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Mohegan Sun Casino Bonus Code
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Mohegan Bonus Code and registration: Only available for New Jersey residents.

This casino is for the exclusive use of residents of the state of New Jersey, it is a matter of law. Mohegan Sun Casino is one of the best casinos in the state, has a wide range of games similar to any other online casino anywhere in the world. The license of this casino to operate online was approved and sealed by the local government led by Chris Christie.

This analysis we made about the activities of Mohegan Sun Casino, includes all services, offers, promotions, how to register in the casino, advantages and disadvantages that users have when using the casino. Halfway there, we realized a house, this casino is reliable and powerful, it offers players certain things that they can not find in other online casinos in New Jersey.

If a user wants to register in this casino, he must be a resident of the state of New Jersey, without exception players from other states will be accepted, since the law is very hard regarding the illegality of Mohegan Sun Casino outside the borders of the state in which it operates. The player at the time of registering and using any of the casino services must remain in the state, as this is the place where sports bets and online casino games are guaranteed.

It is not necessary to fill out a very extensive registration form, just having the email address, first and last name, address, and other personal things such as mobile number and id number. Mohegan Sun Casino makes sure to verify the data, in case you need more documentation to accept the user registration, the team will contact the user and ask for the documents. Players can also choose or use any of the available bonuses at the time of registration.

Bonuses for each product: They keep adding more.

Mohegan Sun Casino offers a vip club for the most special players, in addition to that all offers are aimed at the new public that comes to be part of the casino community and family. Below we have the most outstanding offers and promotions.

  1. up to $ 1000 first deposit: It is one of the best bonuses for new players, up to $ 1000 dollars in bonuses with a first minimum deposit of $ 10 dollars. The thousand dollars represent a 100% bonus, which means that the player must make a first deposit of $ 500 dollars to get another $ 500 with the bonus of 100%, the maximum limit is $ 1000 dollars.
  2. $ 1000 giveaways on mondays: Selected slots participate in this promotion, the slots are personally chosen by the Mohegan Sun Casino team, the prizes are $ 50 per head, the first three winners of the contest will get a bonus of $ 100, the rest of the Money is distributed equally among the other contestants. The Elevate Poins are obligatory and necessary to be able to eat.
  3. Slingo: In New Jersey everyone knows this classic slots, it’s a popular game, and at Mohegan Sun Casino players addicted to Slingo can enjoy hours and hours of fun. The promotion for this game consists of 11 free spins with the aim of obtaining a special bonus in any of the three available versions: Classic, Riches and Extreme.
  4. Tier Upgrade: This unique promotion guarantees players of Mohegan Sun Casino to obtain extra benefits, promotions and exclusive offers if they show evidence of having an active account in another casino in the state of New Jersey, if they can prove they have an account in another casino , they will enjoy a series of new advantages not available to the other players inside the casino.
  5. $ 1500 weekly prizes: For players who want to obtain special bonuses, Mohegan Sun Casino is giving all users different bonuses from $ 10,000 dollars in the most sought after slots and big jackpots of up to $ 3,000,000,000 dollars in the wheel game with tickets for a final draw. Every week players will receive prizes just for playing slots and other games in the casino. They are surprise prizes.

Bonus Terms

  1. The required rollover is 20x, the rollover must be completed in table games, roulette and video poker at the casino’s request. In case of not following the instructions from the casino to complete the rollover, a fine of up to 400x rollover will be applied for the players that break the rules of the terms of the bonus.
  2. The promotional code for this offer is mandatory, the code must be activated long before Monday, if not activated, players will be excluded. The rollover required for this bonus is 25x, the promotion starts at 12am on Monday, just before the end of Sunday.
  3. The evidence of having another account in another casino in the state of New Jersey must be sent to the team of Mohegan Sun Casino, these tests will be consulted with the other casino to verify its authenticity. Once the tests on the account have been approved, the user will receive an email from the Mohegan Sun Casino team notifying their approval to enter the special program.
  4. All players will receive a daily free spin worth $ 3 million dollars to be used in the wheel of fortune, the rollover for the lower prizes are from 20x in table games and other games required by the casino. The promotion is valid for 1 full year, with end date and final draw in September 2018.

FAQ: Nothing else to ask.

Do the games in the casino have good payout?

Mohegan Sun Casino has one of the best payouts for most games, especially for slots. The games meet the standards in terms of payment lines and other requirements, especially mini jackpots. The games are organized into categories, the first of each category being the most lucrative. Some games need better description in terms of payout lines, since other online casinos offer that kind of information without complications.

Is a Vip Club available for players?

The Elevate Rewards program is the closest thing to a vip club in Mohegan Sun Casino, it is the special rewards program of the casino, a kind of vip club but with extra benefits. The elevate points can be exchanged for different promotions, raffle tickets and other things.

Are credit cards allowed in Mohegan Sun Casino?

Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard etc) are accepted to make deposits directly in the casino. Also players who make deposits with credit cards can obtain special bonuses because they are the fastest deposit method.

Quality of Platform: They’re not playing games!


Mohegan Sun Casino has around 40+ slots, table games that exceed the amount of 20+ per category. Apparently players enjoy all the games that are available in the casino, because they offer quality graphics and game modes. Video poker is offered as one of the casino’s standard games, and players can play the best table games such as poker, wheel roulette, blackjack, baccarat. The amount of games is not high, but one of the most fair to earn money.

Customer Service

The Customer care team is quick to respond to the problems and questions of the players, we did a couple of tests, we posed difficult problems and we were impressed by how fast the Mohegan Sun Casino team gave us solutions to our problems. In addition to clarifying our doubts, the team guided us in several things like which were the best games of the week and the best amount of money to bet on the slots.

Games Providers

Game providers have been adding a list of unique games and slots with the best graphics. NextGen and NetEnt obviously offer the best slots. As a casino based in the United States, Mohegan Sun Casino only uses the most recognized providers of casino games, it is a strategy for players to feel comfortable.

Banking Options: fair amount of methods


Paypal is the preferred option for players at Mohegan Sun Casino, that deposit method is simple and easy to use, perhaps one of the most requested by players. This option is simply fantastic, since Paypal can be recharged with any credit card and several gift cards. Other methods available to make deposits in the casino are: Echecks, Mohegan Prepaid Card, Bank Transfer, PayNearMe, MasterCard, Visa and players who live near the physical casino can go to the cashier and deposit in cash. Mohegan Sun Casino requires a minimum of $ 10 as a deposit in most of the options.


Players can collect their winnings through Paypal and the Echecks, these options limit the use of other methods to receive the money from Mohegan Sun Casino. The gamblers must confirm their accounts in the casino before starting the process of collecting the money, it is necessary to safeguard the information about the accounts and other personal data. Apparently the minimum amount to make a withdrawal of money is $ 10 dollars.

Customer Support: quite fast.

Our previous words are confirmed again, the customer care team at Mohegan Sun Casino is very efficient in facilitating things for players and new users. Through Live Chat everything is easier, but if players need another means of communication with the casino team, we recommend using the special email, with the email players will receive a response in 12 to 36 hours . Calls to request help in relation to games, jackpots, personal account, etc; They can be made free of charge at 1-800-407-9167.

Mobile: Techies will love it


The official app of Mohegan Sun Casino can be found in the appstore (iOS) and the direct download on the official website of the Android casino. The app is designed to offer all the same functions as the mobile site or the desktop site, it is a powerful app. The security of the appa is normal, you can change the password and other personal data directly from the app. The app presents and allows players to enjoy more than 200 games which load fast.

Mobile site

Players can visit the mobile site from any electronic device with WiFi connection, the mobile adapts to the size of the screen and offers players a total experience in terms of game quality and versatility, although it is more advisable to use the official app , the mobile site will never cease to be an option, in addition Mohegan Sun Casino distributes options and bonuses on its way. The games have instant-play and you do not need any type of download or install any extra app.

Review: They still need to fix one thing or two

Mohegan Sun Casino offers few games, but we liked the way each of these games is selected by the casino team with the sole purpose of maintaining a rotation of the best games. The website is very simple for our fair, but that is our pleasure and we can not subtract points for our tastes, let it be the users who give the final verdict on the design of the website.

The casino is very mobile, behind all that technology there is a group of people who make everything work properly with Mohegan Sun Casino, for us it was an honor to have tried the casino technologies and the modernity of their gaming systems. This casino is on the list of the best in the United States for the residents of the country, maybe not the best casino, but it is certainly one of the most recommended by users and veteran players.

Top 3 Alternatives to the operator

Resorts Casino

Welcome Bonus of up to $ 500 dollars, multiple services and the casino full as more than 200 games. Resorts Casino is another competitor in New Jersey, promotions are much better and offers for new players are above what Mohegan offers, it is simply an improved alternative, with the same location in New Jersey but with more benefits.


Bitcoin, Bitcoin! BetDsi accepts bitcoin as a method of deposit and payment, it is a huge advantage when making payments with the casino. The promotions at BetDsi are much more lucrative and the reload bonuses exceed $ 2800 dollars, a bonus never seen before in this country. For the most ambitious users, the limits of deposits in BetDsi have a ceiling of $ 50,000 thousand dollars.


The trajectory of Pinnacle is bigger and bigger, the offers and promotions in the casino pay up to $ 10,000 dollars with minimum requirements and almost nonexistent rollovers. The welcome bonus for new users is over $ 300 and up to a maximum of 100%, players with more time in the casino receive special offers to answer.

Validity Period of the Mohegan Sun Casino Bonus Code: 2018