Best Fantasy Sports Sites for May 2024

fantasy sports sitesThe history of draft sites begins at the end of the first decade of the 2000s, specifically, 2007 when one of the first daily fantasy sports websites comes out to the public, it was a project that took time to harvest and at that time, although it did not take off as many wanted. , it served as inspiration so that other websites with the best-improved service were born.

Since 2009 we already knew one of the best draft sites that exist, we are talking about FanDuel, with this site in the market, it was time for other similar services were born and from there they began to come to market another series of competitors. This type of sites had an accelerated growth as indicated by their timelines but they also faced great challenges and are still struggling to grow and cover the entire national market in the country.

Who are the best sites for Daily Fantasy Sports?

The list we have describes the most famous and known draft sites by fans, but we also include new competitors in the scene, since they are an alternative for users who need something different and with less competition.

DraftKings: Our top choice for fantasy

draft kings

This site is already known worldwide, and here in the United States the fans recognize DraftKings as the best site for daily fantasy sports, it is basically the king, as its name says, this site has become one of the most named brands. Only to offer the service of fantasy sports, if not for being the sponsors of multiple sports teams in the country.

Sports in DraftKings

DraftKings covers the main sports in the United States, fans can find all official leagues, for example NBA, MLB, NHL, MLB, GOLF, MMA, SOCCER, NASCAR, CFL and eSports. The sports coverage of DraftKings is superior to other providers of daily fantasy sports, since DraftKings has advertising contracts with most of those leagues. Sports can be found in the “contests” section of the website, where all available sports are shown and each of the contests available at the moment.

In the submenu of the website, users found all sports available in case of having an active contest, some sports will not be active since they will not have any contest or the season has ended.

Types of contests on DraftKings

In DraftKings there are 8 types of contests, they are the typical contests available in most of the daily fantasy sports websites that currently exist. Featured is the first type of contest, they are the main ones and they are shown in the Lobby, this type of contests are the most sought after by the fans and are the most recommended. The other types are: Beginner, is a series of 50 contests against other users in DraftKings; Leagues & Tournaments, are the longest contests during a whole season; Head to Head, two users and the winner takes everything; 50 / 50s, for users who do not win but are among the first 50 positions; Double ups, Multipliers and Satellites are the last 3 types of contests.

Promotions on DraftKings

The main promotion in DraftKings is a small bonus of $ 3 dollars for new users who make the first deposit. The first deposit is $ 5 dollars to qualify for the promotion. The other more attractive promotions are:

King on San Antonio: $ 25,000 dollars is the number one prize for the winner, plus $ 175,000 will be distributed among all other contestants. Without a doubt, it is one of the biggest events with an entry of only $ 45. The final event will be live and the 30 best competitors of the main contest will participate.

EPL king of the pitch: Up to $ 150,000 guaranteed, this tournament is focused only on the English Premier League, 100% football soccer. The satellites will have an entrance from $ 0.25 to $ 50 dollars; On the other hand the Qualifiers $ 5 up to $ 300 dollars. The first place gets a jackpot of $ 25,000, the second place $ 15,000 and the third place $ 10,000. The rest of the money is divided between the fourth and last place.

MMA Fight: Another fat tournament with $ 125,000 in prizes, the winner takes home $ 20,000 in fantasy MMA. The tournament will be played in 3 rounds, 100 players in the first round, half will be eliminated and the second round will be eliminated from the tournament. The last 25 players will get $ 125,000 among all. As soon as the MMA calendars are known, the competition will begin.



FanDuel is the main alternative to DraftKings, it is a site as popular as the one mentioned above. FanDuel is a site that covers most sports, for this site the special thing is the sports in the United States, this is due to the fact that most of the fantasy sports sites were created in the country in order to cover a need.

Sports at FanDuel

FanDuel includes similar sports to its main competitor, but FanDuel tries to focus on the individual players of the teams, in this way the fans concentrate on choosing the best players that are shown on the main page of the site. FanDuel offers leagues similar to other fantasy sports sites, such as NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB. Apart from the most popular leagues, FanDuel currently offers soccer professional and golf.

FanDuel does not have very important sports available in the lives of American fans, we are talking about MMA, eSports and Nascar. These 3 sports have a large number of people in the country, and we still do not know why the FanDuel team has not made an effort to include these sports in the common services. It is also necessary to clarify that college football and college basketball are not available on any fantasy sports website.

Types of contests on Fanduel

Players have the possibility to choose 2 types of games in FanDuel, the option number is FanDuel Classic, this option allows players to play against other players, join tournaments, participate in great money prizes, among others. It is the main form offered by most fantasy sports sites in the world. The second category of contests is in Friends Mode, this game mode is for playing alone with friends, the invitations will be received by the friends of the player who have accounts in FanDul. In addition, the typical 50/50, Double up, Mini Squeeze, H2H, etc. are available.


Basketball Championship: It is a live event that will take place in Springfield, Massachusetts, it is not necessary to win a special tournament but to qualify FanDuel requires winning any of the contests in the WFBBC category. When qualifying the player will receive a place to go and participate in the event, the final prize of the event will be valued at $ 2,000,000 million dollars. The first place will receive $ 300,000; the second place $ 150,000; third place $ 100,000 and the rest of the money will be divided into sums between $ 40,000 and $ 7,000 for the other players.

Golden 5: Contest totally free for all FanDuel players, beginners and experts are welcome to participate in this weekly $ 20,000 prize contest. It is a tournament for the whole season, there is no mandatory classification, and the only thing that players have to do is resister until week 1, if they manage to hold until the first week they will get the main prize of $ 20,000, in case nobody else achieve, FanDuel will add $ 20,000 to the prize pool for the following week.

Most of the promotions in FanDuel are for Basketball (NBA), but there are also others that are less flashy, for football (NFL) and hockey. All promotions are lucrative, a special club is also available where players get FanDuel Points for every $ 1 dollar in fees they spend when making an entry in any contest.

Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy

yahoo fantasy sports

Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy is the third in our list of the best fantasy sports sites because they have an incredible service, they have always taken into account the opinion of fans and players to change and add functions within the website and thus offer a better service of sports fantasy. What calls the attention of Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy is that as a provider of fantasy sports is one of the most reliable because it is backed by an old company known by most Internet users.

Sports on Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy

Fans can make contests in these sports: Golf, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and Auto Racing. Other types of contests will be available according to the dates of the seasons in play. Although College Football and College Basketball is banned from most sports fantasy sites in the United States, Yahoo has a variation available called College Pick’em, College Bowl Pick’em, among others. This gives fans the opportunity to take advantage of the NCAAF’s benefits indirectly.

Types of contests on Yahoo Daily Fantasy

Yahoo Sports is not very different from other fantasy sports sites, the website has similar answers to others: Guaranteed to Run, 50/50, Head to Head and League. In addition to the typical responses modes, players can choose certain restrictions in case they need them for contests.

The users when creating a contest will be able to choose what type of players join the contest, Yahoo Sports offers 6 tags to be used by users to filter the contests by user and experience level. The labels are: G (guaranteed), M (multi-entry), V (Veteran), Ø (no veterans allowed), R (Rookie only) and finally the classification L (league).

Promotions on Yahoo Fantasy

Promotions on Yahoo Sports are not as flashy as on other sites, Yahoo does not really offer contests or promotions with great prizes, but players can find the best contests available in the site’s lobby. In the Lobby, the players will see a box with 5 columns in which they are divided and show the contests.

Each contest has its description, entry fee and prize to pay among the players. The players can draw the contests with the lowest or highest entry fees depending on their ability to pay and it is also very easy to find the answers with the biggest prizes with just clicking on the title of the column “prizes”.

Most of the contests have an average of $ 10 entry fee, which is convenient for players with little money or limited budget to play fantasy sports. Some contests have restrictions to prevent veteran players from joining the contest and keep all the money.



This is another of the competitors in the fantasy sports sites market, Draftboard stands out mainly for having an attractive design on the website. This fantasy sports site has an advanced, modern and simple website that invites users and players to have a much more satisfying and uncomplicated experience.

Sports in Draftboard

Although this site is not as big as the fantasy sports sites mentioned above, Draftboard offers a limited amount of sports, they concentrate on the most popular, to ensure that users do not have problems when creating contests and leagues. The two sports available in Draftboard are Basketball (NBA) and American Football (NFL), it is strange that this site only has two sports available, but the quality of service is not inferior due to that.

Types of contest on Draftboard

The types of contests in Draftboard are 50/50, H2H and Tournament. These types of contests are divided into 2 categories for users depending on the experience that users have with daily fantasy sports. The contests are somewhat limited because sports are only two, but that does not mean that users can not take advantage of what little Draftboard offers.

From a positive point of view, Draftboard having only two available deports and few types of contests makes users focus more and the odds of winning are higher.

Promotions on Draftboard

$ 1 dollar no deposit: This is the number one promotion available in Draftboard, it is a no deposit bonus of $ 1 dollar for new players. With this bonus, the new players can try their luck in any of the contests that have a minimum entry fee of $ 1 dollar. Despite being the best promotion available, Draftboard is currently the only fantasy sports site that offers this type of no deposit bonus.

$ 10,000 Record Breaker: For NFL fans, the record is defined by the highest score for the week in the NFL, the score is set by Draftboard, once the player has broken the established point record, he will receive the prize valued at $ 10,000, in case two or more players break the record, the prize will be shared among all.

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