FanDuel Sportsbook Live Streaming Review

If you are looking for a top DFS provider in the US, then FanDuel might be your perfect stop. Not only have the fantasy sports been provided, but also a sportsbook is available to players where they can wager for real money. Daily Fantasy Sports access is limited to 44 states while the sportsbook is limited to residents from the following states; New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Illinois.

The provider boasts of several products, services, and features and this has majorly seen the platform on the rise. Among the standout features is the live streaming option that was recently launched. In this review, we will focus on everything you need to know about it and a brief insight into the offers the platform provides.

FanDuel Sportsbook Live Streaming Review – What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is simply broadcasting real-time video to people over the internet. A stable internet connection will be needed and a platform to broadcast on. This can range from a desktop, tablet to a mobile phone.

Many online sportsbooks are incorporating the service as a feature to their players where they can watch some of the sports events live on the go. The majority of the patrons on the sportsbooks are sports fans and in a bid to attract more on the gaming platforms, the providers gain the rights to air some of the games. A player will then log into his/her account and watch the games through his desktop or mobile platform.

The majority of the providers offering the feature have put similar requirements of access. They require a player to have an account with a positive balance or have an account that actively placed a bet in the past 24 hours.

Live streaming in the US is fairly new and FanDuel was the first provider to offer the service after partnering with ‘Sportradar’, a giant Swedish company provider of sports content and data. They announced in April 2019 after a successful trial of the service on a major tennis tournament.

In the announcement, they stated that they would cover top tennis events from all over the world and also include the top European soccer events. On a more positive note, they announced that the feature would also be available on mobile platforms. This would ensure that many players are accessing the service at their convenience. In the event, Niall Conell, FanDuel’s general manager, stated that the product would provide a ‘first-class betting experience’ to the customers. After some time, the feature officially premiered on the platform.

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How to Access the FanDuel Live Streaming Feature

To access the live streaming feature, you need to have a sportsbook account. As earlier stated, the sportsbook is restricted to residents of;

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Illinois

This means that all other players will be limited to watch games through the product. However, FanDuel has promised to improve the scope as it continues to wait for license approvals in other states that have legalized sports betting. It is a matter of time before this happens.

With the product accessible in major platforms such as desktop and a mobile platform, the following are step-to-step guidelines of each platform on how to access the service.

Desktop Access

  1. Follow the link
  2. Log into your account if you are an existing customer
  3. New players can click on the ‘Join Now’ option to create an account
  4. On your account, click on the option ‘Live’ located at the top lobby
  5. The sports with live games in action will be provided and so are the events
  6. On the top lobby, an option ‘Watch Live’ will be provided
  7. Alternatively, as you scroll down through the live games, you can look for the option ‘Watch Live’
  8. Click on it and enjoy your game!

Mobile Site Access

The mobile platform is largely divided into two sections. One can either access the platform through a mobile browser (site version) or a tailored app that has been rolled out by FanDuel. Accessing the feature through a mobile site version will be as follows;

  1. Go to your phone browser and follow the link
  2. Log into your account if you do have one or sign up for an account if you are a new player
  3. At the top of your page, click on the red ‘live’ option provided
  4. Like the desktop version, all the live games will be listed and if you opt for a specific category, you can click from the sports above them
  5. Look out for the ‘Watch Live’ option or directly click the option at the top
  6. Pick the event of your interest and enjoy your game

Mobile App Access

As earlier stated, an application version is rolled out and is available to all Android and iOS users. Two different apps have been provided (Fantasy and Sportsbook). To enjoy the product, you will be required to download the Sportsbook app. Android users will download the app directly from the website while iOS users will download from the App Store or may also opt to download directly from the site. After successfully downloading and installing the app, follow this step-to-step guide to watch the live games provided;

  1. Launch the app
  2. Click on the ‘Live’ option provided on the platform
  3. You will have all the live games listed and also have the games grouped into categories that will be placed at the top
  4. Look out for the ‘Watch Live’ option or directly click on the same at the top
  5. Pick the event of your interest and begin watching


Games Available for Live Streaming

FanDuel has not come clear on the number of games available for live streaming but at the time of writing this review, the following games were available for streaming;

  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Basketball

It remains to be seen if more will be added on the platform for players to watch.

Pros and Cons of FanDuel Live Streaming

FanDuel live streaming has several benefits which include;

  • Customer Attraction – Watching the events live attracts and retains players on the platform which is a plus to the sportsbook
  • Help out in live betting – Having to watch some of the games live will give you a dimension of how the game is going and eventually help you out while making a live bet
  • Promotions – While you create an account to watch the games live, you will get access to many of the promotions provided
  • Convenience – The feature has been made available to popular and flexible platforms including a mobile phone

On the flip side, some cons are associated with FanDuel live streaming and they include;

  • Limited games – Not many games are available for live streaming at FanDuel and this limits the fun
  • Technical issues – With the service highly dependent on internet speeds, one can experience lagging and buffering which can be annoying
  • Timing – Sometimes your event can be 1-2 minutes behind which can affect your live betting


FanDuel Offers

FanDuel offers a variety of offers to the players (new and existing). Like any other bookie, the welcome bonus tends to attract more attention and this has been offered on the four major platforms offered. A new player who creates an account with the sportsbook to watch the games live will have an added advantage. He/she will have access to the following offer;

  • $500 Risk-Free Bet

The first eligible wager placed on the platform that will end up losing will be refunded a risk-free bet of up to $500 to use on the platform. 

The offer is subject to terms and conditions as follows;

  • Only the new players will be eligible
  • An eligible wager made triggers the bonus if lost
  • A win will be invalid for the offer
  • The eligible wager must be placed within the promotional period
  • The promotional period is between February 3rd, 2019 at 6:30 pm and December 31st, 2020
  • Any wager made past the promotional period date will be ineligible
  • Any cashed out bet will be ineligible for the offer
  • The maximum risk-free bet payout is $500
  • The risk-free bet will not be redeemable
  • Only the bonus winnings can be withdrawn after meeting the play-through requirements
  • A player is required to wager an equal amount of money as awarded on any non-excluded wagers

All the other promotions can be viewed directly from here


The live streaming service is a welcome move and this is one of the reasons FanDuel has been highly regarded. With the provider being the first sportsbook in the US to offer the service, a lot was expected with many rivals watching. Top games revered in the US have been made available for streaming and the requirements are easy to meet. The many platforms of access are other major highlights and the clarity of the pictures has also been lauded. With a good internet connection, players can enjoy the best experience on the platform.

However, it’s not all good with the service and several improvements would be appreciated. Enlarging the scope of access is one major improvement needed to increase the number of people accessing the site. With other states such as Michigan, Kansas, and Indiana all accessing the DFS platform, it is high time they were also granted access to the sportsbook to enjoy some of the features including live streaming. Additionally, the sports available for streaming are few and this should also be revisited. 

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