US Sportsbooks: Maximum Payouts, Bets & Wager Limits

It is common knowledge that every punter who knows about the online gambling world will also know, which online sportsbook offers the best payout. Most of the top casinos have set their max payout limit per day or per week or even per month. Most of these payout limits are also for specific sporting categories too. Let us now check out the max payouts for US bookmakers.

SportsbooksFootballHorse RacingBasketballGolfBaseballTennis
Pinnacle $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000
Betdsi $150,000 $150,000 $150,000 $150,000 $150,000 $150,000

* Bookmakers accepting only UK players

Pinnacle: The High Stakes Bookmaker

Counted among the top sportsbook casinos online, Pinnacle has a great reputation in the market. Both recreational and serious punters take the site seriously for its max payout.

  • Football: The maximum payout for the Accumulator winnings is $250,000. The football fans betting on the site can look forward to betting on everything, from World Cup FIFA to La Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League and others. On an average, the max payout percentage for betting on Football at Pinnacle can fetch as much as 97.22% with a margin of 2.78%.
  • Basketball: Here also the punters can check out games like the NBA and other events of international repute and bet on them. There is a chance of getting the maximum payout of $250,000.
  • Golf: Pinnacle does offer round betting parlays and the maximum payouts here are for all PGA and European Tour championships. The site offers immense wagering options, and it also has some of the best odds with the lowest margin.
  • Baseball: Major League Baseball events and the Nippon Professional Baseball events are in great demand for the bettors to place bets. The maximum payout is $250,000.
  • Tennis: From ATP to WTA, to ITF, and the Challenger series punters can place bets on their stars and win well. The Pinnacle Sportsbook offers money lines and handicaps to ensure the game goes on well.

BetDSI: For Serious Bettors

BetDSI is one of the top names in the sportsbook in the USA. With multiple payouts and banking options, the site has climbed to a high spot among the punters.

  • Football: The sportsbook has a welcome bonus to draw in punters to bet on World Cup FIFA, and it offers great lines for the parlays and in-play betting. BetDSI has a high payout percentage. In BTC, the payout at the maximum is $5000 and for all accumulators, the maximum payout is $150,000.
  • Basketball: NCAA’s men basketball tournaments find a place in the hearts of American punters, and that is why BetDSI offers interesting odds. The odds against Lakers or Cavaliers at the NBA levels are also worth notice. The odds are exceptionally fruitful for the punters and that makes the site worth visiting and betting. The max payout is as per the lines that the site has set for the game and yet has around $150,000.
  • Golf: BetDSI has special Golf matchups where the punters will need to check the bet lines for each game. The odds to win has the punters betting on the player to get a lower score than the opponent. The lowest scoring golfer wins and so do you. The sportsbook has events like the PGA Tour, the John Deere Classic, the British Open, and the US Open to name a few. The max payout from the site is quite reasonable as per the odds.
  • Baseball: MLB has timelines where the players can bet and the site will charge 5% on them. BetDSI offers .10-line break, .15-line break, and .20-line break. The site is counted among the most trusted sportsbooks for valuable betting.
  • Tennis: The tennis betting and payout is quite high and the site has equally great limits set on betting for the favorite player or players. The site does not have any information, specifically to the exact max payout.

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With these famous online sportsbooks offering one big payout after the other all the while offering the most incredible markets from the UK and beyond, betting is easy. All that the punters now have to do is just log in and pick the sportsbook of their choice. The sites are clearly the best globally and have years of a good reputation preceding them.

Last Update: May 2019

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