We highly recommend you to avoid playing on BetDSI. Prefer legal sites such as SugarHouse (NJ players only).

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How to get your promo code

To join BetDsi users do not need much information, just the most basic personal data is one of the bookies that do not ask much about the personal life of users. Players and gamblers can join the bookie only with email, name and surname, address, and of course, use the most lucrative promotional code they can get. New users always receive lucrative offers, is something common, but users with more time using BetDsi services will also receive unique offers and promotions.

As in any other online bookmaker, players and gamblers must be over 18 years old, it is a common rule in all internet bookmakers, minors are not allowed, it is mandatory by law in the United States and all other countries where BetDsi You have permission to operate. After completing all the steps to create an account in BetDsi, users will receive an email to confirm the registration and the detailed steps of how to verify the account.

BetDSI available Welcome Bonuses for 2018

In BetDsi, players and bettors will find 2 special sections, loaded with all the offers and promotions currently available, as well as a separate section for rewards, which is linked to the loyalty program. The promotions are not many, but the users of the United States can enjoy them freely and get the most out of them. From our point of view, it is somewhat frustrating that a bookmaker does not offer enough promotions since this is essential to make the bankroll grow. Here we have the promotions available in BetDsi:

100% deposit bonus: Special offer for new players, BetDsi is offering up to $ 500 dollars in bonuses, only for new users. This offer is special because the bonus is divided into 2 equal parts to be used 50% in the sportsbook service (sports betting), and the other 50% will be available in chips for the casino. One of the most attractive offers in the market for the United States.

Cash Back Loyalty Betpoints: This program offers users a great advantage over the bookmaker, for each of the bets, BetDsi grants a point (betpoint) to accumulate it, no matter the amount of money per bet or if the bet is winning or loser It is a gift from BetDsi to the bettors, simply the best reward program that exists.

$ 2500 reload bonus: It seems a cheat, but it is not, BetDsi currently offers a reload bonus of up to $ 2500 dollars for the two main products, casino, and bookmaker, is a bonus that can not be overlooked. This bonus is available to all users, there is no minimum amount of reload to acquire the bonus.

The BetDsi online casino is divided into 2 versions, both versions with the same number of games and promotions, the main promotion is the cash back of up to 10% daily for both versions of the casino.

Bitcoin extra double bonus: BetDsi accepts Bitcoin as a deposit and payment method, but not only that but also offers a special bonus for users who use Bitcoin, up to 30% for the first deposit in bitcoins or any other alternative coin. BetDsi is one of the bookmakers with more offers and advantages for bitcoin users.

BetDSi sportsbook casino

Bonus Terms

BetDsi does not demand large rollovers or other worse things, so the terms and conditions are common and not as exaggerated as in other US bookmakers that usually have very strict rules regarding the use of bonuses. The terms and conditions of each bonus are detailed in each of the pages dedicated to the specific bonus, the terms are clear and do not require any special knowledge.

Most bonuses in BetDsi do not require any special conditions or any kind of pre-approval by the BetDsi team, users can simply select which bonus, offer or promotion they want, all have different characteristics, some are for new users and others for the general public that uses BetDsi products.

The BetDsi team gave us a complete description about the terms and conditions of the bonuses, they told us that the terms are not demanding or difficult to understand, practically the terms and conditions are made for any player or gambler to be accepted to the time to use a bonus or special promotion. The team reiterated that no other type of extra information is required for the bonuses.


Can I use the welcome bonus promo code to my account?

BetDsi is very clear about the use of the welcome bonus, this bonus is exclusive for new players, and without exception, the use of bonus code with old accounts will be accepted.

Is BetDsi trustworthy?

The company that handles the administrative matters of BetDsi has an impeccable past, it is an important company with high recognition worldwide and that is thanks to the fact that they are the ones that operate and manage other important bookmakers around the world. Within the United States, BetDsi complies with all laws and statutes that are strict in terms of offering service within the country. On ( you can detail everything related to licenses and legal permits, in addition to direct criticism by users.

How good are the games at BetDsi Casino?

The games at BetDsi Casino include the best titles from the best providers in the market, especially the designers of casino games in the United States. The games are divided into 2 different versions of the casino, each version includes slots and video poker, some games with progressive jackpots. Table games at BetDsi Casino offer higher than average payouts among online casinos in the United States. The only negative point is that there is no live casino within BetDsi, something very necessary today, we found it disappointing.

How profitable is BetDsi for sports betting?

It is generally one of the best bookmakers for players in the United States, is among the list of the 5 best providers of services for sports betting and casino games. The options within BetDsi are far superior to other casinos and betting sites in the United States, without a doubt offer the greater advantage to users. With a bankroll over $ 500 for a regular season, any bettor can turn their investment into a good return at the end of the season.

Quality of Platform: they’re on the top 5

Casino Games

All categories within the casino have a wide selection of the best games, we are talking about at least 50 games per category, 8+ table games and an infinite number of slots with the best payouts. The games have the best quality in design and graphics, are games from the best gaming companies for online casinos, including NETent, Microgaming, among others.

Sportsbook & Odds

Players in the United States can enjoy the best sports collection, including local sports such as American football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. The betting options are not as varied for events, but the odds are very well balanced in terms of payments, bets pay well for daily events. Something that adds spiciness to the sportsbook is future bets, available throughout the regular seasons.

BetDsdi sportsbook

Live betting

Despite the fact that the Live Betting option is somewhat reduced and almost non-existent within BetDsi, from time to time live betting is still offered for selected events, the demand for Live Betting has been great but BetDsi has not yet been submerged completely for cover the entire market within the United States, apparently it is a matter of operation.


Horse Racing is a highly popular sport in the United States, the main roots are national and European hippodromes. The racebook is a separate service and separate from the casino and sports betting, it is much more unique and cured by the BetDsi team.

Banking Options


Deposits have different ranges depending on the deposit methods used by users. The average allowed deposit in BetDsi is up to $ 50,000 dollars, a fairly high limit compared to other bookmakers offering services in the United States. The main options to deposit money in BetDsi are: Visa & MasterCard (credit cards) up to $ 1500, Bitcoins and other crypto coins up to $ 50,000 dollars, Person to Person minimum $ 100 dollars with a maximum cap of $ 650, bank transfers, checks and money orders has a maximum amount of $ 50,000.


To withdraw the winnings within BetDsi the players and punters have to assume certain fees that cause some annoyance among the users but it is part by using this excellent service provider. The most important fees are $ 100 dollars for each check over $ 500, person to person transfers have a surcharge of $ 25 and $ 35 depending on the amount. Deposits and payments through Bitcoin are totally free.

Mobile: They are outdated


At the time of making this review about BetDsi there is no official app available, apparently, the company behind BetDsi has not had any initiative in creating a dedicated app for the users of the bookmaker and casino. For us it is a terrible thing that this bookie does not offer any app since with the technological boom that currently exists having and offering an app translates into speeding up the services for the users of the site.

Mobile site

BetDsi does not offer an app, but they do have a mobile site available that adapts to any device connected to Wi-fi. The importance of a mobile site has been taken seriously by the guys on the BetDsi team. The mobile site offers all the same functions in terms of casino games play-in, sports betting, information on the odds and users can use any of the promotions available at the time of using the mobile site. The speed of the mobile site was measured by our team about 10 times and we were satisfied with the result.

Customer Support

In case that players and gamblers have any doubt about the services, products or bonuses they can contact through the official email of BetDsi,, the email is personally attended by the team of customer support, for more answers Quick users can opt for Live Chat which is a perfect tool to solve problems quickly. The last contact resource is the telephone number 1-800-965-0506 for resident players in the United States and Canada, the call is free.

Review: They keep becoming stronger


BetDsi with all its product line is a special casino and bookmaker, much better than some bookies that offer their services in the country. BetDsi not only offers quality products but also cares about giving users some extra money with improved bonuses, exclusive promotions always thinking of users. Without a doubt, this bookie is one of the best providing services in the American territory.

Our analyzes are honest, and as always we try to focus on the good things that bookmakers have, but we cannot overlook the bad things that a service provider has. We personally liked the amount of promotions and offers, but there were also things that were of our displeasure.

Among the most notable things was the use of Bitcoin within BetDsi, for us the crypto coins are very important to make bets, it is a faster and simpler way to move money and thanks to BetDsi users can deposit and collect payments in crypto coins. To improve a bit with the crypto coins, the bookie should accept a wider range of them.

BetDsi does not have an official app, and we do not know if it is in the process of being developed since the BetDsi team did not want to give us any official comment about the official app. In spite of everything, the users count on a mobile site capable of serving in the electronic devices with Wi-fi, it is a kind of app, but it is not as fast as a native app that would surely give greater advantage to the players and gamblers.

The future for BetDsi is promising from many points of view, it could even be said that this bookmaker will become the most used by the gamblers in the United States, that surely will happen someday, but still missing for that, and we do not have to wait for that happen to use the products of this bookmaker, for now, they are on our list of favorites.

Top 3 Alternatives to BetDsi


This sportsbook is always an alternative, apparently, it is an alternative to all the bookmakers that exist and operate in the United States. Pinnacle’s preference is because it is more years old than any other international bookmaker that has arrived in the country, it is an easy-to-use platform and the odds are categorized as the best in the market. Use our VIP code to register on the leading sports betting site.


Among international competitors, Bovada has always stood out for offering improved products. Bovada surpasses BetDsi in Live Betting Live Casino and other services, is a strong competitor that has been gaining ground for a couple of years within the United States. The bonuses exceed 100% for new users.

This casino is a family of BetDsi, it is actually the same company behind BetDsi, but the difference between them is abysmal. Bookmaker has many more betting options and offers other products that BetDsi does not have available, such as live betting, official app, live casino and higher bonuses.

Validity period of the BetDSI promo code: 2018