrokes Australia

Well, with 25 sports including Australian favorites such as Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, and Aussie Rules, it is obvious that this site understands their members and gives them what they want. However, there was something interesting that we found – these Australian classics weren’t the most popular (surprisingly). The most popular sports along with the most popular events are actually Basketball, Soccer, and American Football.

Major NBA games, both mid-season and post-season tend to have over 100 markets available, and top tier European soccer games usually have over 150! This is excessive, even by popular sports standards. And this is no doubt one of the main reasons that members have been so loyal to Ladbrokes throughout their Australian market venture.

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Ladbrokes Sports Odds and Limits: Good Enough 

As has been the case with Ladbrokes in the past, it is usually the odds that let this bookmaker down. And unfortunately for Ladbrokes Australia, the story remains constant in this market. We examined several NBA games as well as UEFA Champions League games, and the odds available were never really up to market average standards. They were never majorly off the pace, but it was certainly enough to make us sit up and take notice. 

We can give two examples that cemented our interpretation of the Ladbrokes odds. In one of the Champions League games, Ladbrokes had a team priced at 3.4, whereas a direct competitor had the same team priced at 3.6. And for one of the NBA games, Ladbrokes had a team priced at 2.0, and a direct competitor had priced this team at 2.15. This may not seem a lot, but it can be frustrating knowing that you could receive a greater payout just by just using a different bookmaker. 

Odds aside, we were curious as to the limits that Ladbrokes might have in place. As sports bettors, we want to know a range of information including how much we could potentially win, what the minimum bets are, and how much we could withdraw from our winnings at any one time. We found the answer to all of these questions on the Ladbrokes Australia site.

Ladbrokes Australia actually has a rather high maximum payout of $1,000,000, although this is only possible on horse races and international soccer events, not on any other sports. This amount then drops to $500,000 for sports like Golf and Tennis. However, this is still a rather large payout.

You can get started betting in the Ladbrokes sportsbook for just $1, if you prefer to place a bet before an event has begun. But if you prefer the thrill of betting on sports that are currently taking place, then you can get started with bets that go all the way down to $0.10. 

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Ladbrokes Australia Review 2024

Live Streaming at Ladbrokes 

The live streaming accessibility with Ladbrokes in Australia is respectable. Users have access to pre-game statistics, in-play data, and of course a chance to actually watch the event live. All of these features blended together to make for quite a comprehensive service. Live streaming is typically reserved for popular sports like Basketball and Soccer, but on a positive note, there are no restrictions on how much live streaming you can access.

There doesn’t appear to be any restrictions for having funds in your account either, and as long as you are signed in through the Ladbrokes login Australia button you should be able to watch your desired events. The only downside could be if you wanted to watch a sport of lesser prestige, in which case Ladbrokes probably will not cover the event. 

Ladbrokes Australia Mobile App: A Quick Look 

Whether you are using an Android device, iOS device, or a tablet, you will be able to download the Ladbrokes Australia app. With a sharp interface that allows for very good customer experience, this app is undoubtedly one of the better ones on the market. It is super easy to navigate around, and even those that are less familiar with mobile apps should have an easy time finding their desired events. One particular stand out point is that live betting from the mobile app is incredibly accurate and represents events in real-time. This means that the odds update almost to the second, which is much quicker than other bookmakers.

There was one other feature that caught our attention with the mobile app too. We could actually speak with customer service representatives through the Ladbrokes live chat system – from the mobile app! This isn’t always a feature of betting mobile apps, as it is sometimes reserved just for the desktop platform.

Our Final Verdict: Ladbrokes AU is Highly Recommended 

Ladbrokes has an awesome reputation not only in Australia but also around the world. So we didn’t even stop to consider one of the major questions when considering a new bookmaker – is Ladbrokes legal in Australia? We just assumed that it was, but this assumption was quickly backed up thanks to their license being listed on the desktop home page.

And after confirming the legality of the site, we wanted to confirm our feelings about the sportsbook too. To begin with, their selection of races is immense, and the sportsbook has a better than average range of events for their members. These facts combined with fast and visually appealing live streaming services make the Ladbrokes platform one of the best we have come across.

There is just one let down for this platform, and unfortunately, it is a recurring problem with the Ladbrokes brand. Their members, as well as prospective punters, are all well aware that Ladbrokes does not offer the most competitive odds, and it really is unusual that Ladbrokes has not addressed this issue yet. We expected that the odds would improve after numerous concerns raised by customers, but the odds are still less than satisfactory – even for their trademark sporting events involving the UEFA Champions League and Grand Slam Tennis. 

It is a really professional platform to use, but there is so much more value to be obtained through other sports betting platforms.

last update : June 2024