PlayJACK Online Casino Promo Code May 2024: Free Games & Other Promotions

Exclusive 2024 promotions are now available at Jack Entertainment with the PlayJACK Online Casino Promo Code.

Bonus & Offers details
  • Earn Comp Dollars: 10,000 FREE Chips
  • First Purchase Bonus: 100% Matched Welcome Bonus
  • Leaderboard Challenge: Up to 250,000 FREE Chips
  • Welcome Bonus: Win Up to 5,000 FREE Chips

Bonus chips will be added instantly upon completion of your first successful purchase. Additional t&c's apply.

21+ Responsible Gambling in the US.

Expires on: 31-12-2024
Last check: 2 days ago

Jack Entertainment – PlayJACK Online Casino Welcome Offers & Bonuses

Jack Entertainment Online Casino Offers & Promotions Offers (2024) PlayJACK Online Casino Promo Code
First Purchase Bonus 100% Matched Welcome Bonus GET JACK ENTERTAINMENT PROMO CODE
Leaderboard Challenge Up to 250,000 FREE Chips GET JACK ENTERTAINMENT PROMO CODE

How to Register on the Site: A Quick Guide

Jack Entertainment has a very simple and quick registration process for their online casino. Registration can quite literally be completed in less than 2 minutes and can be done in just 5 steps. These steps are outlined below.

  • Follow the sign-up link from the home page
  • Enter username and email address
  • Enter a password that fits the ‘strength’ requirements
  • Agree to the site’s terms and conditions by checking the box
  • Complete the sign-up process and open the account

Tips: During the sign-up process, enter the PlayJACKOnline Casino Promo Code.  For this reason, it is recommended that users sign up through the promo links to ensure any promotions are credited. However, this is not absolutely essential as the various promotions can be redeemed after signing up.

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Bonuses for Each Product: 10,000 Free Chips

Jack Entertainment is a well-established online casino, so they, of course, have numerous bonuses already in place.  In fact, they have six current promotions that are ongoing on their casino site. These are outlined below.

  • Earn Comp Dollars: This type of promotion is seen across multiple online casinos. This bonus requires players to have a club jack card, and they will need to link this card to their account. After which players can receive 10,000 free chips and up to $50 with their online purchases.
  • First Purchase Bonus: After players buy their first package online they are eligible to receive another package absolutely free. Essentially this works as a 100% matched welcome bonus although it is listed as a first purchase bonus. Players will also receive double chips immediately following their first purchase.
  • Leaderboard Challenge: Jack Entertainment has daily and weekly competitions where players can go against each other. Players stand the chance to win 250,000 free chips through these competitions.
  • Daily Login Bonus: Each day a player logs into their account they can claim 2,800 free chips to use in the online casino. This bonus doesn’t appear to be cumulative and the 2,800 remains constant each day.
  • Jack Lounge: Again this requires players to link their club jack card to their online account. After doing so players will have access to exclusive games that other members do not.
  • Welcome Bonus: Upon completion of the registration process players will receive 5,000 free chips as a welcome bonus. These can be used across many of Jack Entertainments online slot games. Remember to enter the Jack Entertainment Online Casino Promo Code to get all the promotions mentioned above.

Bonus Terms

Jack Entertainment has specified terms and conditions related to each of their bonus offers. However before a player can even use the site, they must meet two conditions first.  Law requires these two conditions to be met before playing.

  1. Users must be at least 21 years of age in order to gamble on the site
  2. Users must be a resident in the USA

In addition to these two requirements, there are a few tailored specifications for each bonus. These are outlined briefly below. For some of the bonuses, the terms and conditions additional information are not given.

  • Earn comp dollars: No additional terms and conditions are given for this bonus
  • First purchase bonus: Bonus chips will be given instantly upon completion of the first purchase. Bonus chips must be used in the online casino and cannot be withdrawn for real cash
  • Leaderboard Challenge: No additional terms and conditions given for this bonus
  • Daily login bonus: This applies once per calendar day for each player  Chips are credited to the players account automatically upon login Should a player fail to log in on any particular day, the bonus will reset to day 1. The bonus chips increase in 100 chip increments. This means that the daily login bonus will be at the maximum amount after 24 days
  • Jack lounge: Players must have their club jack card linked to their online account to be eligible. The minimum VCD balance is 50,000 for a player to be eligible for Jack Lounge
  • Welcome bonus: No additional terms and conditions given for this bonus. Remember to enter the Jack Entertainment Online Casino Promo Code.

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FAQ: Key Information to Keep in Mind

Jack Entertainment is a well-established online casino. Despite this, it is normal that new visitors to the site will have concerns before signing up. These are outlined and addressed below.

Q. Is Jack Entertainment a legitimate site?

  • Jack Entertainment is a registered online casino site operating from Nevada. The site requires all users to be 21 years of age and a resident of the USA to play.

Q. Does Jack Entertainment have a sportsbook?

  • Jack Entertainment does not have a sportsbook at this time. The site exclusively offers slots and table games.

Q. Can I get access to my questions easily?

  • Jack Entertainment has placed average emphasis on their customer service. The site only has an email address from their contact us page. There is no number to call and no live chat system on the site.

Q. Does Jack Entertainment promote responsible gambling?

  • Jack Entertainment has various links and pages showing those who are feeling out of control where to get help. The site believes that gaming should be fun and never be a problem for any of their players.

Q. Is there a promo code I could use?

  • Yes, you can enter the Jack Entertainment Online Casino Promo Code

Quality of Platform

Jack Entertainment is unique in the fact that the site does not offer real play gambling. Despite the fact that deposit methods are listed on their website, it specifically states on the home page that they do not offer real play gambling. Since this is the case it would be fair to say that there isn’t any real play experience on the site.  While Jack Entertainment does not have a sportsbook, they do have a great range of slot and table games to choose from. Players will definitely not become bored due to a lack of slot or table game availability. The site has over 100 slot games for their users to play.  It would be fair to say that Jack Entertainment is somewhat lacking in this department. Yes, they are not dealing with real cash or large monetary transactions, but this shouldn’t mean mediocre customer service. With only an email option available and no indication of when players will get a response, the customer service for this site is relatively poor compared with other sites.  Jack Entertainment does, in fact, have a good mobile site as well as an app available for their players to download. This ensures that they are able to compete with other online casinos in terms of how their players can play. Of course, with no real money gaming available from the desktop site, this is also unavailable for mobile and app gaming. With six promotions available, Jack Entertainment is certainly not the best but also not the worst in this department. Many of their promotions are based around additional chips for their players to earn. There are of course no monetary incentives for new players since the site does not have real play gambling. Remember to use the Jack Entertainment Online Casino Promo Codeto get all the promotions.

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Banking Options: Not Available

Deposit: Jack Entertainment is a ‘just for fun’ platform. This means that there are no deposit methods for their members to use.

Withdrawals: Since there are no deposit methods for members to use, there are also no withdrawal methods available.

Customer Support Quality: Not that Great 

  • Email: This is the only customer support service offered from the site. Even with this option, there is still no indication as to how long it will take for a customer to get a response.
  • FAQ: The FAQ section is quite good for Jack Entertainment. There are over 10 common questions explained on the site that users can access easily.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness: Cool Features

Mobile Application

  • Shows a number of players online: This is quite a cool feature that makes members feel like they are part of a bigger community. There are often well over 40,000 players online at any one time.
  • The same range of slots: Practically all of the slot games available on the desktop site are available on the mobile app. This will ensure that players are not disappointed should they want to play their favorite slot game on the go.
  • Promotions: Enter the Jack Entertainment Promo Code to get the ones mentioned on the desktop
  • Full-screen play: Players can play their favorite slot and table games full screen. This allows for an enjoyable experience when using the app.

Mobile Site

  • Shows community participation: Just like the mobile app, the mobile site also shows the number of players online. Again, this will make members feel part of a bigger community and encourage them to play.
  • Leaderboard statistics: Continuing on from the community feel, the mobile site shows the up to date leaderboard for all site members. This gives an enjoyable sense of competition.
  • Links to app download: While having links to download the app can be a positive thing, the fact that the link does not disappear from the screen is somewhat frustrating. This is likely to annoy some users and potentially deter them from using the mobile site.

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Final Thoughts: Quite Unique, Recommended

Jack Entertainment is quite unique with the respect that they do not offer real play gambling. While this provides a safety net for responsible gambling, it may prove to deter other casino players looking for the thrill of real play gambling. They do offer a great range of slots for their users to play as well as table games. The table games include roulette and a range of blackjack variations. Furthermore, their community focus is an enjoyable feature for many of their members. Enter the Jack Entertainment Online Casino Promo Code to get all the extra bonuses available.

Despite the range of slots and community involvement, the site is lacking in multiple areas. They have no real play gaming and they do not have a sportsbook. This makes the site somewhat limited in terms of the range of services they have to offer. The customer support system is also quite poor. With just an email option available to get in touch with the team, members could find themselves frustrated if they have issues using the site.  To conclude, Jack Entertainment is a site that provides a safe and fun platform for users looking to just spend some time playing casino games with no monetary risk.

Top 3 Alternatives to Jack Entertainment Online Casino

valley forge casino

Valley Forge Casino

This site is quite different from Jack Entertainment since they are actually not yet online. This being said, they are likely going to leap ahead of Jack Entertainment quite quickly since they will offer real money gaming. In addition to this, it is likely that they will have a sportsbook as well as a range of poker games and tournaments for their users. Again, the site is not yet online so it is tough to say specifically what they will have. Valley Forge doesn’t have an enormous budget compared with other online platforms, which could make the quality of their platform suffer.

mount airy logoMount Airy Online Casino

Mount Airy is also a newcomer to the online casino space much like Valley Forge. What will potentially set them apart are the bonuses that they have available. Mount Airy is still pushing many of their promotions towards their physical casino as opposed to their online platform. Whether they will continue to do so remains to be seen and will be dictated by the success of their online site. The site also has no sportsbook.

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