Premier League 2019 Winner Prediction

Who are the teams with the best chances to win the English Premier League 2018-2019?

This EPL season has been one of the best compared to the previous three. The teams have been playing much better than before and have scored more goals, especially the average goals have improved a lot. The attention is placed in the first 5 positions of the table of classification, obviously by the important thing that they are to enter the European competitions. Nobody wants to stay out of the important competitions, especially in the Champions League, although there are still more than 25 points to play in the EPL.


The remaining matches in the next days will be very important for some teams, especially for those who do not want to be left out of European competitions. But it’s not all about Champions League, there are also 3 downhill teams: Hull City, Sunderland and Swansea City. These teams, if they stay in the last 3 EPL positions, they will be sent to the Football League Championship. It would be very unfortunate for the Swansea City to descend when it had several seasons with more than 35 points.

This season compared to the last 3 of the EPL (2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16) has been quite competitive in several statistics. For example in the number of goals, so far teams have scored 600 goals in 210 total matches, which leaves an average of 2.86 goals per match and there are still 17 weeks to play. The measure of goals is quite good compared to the seasons mentioned, if they keep the goal average of 2.86 per match with 170 EPL matches ahead, this season could complete 1086 goals or more.

Man City: second title in a row?

Manchester City is another “strong” to keep the title of the EPL, but has struggled to find their style of play, even though they are ranked 5 on the leaderboard with 42 points, they are the team with the more losses so far. They had problems starting the season, Pep Guardiola said in an interview: “We are recovering”, and those words have been taken very seriously by the City players. The main problem with City is the injuries they have suffered and the little experience that their coach has in the EPL. Although many say that City no longer has a chance to win the title, they are wrong.

Liverpool’s Year?

Klopp’s team has been impressive again this year – so far. Even if Salah is not at the same level as last year, Liverpool’s regular performances give them a good chance to win the EPL this season. Current odds are 5/2.

2019: Jose’s Moment?

The focus is on José Mourinho, the Manchester United coach is doing well in the current season, they have had no problem keeping up with the same amount of points as the rival teams. United have recovered after the departure of Van Gaal and have been winning major games to show fans that they still have many opportunities to get another EPL title. Mourinho has experience in England, a lot of experience, and knows how to play to the strongest teams, like Chelsea and Manchester City (Pep Guardiola). Manchester United currently have 11 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses, is the team with the most draws among the most powerful of the EPL.

Update: Mourinho has been sacked and the team is now clearly improving. Too far to win the title?

Arsenal finally in the race?

Arsenal is a team that has to win only a couple of games to become a favorite to take the title of the EPL. They are ranked 4th in the standings with 44 points, 13 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses. Although the odds* are not in favor of the Gunners, they do not have the support of the public. For 10 years they have not won a title, there is the reason for the little support on the part of the fans and bettors.

Chelsea wins the league odds

Chelsea is the great favorite of the public and the bettors, they have all the support to win the title. Last season was very bad for them, they were tenth in the standings with 12 wins, 14 draws and 12 losses. But this season has been all the opposite, the team of Conte, has been playing “carefree”, they have won 17 games, 1 draw and only 3 losses. With 52 points the advantage they have over the other teams is quite wide, although there are still several important weeks and games ahead to play, the Blues have no fear of showing that they can stay in the first place.


Prediction: Chelsea to Win EPL 2019

Odds and bookmakers

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Last Update: May 2019