NH Lottery Promo Code Jul 2024: Free Games and Rewards

The state of New Hampshire takes pride in having the oldest lottery company with NH Lottery, with the online store of NH Lottery coming up much later in 1995. The site offers bettors a chance to play the lottery or go for in-store lottery games. Lotteries include but not limited to Mega Millions tickets and Powerball.

In this article, we help you get started on your best foot, with the help of your NH Lottery Promo Code, which will remain valid throughout 2024.

Bonus & Offers details
  1. Welcome Bonus:  Receive 5 FREE Games
  2. Holiday Bonus: Up to $20,000 in rewards
  3. Match One Win Two Million: Up to $2,000,000 in rewards

To deposit funds and/or purchase a lottery ticket online, you must: be at least 18 years of age; have an account; have sufficient funds in your account to make the purchase; be a United States Person as defined by 26 U.S.C. sec. 7701 (a)(30), be physically located in New Hampshire at the time of deposit and purchase; and be in compliance with federal, state, and local laws, these terms, and all New Hampshire Lottery directives, rules, and regulations. Additional T&Cs apply.

Expires on: 31-12-2024
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Setting up an Account using your NH Lottery Promo Code

NH Lottery Offer Bonuses (2024) NH Lottery Promo Code
Holiday Bonus Get up to $20,000 in prizes OBTAIN PROMO CODES>
Match One Win Two Million Up to $2,000,000 in rewards OBTAIN PROMO CODES>

Registration Process

  • Click on Register
  • Enter the email address, set a password.
  • Then enter the NH Lottery Promo Code.
  • Click on Next
  • The next page has a form to enter personal
  • Enter the date of birth, address, and phone number.
  • Enter your actual date of birth since the site does not allow the players below the age of 18.
  • Read the terms and conditions, and check the box next to it.
  • After entering all the details, click on Submit.
  • The next page opens announcing that your new account is open.
  • The page also announces that the company has sent you a confirmation mail to your email address.

This is the process of registering from mobile phones and desktops. You have an option of registering from any of the devices as per your convenience.

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Bonus Offers to Check

Once you sign up, you will be able to view all the bonus offers in the MY ACCOUNT tab. You can also see the activity done with the bonuses. Likewise, you will need to check out the types of bonuses and promotions the site offers and then avail them. Don’t forget to make use of the NH Lottery bonus code, given to you right above the article. It stays valid for the whole of 2024.

Welcome Bonus: Once you deposit money in the NH Lottery after signing up, you can avail the Welcome bonus. It includes 5 free games of the popular Queen of Diamonds.

Free Instant Games: When you register at NH Lottery, you will find the presence of instant games daily. These games expire in 24 hours, and so you will be able to avail and play them as and when you get in your account. So, just log in and play.

Free Bonus Money Offer: NH Lottery offers a free money bonus that will not exceed $100. This will be a percentage of the money the players deposit in their account. The players will need to understand that they cannot en-cash it, as this has no cash value. However, in case, the players choose to play games that specifically offer these cash rewards, they can en-cash it after referring the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Terms and Conditions to Refer

NH Lottery lays down terms and conditions about the setting up of the account and the age limit for the same.

  • In order to register, make sure you do it in your name and give accurate details.
  • Do not forget to give the last four digits of the SSN while registering.
  • The site does not allow you to register or open more than one account in your name.
  • In case, the site feels that you have not been honest in giving actual details of your identity or age proof, then NH Lottery reserves all rights to cancel your account.
  • The site is under no obligation to give you an explanation in case of delay or denial of processing an application. It may also terminate your account at any time.
  • Likewise, in case you feel you wish to self-exclude yourself from gaming, then you may use the tools to follow and do the same without any issue.
  • In case, you do not log in even once in sixty months, the site may close your account and transfer the funds back to your account if there is any remaining.


  1. Does the site of NH Lottery have any slot or table games?

Ans. No, the site does not offer any slot games or table games.

  1. Is the site only accessible from the browser to view on the mobile?

Ans. You may check the site on any browser from the mobile too besides using the dedicated mobile app.

  1. What to do if the NH Lottery has made errors in the balance of funds?

Ans. If you notice any amount-related discrepancy after NH Lottery credits the same to you, simply notify the site urgently. The site will make the adjustment right away.

  1. What is the maximum value of prize money that the site will credit in my account?

Ans. The maximum prize limit is $599 that the site will credit in your account.

  1. How to set a deposit limit?

Ans. By clicking on Sign in, you can go to the “My Account” and click on “Deposit Limit.” Enter the amount you wish to set a maximum limit and click on SUBMIT. The site itself sets a maximum limit of $500 per day and $3000 monthly.

  1. How to go for self-exclusion from the site?

Ans. The site supports responsible gambling and there are easy steps one can follow for excluding oneself. The players will just need to go to MY ACCOUNT and click on SELF EXCLUSION under the RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING tab. You can set the drop down option to NONE if you are not sure about the number of months or weeks you wish to exclude yourself from the site and iLottery. After doing that, you can just click on Submit.

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Quality of Platform

Ergonomy of the Site

NH Lottery site is rather simple and easy to navigate. The players will not find difficult to use it from any device and any platform. The white background color is soothing to the eyes, and the menu tabs are self-explanatory. All the game categories, about us, and the registering and sign up options are on the top of the site for direct access. However, in order to seek any assistance, scroll down to get access to all the support you need for those in the state and ones beyond it.

Games to Enjoy

There are two important categories to check out at NH Lottery.

iLottery: This lottery section came up in 2018, and is an online platform for the bettors to purchase lottery tickets with ease. Players will also find around eight more instant games online on the site. iLottery has already seen a lot of traffic and success in 2018, which has prompted NH Lottery to think of including more e-instant games.

Players in New Hampshire can log in from any device to access the site and play instant games like Blazing Red 7’s, 10X Cash, Pot o’ Gold, and more. NH Lottery requires the players to register using the last four digits of SSN just so that no player below18 signs up.

In-store Games: NH Lottery players can now check out Keno, Scratchcards, and draw games. The site also displays the results of each draw in the designated hours. Keno 603’s results are available every five minutes on the site between 11.05 am and 1.00 am. There are Megabucks draws happening and on display at NH Lottery on Wednesday and Saturday at 7.59 pm. Let us check the titles on offer:

  • Powerball: The estimated jackpot amount is set at $242,000,000. The odds are rounded to the nearest whole number, and it is set at 1: 25.
  • Mega Millions: The odds of winning are 1:24 and the site displays the winning numbers of a single You can multiply your winnings with Megaplier.
  • Keno 603: There are Keno 603 draws happening every five minutes. The minimum bets are for $1 and for the bets above $1, you will get to multiply the prizes with the wager amount.
  • Megabucks: The Tri-State Megabucks has overall odds of 1:6.
  • Lucky for Life: There is a scope to earn $1000 for every day for life. The overall odds of winning are 1:4.
  • Pick 3, Pick 4: The players will need to pick three or four numbers and the draws happen twice a day.
  • Fast Play: Live fast draws does not require any pay slip to fill up.
  • Gimme 5: The overall odds of winning stands at 1:9. There is no Grand Prize winner.
  • Scratch Cards: There are $1 games, $2 games, $3 games, $5 games, $10 games, $20 games and $25 games.

Things to Note

As an important company of lottery in New Hampshire, you can expect the best offers and odds making it worth the money a player invest in the tickets. The price of the tickets is very reasonable.

Payment Methods


You can make deposits by Debit card, ACH Bank transfer, and PayPal. The site is not responsible, in case there is any delay in processing the deposits.

Withdrawal method

NH Lottery’s withdrawal methods are quite simple, but the players may refrain from withdrawing any bonus. If the bonus clearly tells them to withdraw a cash reward, they may be able to do the same. You will definitely need to make one verified deposit before you can even think of withdrawing the winnings. Simply call a toll-free number and give consent to the withdrawal process to be initiated.

Helpful Customer Support

A highlight of NH Lottery is the presence and active engagement the site has with the customers via different media. You can reach out to the regular lottery customer support or directly its HQ support team for any assistance.

Contacting the HQ

By mail: You can contact the NH Lottery HQ for any assistance regarding lottery-related support by mailing right from the site.

By phone: There are two telephone numbers on display and one of them is for the in-state players only.

Contacting Lottery

By mail: The players can directly mail the customer support team for any doubt or clarification regarding games or issue that is not discussed on the FAQ page.

By phone: Just pick up the phone and call the support team for urgent cases.

By live chat: This is an additional feature for the players who would rather ask a person directly from their computer while buying the tickets online.

Mobile Support from NH Lottery


The modern-day players of NH Lottery can simply go for the app that is available from Google Play store and iTunes for the Android phones and iPhones respectively.

Mobile site

Players looking for buying the iLottery tickets or instant scratch cards and keno games from the browser can do the same with ease from anywhere.

Review: Simple Registration and Solid Support

NH Lottery is high on ease of access and even on games. It could do a lot more in terms of having more games like slots or table games, and it will only improve if it also has dedicated sportsbook options. The best aspect has to be the customer support and its legacy of being the oldest to offer a lottery. However, in order to sustain in this industry, infusing more entertainment will be beneficial. The players will also love to grab some real cash rewards and easy withdrawal methods. The availability of the NH Lottery promo code just makes the deal that much more interesting.

Top 3 Competing Lottery Companies

  • Pennsylvania Lottery

  • Minnesota Lottery

  • Illinois Lottery

penn lotteryillinois lotteryminn lottery

Bonuses and Promotions

Minnesota Lottery offers giveaways that make the players curious, and it seems to work in its favor. You can get cash rewards, invites, tickets and more.

Pennsylvania Lottery also has giveaways, coupons, and promotions going on now and then, but it surely has VIP Programs and more such features.

Illinois Lottery has daily bonus and promotions, including Raffles to entertain.

Unlike these, NH Lottery just has a welcome bonus, free money, and bonus that need more of such excitement factors to work in its favor.


Pennsylvania Lottery has instant games and draws games, including second chance draws and more. Besides these, the site also offers Keno, Fast Play, Xpress sports, and Scratch offs to talk about.

Minnesota Lottery offers a variety in Lotto, Scratch Games, Raffle, and Print and Play options making it unique from the other lottery companies. Additionally, the site also hosts regular events, which spurred a lot of interest.

Illinois Lottery offers jackpot games, raffle games, and draws to encourage more players.

NH Lottery has two big segments. However, the site does not disappoint, and the inclusion of slots and more titles will surely increase the traffic and player’s enthusiasm.

last update : July 2024