Resorts Casino Bonus Code 2019

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resorts casino bonus code How to register on the site and get the promo code

US players must have a social security number to register with Resorts Casino, it is mandatory to have this requirement to register and open an account in the casino. In addition to the social security number, other information such as name, surname, email and address will be necessary to register, in case you need more data, players should be attentive to provide such information.

The promotional codes can be used directly in the registration form since it is advisable to use them at the time of registration if the code is only for new players. Regarding the social security number, it is mandatory since with the code of the social number you can verify the accounts of the players, with the social security number it will be impossible for another person to access your account. bonus codes

Bonuses for each product

The good thing about this casino is that it has endless offers and promotions, each more lucrative than the previous one and full of interesting prizes. We liked most of the promotions, especially those that offer extra money, cash back or any other benefit linked to money. It is important that promotions and offers are related to money.

  1. $ 100 cashback: The slots in the casino offer this type of offer, it is an offer that does not have any other online casino in the United States, especially those online casinos that offer slots. Cash backs are offered for a maximum amount of $ 100 dollars, specifically on Thursday of each week in all casino slots, the $ 100 represents 10% of all the money lost by the player during the previous week.
  2. New players giveaway: technological devices like iPhone 8, iPad Pro and up to $ 500 dollars to use in the casino are some of the prizes that can be obtained with the bonus code “WELCOMEGIFT”, it is simple, at the time of registration in the online casino, users must use the code to enter the give away, by using the code users receive 5 entries to win a prize.

resorts rewards

  1. $ 1000 weekly giveaway: Weekly offer very common among New Jersey casinos, players receive tickets or entries to participate and receive a prize valued at $ 1000 dollars, the prize is divided into two in the form of bonuses to use it in slots and the roulette To collect the most entries or tickets, players have to log in and play daily in the casino.
  2. Trip to Mexico: Unique and very desirable promotion by users, a trip with all cats paid on a cruise to Mexico. The winners will receive tickets to board a cruise and visit the beaches of Mexico. To receive entries of the contest, players should only choose any game of the casino and play a couple of hours a day to receive the raffle tickets. The total value of this prize is $ 5000 dollars, it is a luxury trip.

resorts casino bonus

Bonus Terms

  1. Every day, Thursday of each week, the offer will be available, you can not participate on different days, the prizes are given to the users after 24 hours. The maximum amount in cash back is 10%, without exceptions, the calculation is made with the total money lost during the 24 hours of the promotion (all day Thursday). The only participating games are Slots, all other games are excluded from this promotion.
  2. New players are the first to obtain entries or raffle tickets with only making a first deposit of $ 10 with any available deposit method. The player must verify his address and identification to participate in the promotion, since the prizes will be sent to the physical address of the player. The exchange of prizes for money within the casino is not allowed.
  3. This promotion has the same terms as other online casinos in New Jersey, the $ 1000 dollars are distributed among 100 casino players, $ 10 dollars per head. In addition to the main prize of $ 10 dollars, the winning players will receive a free spin special to try their luck for $ 3 million dollars in a jackpot. The $ 10 bonus is unique per player.
  4. The entries are valid for 60 days prior to the contest, October and November, in any of the more than 100 slots available in the casino. To enter these promotion players must use the bonus code “TRIP”, this code is activated within the user’s account. The casino guarantees the prize valued at $ 5000 dollars on the cruise with a trip to Mexico. Other expenses apart from the cruise will not be covered by the casino.


What does Casino Resorts offer that other casinos do not offer in New Jersey?

Mainly the offers are more lucrative, the other casinos strive to offer good promotions and offers, but Resorts Casino what it does is improve any offer of other casinos and always takes the lead. Players can count on endless lucrative offers, and very special promotions thanks to various bonus codes designed specifically for them.

Who are the game providers at Resorts Casino?

In the United States, the providers of casino games are well known, among them NetEnt, a company with the best games based on tv series, movies, etc. Resorts Casino has always ensured that all games come from the best game design companies and with the best graphics available.

Are there other services besides the casino?

Only casino with games, slots and table games. Some users have asked the Resorts Casino team to add other services such as Racebook or sports betting, but for now, we have no news of when those services will be part of the website.

Quality of Platform: one in a kind


Using the website is a child’s thing, it’s a very easy and fast load thanks to the fact that the website was designed in such a way that it adapts to any internet speed. Most of the games are Slots, therefore they are arranged in categories distributed along a main menu. The website has no distractions, players can concentrate on games without worrying about popups or alert messages.


In the casino every week new games appear, the suppliers send the best games to the Resorts Casino team and the team is responsible for choosing them one by one to offer them to the players. Most games have special bonuses and jackpots, players love this kind of special offers with games, as they become more addictive and fun. Like all online casino, the game preferred by the users are the Slots, so the slots are the most abundant and updated game in the casino.

Account Security

Security is important in Casino Resorts, so important that it is safeguarded by the best personal data system. Users can rest assured that their personal data and money will be protected by a strong and encrypted system. All deposits and payments are made through a security network which includes 2 levels of encryption, the own of the casino and the secondary of the provider of the method of payment.Banking Options: Lots of ways


Depositing in any casino in the state of New Jersey is easy, almost all casinos accept and offer the same methods of deposits and payments for users. The most popular methods in the United States to deposit and also available at Resorts Casino are these: Paypal, Instant Echecks, Prepaid cards, bank transfers, credit cards (visa, mastercard), Pay near me and direct cash deposits within the physical casino . The minimum amount is $ 10 dollars per deposit method. For the limits in each method, the user will have to contact the customer care.


The withdrawals are free at Resorts Casino, although only 2 ways to collect the money are allowed. The first option to receive the money from the casino is Paypal, with Paypal the withdrawal is faster and less problematic. The second method to collect the winnings in Resorts Casino is the echecks, which are a kind of electronic checks that can be deposited directly in a bank account owned by the user without going to the bank. It is expected that in the future, with the flexibility of the laws, more payment methods will be included in Resorts Casino.

Customer Support: They speak to you.

We always recommend using Live Chat if available, and this time this casino has Live Chat service for users. It is the best way to contact the Resorts Casino team, without this option it would simply be necessary to use the official email of the casino, the replies usually appear within 24 hours. The third and least recommended of the options to communicate with the team of the casino is the telephone number 1-844-990-4263, this last option is the slowest of all and the one that will surely be very stressful for the users more in a hurry to obtain answers.

Mobile: Number one.


So far no other casino in the state of New Jersey has offered an app as perfect as Resorts Casino, is an app compatible with Android and iOS devices, the official app is downloaded from the website or apple app store, for android The download is direct from the casino website. The app offers users some surprising advantages, among the advantages, is the ability to play any of the slots directly in the app and make deposits and collections without going to the casino website. It is an app that has certain restrictions regarding use outside the state of New Jersey.

resorts mobile app slots

Mobile site

Users can take advantage of all the functions of the online casino by visiting the mobile site, it is an adaptable version to Wi-fi connected devices, 3g or 4g, everything depends on cellular coverage. The entire range of products and services is available with the mobile site, it is simple to use and the design is simple without distractions. Some offers and promotions available especially for the mobile site. Games and slots have the option of instant play, you do not need to download any extra program or app.

Review: Sharp casino.


The professionalism of the Resorts Casino Team is clearly seen when addressing the doubts and problems of the users, that we liked a lot, since it is something important, to understand the users and offer them better products. In the state of New Jersey, this casino is recognized as one of the leaders in the offer of promotions and lucrative offers, in addition to being an example for other online casinos in the state.

The analysis of Resorts Casino was based on the complete experience we experienced from the first moment of use, it was not an analysis that was done in only one part of the online casino, but we had the opportunity to test everything related to the services of this casino. We were always looking to analyze the advantages that the casino had, and most of those advantages were almost perfect, some need to be improved, by simple details. It was a great experience and we plan to continue using Resorts Casino in the future, not only personally, but to offer the bonus codes that are available.

We tested all the products and services of Resorts Casino, the future is promising for this online casino, we would like to see improvements in certain negative aspects, especially in things that we consider important to repair and improve them since from our point of view seen these things greatly affect the stability of the casino and the confidence of the players with the company. We would like things to improve, as Resorts Casino will one day become an example to follow.

As for promotions, bonuses and others, Resorts Casino has done an impeccable job to prevent other suppliers and casinos in the state of New Jersey from getting ahead of them. The promotions are lucrative and very interesting, they have done a great job to attract new players and pamper the players who already have time using the casino. It is a good investment Casino Resorts, recommended by us and by many of the players who have already used the games of this casino.

Top 3 Alternatives to the operator

Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan has several different and more striking promotions, the service to make deposits is a little faster and offer the same methods of payment as Resorts Casino. As for the mobile site and app, Mohegan is somewhat limited, but they offer a lot of slots and table games, especially table games that are very flashy.


Casino much easier to use and fast to load, the games come from several game designers, accept bitcoin as a deposit and payments. It is a multi-provider, several products such as casino, live casino, live betting, and bookmaker. The promotions are not superior to Resorts Casino, but the advantages are greater in terms of games and investment of money in other products available in the casino. The sporting events steal the show and the casino has much more to offer.


This operator is not only recognized as a bookmaker but as a flexible casino with many highly lucrative unique games and promotions. The bookie surpasses Resorts Casino in terms of popularity on the internet and connection with the public, we refer to a unique friendship between players and all the advantages that Betfair offers to users. It is much more friendly with the general public.


The validity period of the Resorts Casino Bonus Code: 2019

Last Update: April 2019