TheScore Online Sportsbook Promo Code Apr 2024: Bonuses & Mobile App

New Jersey is expectant. Another sportsbook is about to be launched and this time is the Canadian sports media operator, theScore. Subject to review and approval of its license by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, theScore will become the first sports media operator to offer sports betting to the Garden State.

theScore has a mobile application tailored out that has news of over 20 leagues, 800 teams, and 15,000 athletes. The platform is expected to bring a whole different experience to the players once it is in operation in New Jersey. The date has been said to be anytime from now. With no sports betting site out already, what would theScore sportsbook look like? What will be the key features? We can only speculate but going through the already present bookmakers in New Jersey, we would expect several things to be provided. Below is theScore sportsbook promo code going from our expectations;

theScore Online Sportsbook: Welcome Bonuses and Offers

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How to register on the site: A Quick Guide

theScore is expected to launch in New Jersey and we expect that the account creation process will be the same with what the present New Jersey bookmakers have.

New Jersey platforms require that for one to create an account, he /she must meet the age requirements that have been set at 21-years-old and he/she must be located in New Jersey to play for real money. After the requirements have been met, various details will be needed.

  • We expect on the account wizard, a player will be asked to provide his/her details stemming from the full name, gender, date of birth, and the player’s SSN (Last 4 digits)
  • We expect login details will be required and the player will be required to provide an email address, strong password, and maybe a username
  • We expect the contact details will be required and the player will be required to provide his/her phone number, address, Zipcode, city, state, choose and answer a security question
  • Going by many platforms, we expect that the promo code will be needed later on as a player finishes up the account creation process.

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Bonuses for each product: What We Expect

All the platforms in New Jersey have offered various promotions to the players that yields bonuses to them. We do not know what theScore will bring up to the players but judging from what is already being offered in the Garden State, we can expect the following;

Welcome Bonus

On the sportsbook, we expect that new players will be welcomed with a welcome bonus. Most sports welcome bonuses in New Jersey come as compensation after a player makes the first bet. The bonus will come in either the following three ways;

Free Bet

If a player makes the first bet and ends up losing

No deposit bonus

After successful creation of an account, a bonus is awarded

Deposit bonus

The first deposit will be matched up to a certain percentage

Refer a friend

This is another common promotion in many bookmakers where after a player refers a friend to join the platform, he/she is awarded a bonus after every successful referral. The bonuses range from $30 – $60

Odds Boost

Odds boost is another common promotion in the New Jersey bookmakers where on certain days, the sportsbook adjusts the odds on select days to encourage betting and in return, the players will get huge returns.

Bonus Terms: What Players Need to Know

  • The promotions offered on every platform are subject to terms and conditions and we expect that the promotions offered at theScore will have T&Cs attached. The common terms that we expect will stem from;
  • Eligibility – This shows the players who are eligible to participate in the promotions. Some like welcome bonuses will require only new players while odds boost promotions will be eligible to every player
  • Promo codes – Some promotions will require bonuses to be redeemed using specially tailored promo codes and a player should have this in mind before opting in the promotion.
  • Limits – The promotions have set limits/requirements for entry where some like deposit bonus promotions will require a player to make a certain deposit or more. Promotions like odds boost might require a player to make selections of a certain number of teams and might also require you to note the minimum odds required.
  • Wagering Requirements – The bonuses awarded will be subject to wagering requirements where a player will be required to wager either the bonus, deposit, or both a number of times. For the sports section, many platforms have set the requirements at 1x
  • Validity – The bonuses will be valid for several days which after that, the remaining bonus is rendered void and we expect that the bookmaker will highlight the period of validity.

FAQ: Key Information to Keep in Mind

A very important section to customer service and we expect that this will be a page they give a lot of weight to. Some of the Frequently Asked Questions we have come across through the already functioning app include;

Q. How do I turn off notifications on the app?

You will visit the profile icon situated on the top-right, go to ‘Settings’ and then complete the action by toggling ‘Enable Alerts’ to off.

Q. Who owns theScore?

theScore Inc. is a media company based in Toronto, Canada that owns and delivers sports data, scores, stats, videos, and news through its mobile application and other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook

Q. Does theScore offer sports betting?

No. theScore has not started offering sports betting to the over 4 million members on the platform as yet. However, the plan is near completion and this year, theScore will provide the avenue.

Q. Is theScore available in New Jersey?

As it stands, it does not operate in New Jersey but with the US Supreme Court lifting the ban on sports betting outside of Nevada, theScore is poised to be the first media company to offer a sportsbook to the residents of New Jersey once the license is approved.

Q. Who will theScore partner with to provide its products in New Jersey?

New Jersey requires that for an online platform to launch, they must have a land-based casino and those that do not have must partner with the license holders. theScore is expected to partner with Monmouth Park Racetrack.

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Quality of Platform: A Closer Look on TheScore Online Sportsbook

Ergonomy: Expecting a friendly site

Going by what is offered by the Canadian sports media operator, New Jersey players can expect a friendly website that is easy to understand. Judging from the app and the Canadian version, the players will be welcomed to a platform with an intuitive design fitted with tools such as filter tabs and drop-down features. There are high-quality fonts, colors, and top-notch graphics to expect. What stands out is the customization feature that will allow the patrons to select what they would wish to view on the site.

Known for the sports information it provides and the media services offered, we expect that New Jersey players will increase the visitations and get thrilled with the sports information that will be readily available. We are expecting that security will be a key aspect especially with crucial personal and financial information being passed out to the platform. With the media company boasting of over 4 million users on the sports app, it is enough proof for us to expect a top-notch platform.

With theScore having a different approach than the rest, by providing sports data, information, stats, news, and more, we expect that this will rival the already existing platforms in New Jersey. The already existing application is another positive and we expect that theScore will build on it and also provide a browser-based client where players will be able to access the games and sports news through their browsers either through a desktop or mobile phone. The sportsbook is expected to be powered by Bet.Works which is also a new entrant but we expect much from them. Customer service is another section we expect to be of high-quality judging from how they have been socializing with the users through social media among other avenues.

Games: Expecting top leagues, events, challenges, tournaments, and competitions

For every bookmaker, the games section plays a major part with many players expecting many games on the platform. theScore covers various sports events and we expect that top leagues, events, challenges, and competitions will be covered. They will include NFL, NBA, MLB, WTA, PGA Tour, NASCAR, EPL, Champions League, Europa League, and ATP. Going from the app version and what we already see in New Jersey bookmakers, we expect that the following sports will be offered;

  • Baseball Hockey
  • Basketball Mixed Martial Arts
  • Boxing Soccer
  • Football Tennis
  • Golf Racing

We also expect that for theScore to get that competitive edge, there will be additional features that will be provided on the platform. This will include features like in-play betting which ensure that the players can bet on the games live and capitalize on enhanced odds to get huge returns. Another option that we would expect is cash-out where players take charge of their funds by minimizing losses and locking profits. This simply means that players can withdraw winnings with the event still ongoing or can redeem part of the stake if they are losing. There are also several betting types that we expect to accompany the sports and they include; Point spread, totals, under/over, Moneyline, futures, parlays, propositions, and teasers. The betting types signify more chances of winnings.

Odds: Expecting lower margins on odds

The odds section will also matter a lot to the players. We do not know what to expect as the bookmakers in New Jersey offer different odds. However, for theScore to rival potential rivals in the Garden State, they will need to have their odds betting margins on the low and not averagely as most of the bookmakers have put theirs. By low, it means the betting margins should be below 3%. We also expect theScore to offer the odds in different formats (American, Fractional, and Decimal)

What’s more, theScore should provide more avenues the players can use to improve their odds. This will stem from the live betting where they can use enhanced odds to their favor, odds boost that ensure players have several games boosted which would reflect huge returns and huge markets which would signify higher chances of winning.

Customer service: Expecting effective and prompt service

Any online bookmaker will agree that effective customer service is an important aspect. theScore is not new to this with the platform being a digital media company. There have been regular interactions with the users through social media pages and we expect once it sets foot in New Jersey, there will be 24/7 customer service which will attend to the players at any time and promptly. We also expect the common methods such as email will be provided and this will be coupled up with one-on-one modes like live chat and phone support.

Banking Options

On the banking section, we expect the modes provided will be convenient, flexible, fast, and secure to all the players. We also expect that there will be no charges imposed on any transaction carried out. These are the modes we expect to be provided;


  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Prepaid Card
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • ACH
  • PayNearMe
  • Cash at Monmouth Park Racetrack


  • Cash at Monmouth Park Racetrack
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Check

Customer Support Quality

We would expect that a comprehensive FAQs page will be offered to the players for access as the first stop in case an issue that needs assistance arises. The other modes that we expect theScore to provide include;

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media pages

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

Mobile Application

A mobile platform is another avenue the patrons look forward to on any online bookmaker. Through mobile platforms, there are high convenience levels with players able to access their favorite teams and bet at any time anywhere. As it stands, theScore has provided a mobile application to the users with over 4 million users accessing the app. The app is seamless in design and very easy to use. This is a feature that we expect once the app is tailored to sports betting. The app is compatible with Android and iOS phones and this will be welcomed by the New Jersey players. The installation process should also be easy and should be with fewer hassles.

Players will look to access various services and products through the app and theScore should ensure that the common and crucial services are all accessible here. Its performance should be top-notch with the technology being fast and secure, able to customize to one’s liking, and with no or little refreshing. We expect that new players will be able to create new accounts through the app and that they will go-ahead to access the promotions offered. We also expect that transactions will be carried out which will involve depositing and withdrawing of funds. The games should be provided in plenty with huge markets just as on the desktop version. Expectations are that features like live betting and cash out will also find their way in the app for the benefit of the players. Finally, we would expect the bettors to access options like live chat and FAQs page.

Mobile site

We also suppose that theScore will provide a non-downloadable software which will give bettors an avenue in which they can access the services and products through browsers like Chrome and Safari. We look forward to a friendly design and easy-to-understand platform. Like the app, we expect players are going to enjoy the experience.

New patrons should be able to create an account with theScore through the site and while at it, they should be able to access the different promotions offered which would bring about bonuses. We also anticipate that deposits and withdrawals will be carried out through the different payment methods and also, the site should give an avenue where bettors can reach the customer support team. This would allow players to live chat the team and also send emails to the team. The site should also provide a link in which the application can be downloaded directly.

Finally, the crucial options like in-play betting where players can get huge returns from enhanced odds should be provided and so is the cash-out option which allows bettors to take charge of their finances.

Our Review: Good for New Jersey players

With the anticipated entry to the Garden State, we anticipate that theScore will receive a positive reception for some of the outstanding factors it is looking to possess. We can only speculate on the promotions being expected, payment methods being hoped for, customer service, and how the site will look like.

However, the players can look forward to a whole different platform when it gets to theScore. While on the site, they will be able to access the latest trendy sports news, data, videos, information of the latest leagues. No present New Jersey bookmaker matches this and this is expected to turn their heads. With its already launched app that features news information of more than 20 leagues, 800 teams, and 15,000 athletes, this is a whole different platform. theScore steps in as the first media company to offer sports betting and many will want to see what it will look like. We have no doubt that theScore will hit the ground running.

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